The SFA at it again. “It has recently been reported that – The Scottish Football Monitor

The SFA at it again. “It has recently been reported that …

Comment on Two wrongs and a right by Jungle Jim.

The SFA at it again.

Statement – East Kilbride v Celtic

“It has recently been reported that we will be hosting the William Hill Scottish Cup 5th round fixture between East Kilbride and Celtic on Sunday 7th February.
We have a full programme of Academy, Youth and Community events already planned for that weekend and have no intention of altering our club programme and as a result will not be in a position to make New Douglas Park available to stage the tie.”
Unbelievable incompetence. 

Jungle Jim Also Commented

Two wrongs and a right
That’s the problem jimbo.  Regan won’t say anything because he won’t have to, no one will ask him about it. They will just announce a new venue and move on as if nothing has happened.

Two wrongs and a right
You only need to compare the coverage given to flares set off by Celtic fans versus flares set off by Dundee United fans to see where problems might arise.

Two wrongs and a right
I only attend Tynecastle when Celtic are playing so my experience is limited to just those games but I can tell you the atmosphere is very unpleasant.  The bad natured ‘banter’ between the fans is to be expected I suppose but the level of abuse directed towards any Celtic player who ventures off the pitch to retrieve the ball or take a throw in is beyond the pale.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
Is it possible that the TOP have just walked away from this?
It would be odd given that they went to court with it but odder still that they now appear to be sitting on their hands.
Many people assumed that a section of shareholders would jump at the offer of 20p.  Are they asking questions of the TOP?
Several members of my local CSC are avid readers of this site.  None are experts on anything really, just ordinary fans.  General consensus is that nothing will happen that might adversely affect King or TRFC, nothing ever does.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Paul Murray and Barry Scott have left the Rangers board.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
Finloch I have to say that I rarely post on here but am an avid reader.  That is one of the best posts I’ve seen in a long time and summed up the situation to a tee.

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
As usual guys some terrific analysis and opinions to be found on here.  However experience has taught me not to expect normal rules and practices to apply to Rangers and Dave King.
He will ignore the takeover panel ruling as if it never happened, Rangers will get a license to play in Europe next season and the fans will by season tickets in droves.
However one of two things (or perhaps both) will happen at some point.  Ashley will win in court and/or the ‘soft loans’ will dry up and it’s even possible that existing ones will be called in.
At some point over the next few months, maximum one year, Rangers will implode and King will walk away leaving others with the mess.
Then there will be talk of crisis, Armageddon, social unrest etc and… know the rest.

The Causes of Crime
Andy Muirhead submitted a FOI request and the reply from Glasgow Council would appear to blow any claims of immediate safety concerns out of the water.

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