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    Allyjambo 21st December 2018 at 14:54

    I notice there's talk of TRFC making something like £15m from their Euro sojourn. Does anyone know if this is a net figure, ie profit, or is it just gross income, not taking into account all the expenses that so often result in smaller clubs making a loss from European participation*, and, of course, there's player Euro bonuses to consider?


    In terms of revenue they wont be far short of that figure from match day income, broadcasting and prize money.

    We don't know the cost of putting on these games and travel costs for away matches, player/management bonuses etc., but I wouldn't be surprised if half of that sum could end up as profit.

    The clubs that have lost money from their participation in Europe are those that are drawn against and lose to unattractive teams in Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union states in the early qualifying rounds. Small home crowds and expensive travel costs will eat up the prize money.

    The income for participating in the qualifying rounds of the EL works out at around £250k for each round, then the money cranks up to around £2.6m for reaching the group stages. Once you reach there, you are guaranteed three home games, probably against more attractive opposition, and you also have the bonus of additional cash for each point gained.

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    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    Some observations by Craig Levein on the distribution of referees and their associations.

    “There are some real anomalies. When you look at the referees, they have 12 associations and seven FIFA refs, five from Glasgow and two from Lanarkshire.

    "The FIFA refs get all the big games therefore they will get the Old Firm games and that means they live in and around the same areas as those supporters live.

    “Rather than get a foreign ref, if we beef up the associations and have a more healthy geographical spread of category one and FIFA refs we could have an Aberdeen or Fife referee or an Edinburgh official.

    “When they go home after a game they are removed from the huge pressure and kind of thing that happened to John Beaton.

    “It is fascinating when you look at the statistics and I didn’t really get an answer other than the fact it is just a trend, which I don’t believe.

    “One of the most significant statistics I found is the second biggest association is Edinburgh. Guess how many times in 145 years an Edinburgh ref has done the Scottish Cup Final? Three times. Three times in 145 years!

    “We have 31 category one refs yet Hearts have had John Beaton five times this season. That can’t be healthy. The spread needs to be much wider.”

    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    Lady Wolffe could well close off the case of TOP v King next Friday

    LADY WOLFFE – Commercial Clerks

    Friday 1st March

    By Order

    P341/17 Pet: The Panel on Takeovers and Mergers for orders under section 955 – Dentons UK – Lindsays



    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    So the SFA says …….. let's get the government to sort our problem. 

    The last attempt at legislation didn't work too well.

    I keep hearing about this “societal problem”, but I don’t believe that there is a widespread problem where there is a mass public demonstration of the bile and hatred that is tolerated in football.

    Orange Walks could be construed as such a public demonstration, but virtually all of those pass off without incident or abuse directed at others.

    I’m sure that there are many racists, bigots, homophobes, misogynists etc., throughout society, but not many feel the need to publicly demonstrate their intolerance, outside of football.

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    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    John Clark 6th December 2019 at 19:55

    What I am absolutely unsure about is the notion of amendment and re-amendment of pleadings AFTER judgment has been made?


    Although both parties had been encouraged to go through a mediation process, I think that SDI made further claims of breach of contract both by TRFC and Elite, hence the further opportunity to lodge defences.

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Cluster One 6th December 2019 at 17:31

    I believe that is what he is trying to say, without actually saying it in some kind of way.


    My best interpretation is as follows:

    If they are saying that JB lied when he said what he said, or thought he was saying what he said, or what folk understood by what he said, or how he meant it to be understood ………..or in fact anything that he said at all, was a lie,…… then we deny it.

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Giovanni 6th December 2019 at 13:16

    Has anyone been able to decode the legalese jargon in the Amended Defence and Counter Claim submitted by James Blair for Rangers on the 29th November in case CL-2018-000631. They appear to be saying that Messrs Persey and Teare are wrong in their interpretation of the contract.

    I’m afraid it’s beyond me but a pretty bold assertion if I’m reading it correctly.


    LOL. I've had a skim read through it, or as much as my brain would take in.

    The document originated as TRFC's defence to claims made in September 2018. It has been re-amended following the latest adjudication in October 2019.

    That shows up as a lot of deleted text (or defence claims) in the first part of the document (first 40 or so paragraphs). Thereafter there is a lot of new text (purple underlined), mainly relating to claims made, email traffic and interpretations of events around the summer of 2018.  I would have thought that most of those emails had already been disclosed and formed part of previous judgements.

    The last part of the document (green underlined) is TRFC’s counter-claim, that SDI had beached the 2017/18 agreement (pre Elite agreement) by failing to provide periodic statements and supporting information about the performance of the SDI agreement.

    A few points I picked up on. 

    • In terms of damages TRFC still relies on a £1m cap on damages.
    • TRFC also disputes that SDI would have made as much as Elite from the agreement because of the Mike Ashley factor.  
    • TRFC has amended the term "Elite Agreement" to "Elite Non-Exclusive Rights Agreement".
    • TRFC asserts that the Elite/Hummel Agreement should be deemed as being under the jurisdiction of Scots Law (although the agreement did not specify which law applied).

    Could someone explain what they understand by the following paragraph (from page 31) about James Blair's truthfulness (It sounds like it may have come from Dominic Cummings' book of excuses for Boris Johnston's lies):

    Accordingly, it is denied, if it is alleged, that Mr. Blair knew that the statement he thought or considered himself to be making, or the statement pleaded in sub-paragraph (3), understood as he intended it to be understood, or any statement he had made, was untrue.

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Cluster One 5th December 2019 at 19:01

    Are we to look out for this claim to be settled?
    A quick reminder if you can about this, would be a great help, or is it best to leave until BDO report.


    Well remembered as it had gone off my radar (detection … not wealth). Whatever was agreed with H&J, or an update on the status, should be provided.

    The last two December reports were issued on 7th and 5th Dec, so tomorrow would fit quite well into the normal time scales.

    The report should be published here https://www.bdo.co.uk/en-gb/rfc-2012-plc

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Some court dates in the ongoing D&P actions

    Friday 6th December



    A295/16 David Whitehouse v Philip Gormley – QPM &c – A & WM Urquhart


    Tuesday 10th December

    LORD DOHERTY – C Munn, Clerk 

    Hearing on Minute and Answers

    CA86/19 David Grier v Philip Gormley QPM – Kennedys Scotland – Ledingham Chalmers LLP


    These actions are the ones against Police Scotland rather than the Lord Advocate. No point in going along tomorrow as it is "unstarred", but Tuesday's may be more interesting as we have been waiting on a judgement by Lord Bannatyne on DG's claim for summary decree.