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    Whilst there is continuing, voluminous reporting of the fallout from the TRFC v Killie game…

    I haven't managed to find any reference to the Killie keeper having his red card rescinded.

    Not a peep in the DR, ET or Scotsman – as at time of posting.


    Any neutral or non-TRFC supporter would find that story as very significant, IMO.

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    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    This will take some beating!

    From The Sun today, in an article where Jim Traynor is complaining about his interview aired last Tuesday on the BBC;

    "…Traynor claims he had presented examples of when the BBC had been “less than fair and even inaccurate when reporting on Rangers”, only for the broadcaster not to air his complaints…"


    Truly breathtaking stuff.

    If anyone should have complaints about the less than accurate reporting of all things 'Rangers' by the BBC..

    it's the long suffering Internet Bampots.


    I always thought Traynor was just a thick, loud, bullying type.

    But the man is clearly delusional.

    [And right up his own @rse!]

    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    JC, I'm guessing you're holding out for SFA President?

    [You probably know more about their own rules & regulations, or 'guidelines'.]


    I quickly scanned their 'Equal Opportunities' form, which looked fairly standard.  

    Also fairly standard is this extract from their form;


    "…equal opportunities monitoring form

    The Scottish FA is committed to ensuring that applicants and employees from all sections of the community are treated equally and not discriminated against on the grounds of… religion…"


    So for example, the SFA Diversity & Social Inclusion manager should have at her fingertips right now;


    The religious diversity,

    – of Category 1 referees

    – of all SFA staff


    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    JC, go on, go on, go on… burn your bus pass and apply!


    You can clearly show evidence of your Admin proficiency by showing all your letters of complaint to – erm – the SFA, SPFL, CAS, HMRC, BBC, etc…


    You could be a valuable infiltrator for the Internet Bampots!


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    Bad Money?
    A further liability appears to have been confirmed for RIFC/TRFC.


    The quantum of the liability is currently unknown.

    But, it 'seems reasonable' to estimate this liability in the millions: i.e. it is a material liability.

    This liability may be crystallized indecision in the short-term.


    Yet again, its another big, huge Red Flag for suppliers to RIFC/TRFC – and very public validation that RIFC is in no position to play hard ball WRT any player sales to other clubs.


    If Roberston wasn't micromanaging the cash position before, he certainly will be now.

    Oh well…



    Bad Money?
    Club1872 members need committed.

    A fool and his money, etc.

    Bad Money?
    For those in positions of power /  influence across Scottish football and the SMSM – who turned a blind eye to the impending administration looming at Ibrox in 2012 – and then turned a blind eye to the rule bending to benefit TRFC…


    are these same people – including Lawwell – now compelled to repeat their cowardly ways IF the same favours are required for the next version of a 'Rangers'?


    You can see it coming – and being repeated.

    Bad Money?
    As at the time stamp, the latest court loss to Ashley doesn't seem to have registered on The ET online.


    Just the usual, all positive headlines about TRFC.


    That Chris Jack should have a word with his tardy, lardy, "unnamed freelancer".


    Bad Money?
    And just like Minty / Whyte in the previous incarnation of the Ibrox club…


    King will certainly NOT be taking any blame for the escalating shambles at RIFC / TRFC.

    Looks like James Blair could soon be offered up to the rather unhappy bears – as the source of all TRFC's financial woes.