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    Call me a cynic Mr King states they will do all to stop sectarianism.  Orange strip! Strip with a sash look about it! Yeah that will help.


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    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    Great post match (well not really a match due to ref and biased decisions) interview Steve Clark. He actually stated during the interview how could he speak about football. It is such an embarressment to all fans (except you know who..) that a manager had to endure this anti catholic racism during a game and then emotionally portray it to the nation. He was exactly right when he stated sing about a black b****** and action would immediately follow.  This country openly accepts anti catholic racism and that is how it is and nothing gets addressed on this issue (token gestures spring to mind but never tackled head on and IMO it may never will). SKY Sports reported this last night so a wider audience will see what actually gets ignored in oor wee friendly open country Scotland.  I have not looked at any of our smsm papers concerning this matter but we I know deep down the approach they will take and no doubt we all can guess how they will avoid this problem.  It will be an old firm thing, one is as bad as the other approach, we will need to do something but actually what they are thinking is we will do absolutely f*** apart from condeming Mr Clark.  This new club (who have always  signed catholics) seem to have bought the history of the old club's fans, or maybe they duped over. To the actual football match itself well Mr Alan Muir will be held in high esteem down Govan way for helping the new Ibrox club to stay in the cup.  Bias now does not cover it, Mr Muir is a fan of the Ibrox club and also a freemason (like several of our refs ). So he actually played a blinder and will not be asked to explain his actions. It is open season now and this year is not the return of honest mistakes it is the year of refs honestly trying to aid one club.  I can accept poor decisions from poor refs and no doubt we all can, but this seems to be taken a step further than honest mistake and poor decisions and openly so. What country could most refs be fans of 1 club and referee that clubs games knowing it's rivals have been far superior over the past few years. If common sense prevailed then all refs (like in England) should state any allegience to any football club and not referee a game involving that club. If it is a case where most refs are conflicted then bring in refs that are not.  It is easy to resolve IF the SFA wanted to.  All football fans and clubs should applaud Mr Clark on his actions because the smsm will not and his future in Scotland I am sad to say may be in doubt.    



    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    I repeat

    Foreign referees 

    Yes please.

    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    Foreign referees

    Yes please.

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    Bad Money?

    Slump in newspapers


    SSB last night and now tonight the first 30 mins all about Ibrox club and all their positive signings includind new Sweden defender at a cost of 4 million.  All positive moves for Stephen Gerrard how he is sending out a message to Scottish football . No mention of how Ibrox club can afford him. No mention of loans owed to Close Brothers and accounts ignored.  Last night when Celtic were mentioned it was all on the negative side. I really really dread if the Ibrox club actually win a cup this season (not likely imo) concerning the reporting from our smsm. 

    Do not normally listen to ssb and above post confirms my absence.  

    Bad Money?
    The is a very small word but has new and huge implications for recent Ibrox club, The Rangers Football Club. Old club were just known as RFC, same amount of letters as the. The truth of the matter is the.

    Dear Mr Bankier
    Thanks John.

    The old club cheated, we all know this. The SFA are not fir for purpose as they like us know they cheated but could have done somthing about it. They to this day have not addressed this for reasons we can guess at. Old club now still in liquidation and SFA would have us believe they are same club. Celtic may have to lead the way for sporting integrity to take place but the smsm will condemn Celtic, fact. All clubs must play thier part, if not then it is in the eyes of SFA and smsm a west coast blah blah blah. 

    Stevie G – The Real Deal?

    Let's see how this goes



    Stevie G – The Real Deal?
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    Ex Ludo 

    9th November 2018 at 21:03


    Its not really guidance notes ExL, its whats going to happen post the Supreme Court ruling.

    HMRC won the appeal to the Court of Session.

    Rangers appealed that ruling to the Supreme Court. They lost and HMRC won.

    There is no further appeal, all disguised remuneration is taxable thanks to Rangers. 

    That is what the whole thing was about. HMRC won the two cases that mattered.


    No further appeal and yet no action taken by SFA.  No punishment nothing. 

    People say cheats never win well it looks like they did. 

    How do all clubs and supporters really feel about this?  No outcry from the smsm, nothing.  

    We all know that the tax man is looking at retrieving tax owed from ex-players (smsm actually reported this, at a low level I may add). So why no action further response from the SFA?

    Over 50 players registered illegally, fact.  What other countries footballing authorities would do nothing to the club that cheated. Only in Scotland.