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    I was watching The Chase last week and they asked which Glasgow team was demoted by 3 divisions in 2002. I contacted ITV  to highlight their inaccuracy. The executive producer replied fairly quickly and explained it all to me. It's really  quite simple,


    I was watching my favourite quiz programme, The Chase, this evening. The question was asked "which Scottish football club was demoted by 3 divisions in 2012". The answer given was Rangers. 

    The question was inaccurate. In 2012, Rangers went into liquidation. They re-formed and sought admission to the Scottish league. This was granted and they were admitted to the lowest tier (division 3 at that time). They were certainly NOT relegated.





    Dear John

    Thank you for your email regarding a question on The Chase recently.

    I take your point, but I would refute your claim that the question was inaccurate. We asked: 'In 2012, what Scottish Premier League team from Glasgow was demoted three divisions?'

    The dictionary definition of demoted is as follows:

    demote, v.

     1. To move to a lower rank or status, or less senior position, typically as a punishment. 

    I also quote manager Ally McCoist, who said at the time: "Rangers has been severely punished for the actions of some individuals who previously ran the club…."

    While Rangers did go into administration, and a new club was formed, that club could have remained in the top division had it been allowed to, and to all intents and purposes the new club is the same as the old club – same name (in everyday usage), same ground, same team, same manager (at the time). To say otherwise is to bandy semantics.

    I respect your opinion and have no desire to change it, but I ask you to respect ours too. Whether you see it as a punishment or a new start depends on your point of view. I feel certain that on this occasion we will have to agree to disagree. 

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write to us and I hope you will continue to watch and enjoy the show.

    Kind regards,

    Martin Scott

    Executive Producer

    The Chase



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