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    The Scotsman being confused….! Both Airdrie and Rangers/TRFC shown with their original founding dates, but at least Liquidation is acknowledged. I just don't get how they can square the two opposing thoughts in their head!!

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    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.

    This report doesn't make it sound like 'death threats'.

    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    Jimmy Bones, it's being reported (I know, I know) that there will be "no action" on the McGinn and Power incidents because "…there was not enough evidence for the compliance officer to raise a fast-track notice of complaint." The SFA should be much more transparent than this and it would save all the anger/headscratching. That 'reason' could mean many different things, I believe. 1. The CO viewed the incidents and did not think the referee had made an obvious incorrect decision 2. The CO took the view that the decision may be wrong; asked the referee for comment and he stood by his decision 3. The referee on being asked by the CO admitted he may have made a mistake, but when the ex-referees panel reviewed the incident, one or more of them decided against further punishment. I can see no reason why the SFA would not communicate the stage at which the possibility of further punishment fell down.

    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    Tx Jimmy Bones

    Para 1 – Would you agree then that the awareness raised by Sportscene etc means that the whole process is unfair on clubs who feature most i.e Premier league clubs? Especially when you consider how partisan some of the people involved are, be it TV, radio or newspaper.

    Para 2 – Still seems unfair that a referee can derail the correct referral/decision just by saying "I still believe I'm right", don't you think?

    Para 4 – Who is the JP? Another group of ex-referees?

    Despite the fact that "all of the clubs agreed the protocol", it still seems a total Dogs B****x. Do you have any view on improving it at all?


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    Do you have tomorrow's Lottery numbers to hand, please?

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    So how is it that some was sold both online and in sports shops. Will SD claim anything earned as part of their damages?