EasyJambo 25th January 2016 at 4:48 pm Thought the exact same – The Scottish Football Monitor

EasyJambo 25th January 2016 at 4:48 pm Thought the exact same …

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easyJambo 25th January 2016 at 4:48 pm

Thought the exact same when I read Phil Mac’s piece and glad for the offishul EJ clarification. 02

I would hope that the auditors haven’t been thrown a dummy along the lines of :-

Q. Why is the WiFi not working
A. Is broken

Can see how there may be monies owed or in dispute on unsold stock but not on the shop closures, unless there is some hidden stuff (conditions and penalties etc) we don’t yet know about.

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Two wrongs and a right
Talking about the SFA doing something for the wee guy.

Next meaningless friendly at Hampden, if available, have a draw to get some normal punters entertained in any of the unused corporate boxes.

Two wrongs and a right
Re the EK v Celtic cup tie.
I notice Hampden was the EK second choice
Anyone think Barry Hearn would have missed the marketing opportunity of a life time to allow the diddiest of diddy teams to run out on the national stadium’s pitch against the top club in the country in a David v Goliath match.
Even if nobody turned up for the game itself,  the story would have been told world wide.
I know who the amateurs are when it comes to Scottish Football and its not the likes of EK.

Two wrongs and a right
One for Easyjambo to get his teeth into. 02
Rangers First Annual report published. Not full accounts but just headline figures

Donations from formation to end June 2015 – £1,022,098
However £400k of that was one off donations of £500.00
So £600,000  divided by 12 – £50,000 per month in donations (certainly not to be sniffed at if that level of regular donation is maintained)
Cash in Bank at end of June 2015 £ 373,714
So by time of vote to give £500k t the club the organisation may have had circa £675k in the bank.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
The fact that SDM and Rangers weren’t nailed for the EBT/player registration issue then the games gets what it deserves.

SDM should have been issued with sine die ban and the likes of King shouldn’t have been allowed to darken our door.

The fact one was never punished and the other is allowed to jet in and spout shite with impunity means we deserve what we get.

Hoping to catch DCK for some minor technical rules breech is to brush over the type of operator he is and that he should never have been allowed anywhere near T’Rangers and the Scottish Game.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
UPTHEHOOPSJUNE 21, 2018 at 07:12
Agreed, As you will all be aware I keep harping on about the general running costs of Ibrox and Murray Park and that as soon as the management and player budget gets out of control there is definitely and issue with outgoings exceeding income unless the gamble of Euro cash pays off – and even that may still not be enough.

It is a real juggling act while kicking a can down the road.

Compare and contrast with Hearts who are trying to rebuild the squad for next year. 
We seem to have plenty bodies coming in however they are bargain buys and becasue they are  watching the pennies the club has pulled the plug on a deal with Milinkovic (the type of player I think Hearts need) because his personal terms were too much for the club.

Speaking of silly money I see talk in the papers of Patrick Roberts being valued at £15 and James Maddison (17 games and 2 goals when on loan at Aberdeen)  getting sold to Leicester for a deal ranging between £20 to £24m when add ons are considered.

Decent players but FFS – madness.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
JUSTTHEFACTSJUNE 19, 2018 at 09:09

Agreed. Ended up in a train back into town with lots of English fans after the last Wembley games.
Usual ‘Scotland pub league’ pish slagging from the more arrogant ones but a great conversation with a couple of lads, one of who, IIRC,  was a Charlton fan.
Far more realistic view of where English football was without the EPL foreign stars and discussing the likes who in the Scottish game could make a decent transition to Championship and lower EPL level etc. They were good lads and knew their football.

Anyway was out last night and listened to the end of the Tunisia game on the radio. The commentators were moaning like hell wondering were the 4 minutes extra time came from. They were very keen to get off and take the draw. Tune changed of course once Kane scored in injury time.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
I note that Phil Mac is up to his usual and providing everyone with some detailed numbers regarding wages and the likes down Ibrox way.

Never wholly sure how close he is to the mark but we know that in the past there has been a habit of paying over the odds for limited talent.

The latest stab at Gerrard’s salary is over £3m per annum.

Maybe the boy is not as daft as we think.

He takes the cash, gets to play football manager for a bit to see how he fairs and if it all hits the fan he can blame it on lack of money, boardroom squabbles etc etc and goes back down to Engerland saying Scotland’s a pub league.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
JOES11JUNE 14, 2018 at 09:32
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DarkbeforedawnJune 14, 2018 at 08:47Would Rangers have had the same success without the EBT’s? Personally I feel we would have, as…………..………….………………………………………………..Oh, for goodness sake! Totally irrelevant!Would Lance Armstrong have had the same success without the drugs? Personally I feel he would have, as……..Lance Armstrong DID use drugs – Rangers DID use EBTs.


I must admit it is posts like this that give me difficulties with the site from time to time.

To me DBD makes some reasonable points with regards to SDM, Whyte and King and where the new club is heading. The only real controversy in his post is regarding the olcd/co/newco issue which he has always made clear his emotional view of it being the same club but he goes on to support a separate forum, which many have been calling for.

For this he ends up with 10 thumbs up but 32 down.

Along comes Joes11 who only partially quotes DBD’s post  and its all 48 thumbs up for putting the boot in.

DBD clearly says that he believes Rangers would have had the same success because he thinks SDM would simply have borrowed more money to make up the cash he was trying to save using EBTs.

He then acknowledges that the club would have then most probably hit the skids earlier than 2012 due to such borrowing, but by that time he implies the trophies would have been in the bag, regardless. 
If SDM had borrowed the money and, IIRC, there was no FFP protocols at that time to stop him, then nothing would have been illegal or untoward. Players would have been perfectly registered and no-one could have done a thing about it.

Personally I think SDM would have had difficulty with getting access to additional borrowing but given all the ‘masonic conspiracies’ discussed in the last few days who knows what mates might have helped him out.

Regardless of whether additional monies could have been accessed or not, the comparison of zealous and over-extended, but legitimate, borrowing of finance with drug dealing doesn’t really wash with me.

Over extending borrowing = poor financial planning and corporate governance but not cheating, unless there is a breach of FFP rules (if they are in place).

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