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    Snooze button please.

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    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    BP is there no way to get a snooze for for 30 days button the whataboutery from some is beyond a joke at times.

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Lm2 urine he was offside well before that try and be honest for a wee change otherwise you are not worth engaging with.

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    So with this pressure on, last week, a referee failed to see an incident yet sent a player off. He could have went and spoken with his linesman and said, "look Rangers have to win today, can i get away with booking him" and the linesman would have said "of course" because he is under the same pressure. Fast forward 5-10 minutes and Josh Windass has an open goal and is pulled to the ground. An absolute clear Red Card and the ref, knowing the pressure he is under to ensure Rangers win, could have made it 10 v 10 and handed the game to Rangers and nothing would have been said because everybody knew it was a clear red. 2 clear chances to help Rangers and he went the opposite way in both of them. I suppose you are right about that being inexplicable all the same UTH.


    However lm2 it wasn't a penalty as coulibaly was offside before it got as far as the penalty claim get the offside correct and no pen no red card here the missed offside is the real issue.




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    Ex Ludo 08.32

    Has he ever commented on the sectarian singing by the Celtic support?.

    If not then why should he mention Rangers?.




    You can never resist the whatabootery.


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    How can it be mistaken identity he was involved in a wee exchange with Ferdinand makes no difference if he did anything or not it was him not someone else yet again we see the sfa bending their so called rules for the benefit of one club by the way is Dr Mo lm2.