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“The media up here are far more north than the …

Comment on Two wrongs and a right by Kilgore Trout.

“The media up here are far more north than the media down south.”

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Two wrongs and a right
Fisiani @ 9:50am,There was a time I thought broadly along those lines. Until relatively recently, to be quite honest.The first inkling that I was maybe not looking at things correctly came following a discussion on these matters with a supporter of a rival, some would say now deceased, team.
He made the point that the likes of ‘Arbroath or Cowdenbeath or Stfanraer for example’ are not part of any problem.
These are teams that exist because those who support them want them to exist and do so within the parameters of their income. They go about their business as best they can and (it’s only a cliche because it’s true) form an important part of their community. They don’t ‘demand’ success and howl about it when it doesn’t come. They don’t cheat and connive with those in ‘authority’ to bend the system to their selfish needs.  
For me, the events of the last few years have done nothing but reinforce this view.

I think I have a very different, and healthier, view now of what ‘better’ means. It is not breaking everything to get some fleeting success in increasing commercialised and corrupt international competitions.It involves healthy and honest competition amongst teams who just want to pay football as well as their circumstances allow and, at the same time, try to make their sport more appealing to a generation with a thousand other options for filling their free time.
My own interest in ‘top-flight’ football wanes with every passing year. If certain matters in the Scottish game go the way I fear they may, it will undoubtedly disappear.
Whether my interest in football as a whole will then cease is something I’ll find out at that time.But it is now quite possible I’ll become a lot more interested and genuinely admiring of ‘Arbroath or Cowdenbeath or Stranraer for example’.

So it goes.

Two wrongs and a right

The most damning aspect is that there will be, at the very most, token reporting or comment on this tonight and tomorrow and by Wednesday it quite simply will never have happened.  

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