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    Loving Sportsound Michael Stewart giving some English boy Samuel a hard time re his comments on Scotland being a graveyard for Man Utd youngsters who come on loan.

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    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Jingso.Jimsie 13th August 2018 at 11:52  

    No, I am saying it is understandable, but not 'expected'. I'm not for players acting in that way as it lowers the tone of the whole game. 


    I am afraid this is one of those situations were like Jake Brigance's summing up in the trail at the end of  the film A Time to Kill – I ask people to close their eyes imagine the general scene then at the very end ask them to place Hayes back in a red Aberdeen top and imagine Naismith is Scott Brown in the hoops.


    The whole point is that the referee would have been more concerned over Hayes apparent injury. Thus he 'moved on' and forgot about booking Hayes and Naismith.

    Perhaps that is partially why he booked Naismith later in the second half for a fairly innocuous bump into Simunovic?

    Which then goes back to my point about McKenna / Morelos in that McKenna had two goes an bumping into Morelos well off the ball but received no punishment but Naismith gets carded for it when the ball is actually in the area.!

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Jingso.Jimsie 13th August 2018 at 11:14  

    Agreed it is unpleasant but its a heat of the moment issue. Naismith has been clattered from behind, (not just a tackle but a fully body slam) and his adrenaline is flowing. 

    Hayes is on the ground holding his head. 

    How many other times have you seen players fake an injury when they know they are at fault for a poor tackle etc? In that split second Naismith has no idea to the extent of the injury. He won't he the first or last player to immediately and vigorously tell a perceived cheat to get up and stop play acting.

    In this incident  and with hindsight Hayes does appear to have been genuinely injured but the real or fake the result was the same,  he got away with a bad tackle.

    In terms of player safety it looked like he may have been knocked out. Did anyone follow the concussion protocols? He seemed to manage fine until being subbed in the 2nd half.


    As a matter of interest, and independent from my thinking, on  BBC Shortbread in the radio commentary it was mentioned (I think in relation to an earlier tackle)  that Hayes, when injured,  has long standing tendency to  hobble around for a good few minutes as if there is no way he is going to continue then suddenly spring back to life. There was no inference that Hayes was a cheat but just that he seemed to have a certain MO when recovering from tackles and bruising physical encounters.


    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    I note that the Scotsman is saying the Naismith / Hayes incident may be reviewed by the SFA today.

    To remain consistent with my opinions on the McKenna / Morelos incident from last weekend, IMO Naismith should be punished for his kicking out. Hayes on the other hand should really be given a yellow for recklessly launching himself at Naismith from behind.  Being so out of control that he has injured himself seems to have distracted the ref from issuing what would have been a booking at any other time. (In the same way Naismith got a yellow for running into Simunovic later in the game).

    While retaliation should always be punished I am amazed how some people apparently and conveniently gloss over the poor behaviour or ability of those who actions often initiate these types of controversial incidents.

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    Dear Mr Bankier
    Interesting to see a wee spat re the word 'boycott' and how the Ibrox/BBC fall out was reported by the SMSM as opposed to what both T'Rangers and the BBC have said.

    If only some folk had been so willing to understand and agree with the terms used by the SMSM in relation to Liquidation,  Rangers RIP etc etc 

    Dear Mr Bankier
    If you want to brighten up your day, given Allan McGregor's tremendous form of late have a wee look at this.





    Dear Mr Bankier
    Following on from Barcabhoy 3rd December 2018 at 23:17 

    We are back in the situation of many hoping for a catastrophic event that will end the new club.

    However, it will not be one event that does it but, as Barcabhoy implies, a series of events coming together over time that just makes the business model financially unsustainable.

    It has been said many times before that nobody knows what King’s plan is or if he has some form of ulterior motive.

    We know how the SA courts viewed the man, we know he likes to kick cans down the road and seems to like a costly day (or many) in court.

    However, at the end of the day he has channelled some millions into the new club and somehow convinced others to do the same.

    Maybe he genuinely is happy to put some of his cash into the club but clearly only on his terms. After all he didn’t gain his millions from splashing cash willy-nilly.


    The problem for T’Rangers fans, is that while they currently sit top of the league, are still in Europe and have the Scottish Cup to come, the recent accounts show things aren’t getting any better behind the scenes.


    I know in posts with Easyjambo, he thought things might improve with increased revenue and this season euro income from gates and prize money may help towards sustainability. However, every time you think a sustainable operation may be achievable there appears to be additional outgoings that just increase the losses year on year.

    The recent statements following the AGM appear to show no change in the business model of living on borrowed cash and time.

    Like the oldco, like the sugar daddy model run by Gretna and like the long term debt being carried by Hearts under Robertson and then Vlad, if serious attention isn’t taken to turning things round we all know how it ends up. It really is just a matter of time.


    While clearly there are some budget buys and loan players as opposed to instead of big money signings down Govan way,  King’s rhetoric and hubris doesn’t seem to be different from that of the oldco and we know that even when they were ‘at the top’ they still buggered it up.

    Stevie G – The Real Deal?
    Just to follow up on a few posts from the last week I see that Ann Budge has not let us down in terms of a statement.

    No-one can be in any doubt what is expected by Heart of Midlothian Football Club in terms of the behaviour of the fans who follow that club.

    I do however recognise that words are often much easier than actions but from the statement (section 4) it appears  that Ms Budge is already following this through by trtying to weed out the trouble makers.

    How anyone deals with trouble makers outwith the confines of the stadium is another issue but one I hope the Police are taking seriously and being helped by the club.


    Other than issuing a joint statement with Leeann Dempster, CEO of Hibernian FC, condemning the incidents that occurred at the recent derby match, I have until now largely kept my counsel.  I did so because Police Scotland were following up on a number of reported acts of violence and also because of the media frenzy that ensued.  

    Much has been said about whether these incidents reflect a problem within football culture or whether they are indicative of a wider societal problem.  Similarly, questions have been raised regarding whether this is a problem specifically for Scottish football or whether it is a wider football issue.  These points will no doubt continue to be debated for some time but, in the meantime, we must do everything possible at Club level to avoid any reoccurrence of such unacceptable behaviour at Tynecastle Park.  The Club and a significant proportion of its supporters and sponsors are actively engaged in activities aimed at tackling tough issues in our community in the firm belief that football is part of the solution to address society’s problems rather than a root cause. It is important that the mindless actions of a few should not undermine this fantastic work.

    Before outlining actions being taken, I would stress once again, that this is a problem created by a tiny minority of supporters and we are seeking the support of the large majority of our fan base who are as appalled as we are with recent incidents, to help us stamp out this behaviour.  I would remind all supporters that you can text us confidentially to report incidents which you deem unacceptable on 07467 918874.

    This communication is aimed at making it clear to all that I plan to follow up on the statement I made on BBC5Live the morning following the derby; namely, that anyone found guilty of carrying out any acts of violence at the match will face an indefinite ban from Tynecastle Park.  While some arrests have already been made, investigations are still ongoing and bans will follow.

    Please find below a summary of our position regarding unacceptable conduct.

    A. Indefinite Bans

    Anyone found guilty by law, identified by CCTV or unequivocally identified by any other means or person of any of the following acts, will receive an indefinite ban from Tynecastle Park.  The length of bans will be commensurate with the seriousness of the offence and could mean a lifetime ban.

    • In any way, causing damage to the physical infrastructure of the stadium.  Similarly, it should be noted that any Hearts fan convicted of causing physical damage to any other football stadium, will also be banned from Tynecastle Park (and from purchasing tickets for away fixtures) for bringing the good name of Hearts and of Scottish Football into disrepute
    • Throwing any object within the confines of the stadium, which causes, or could cause, injury to any individual, whether or not specifically directed at any individual
    • Throwing any object onto the pitch or elsewhere within the confines of the stadium which causes, or could cause, damage to the pitch or any part of the stadium infrastructure
    • Singing or chanting of any song or flying of any flag which is recognised as being sectarian, racist or political in its intent. 

    B. Pyrotechnics

    The use of pyrotechnic devices at the derby was significant.  A total of 16 such devices were thrown, by both sets of fans, either onto the pitch, the track or in the direction of rival fans.  We cannot emphasise strongly enough that these devices can cause serious injury to individuals and serious damage to property.

    They operate at temperatures of between 600 and 2000 degrees centigrade.  They can cause burn damage to the skin, as well as damage to property from smoke dyes and high temperatures, and, of course, from secondary fires.  In addition, the inhalation of particles generated by these devices, whilst a less visible threat, are capable of triggering attacks from various acute and chronic illnesses, such as asthma and heart conditions.

    Quite simply, these are life endangering objects.  As such, any supporter involved in attempting to bring them into the Stadium or identified as discharging them in the Stadium, will receive a lifetime ban.   

    C. Specific Club Initiatives

    1) The Club is in the process of significantly increasing its in-house matchday security staff. They will work proactively with Police Scotland and our stewarding company to stamp out incidences of unacceptable behaviour in the Stadium.

    * I would remind supporters that the principal role of the stewards is to ensure safe access and egress from the stadium….and not to confront thuggish behaviour.  Our in-house staff will increase our capacity to identify those guilty of unacceptable behaviour, enabling us to more effectively address issues, either at the time if safe to do so, or retrospectively.

    2) Additional ticket checks will be carried out inside the stadium to ensure supporters are seated in their allocated seats.  We ask all supporters to assist the stewards by cooperating and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    * Some supporters …often in numbers….ignore their allocated seat numbers, making it difficult or impossible for stewards and supporters to address the situation at the time.

    3) In the interests of safety, supporters are expected to remain seated during a match, with the exception of goal celebrations.  Those supporters who consistently fail to adhere to requests to remain seated may either be escorted from the stadium or, if this is not possible for safety reasons, will be identified and contacted post-match.  We reserve the right to revoke season tickets, the right to purchase tickets and also to consider any further future sanctions.  

    * When supporters refuse to sit, many of their fellow supporters are unable to see the game, unless they too stand…and some are either unable or unwilling to do so.  Others feel they have no option but to stand and this simply exacerbates the problem.

    4) Additional security measures are already being focused on those areas of the stadium where problems are known to have happened.  These measures will be further strengthened.  In addition, we are withholding sales of matchday tickets in these areas for the foreseeable future to assist with identifying the troublemakers.  We have emailed all season ticket holders in these sections to advise them of our intentions and to apologise to those innocent Season Ticket holders for any inconvenience caused.

    Much of what is said above is a repeat of the Unacceptable Behaviour Policies already in force within Scottish football stadia.  I repeat some of these policies here, both as a reminder and also as a clear indication that at Tynecastle Park, we will be redoubling our efforts to ensure these policies are adhered to at all times.

    We will not sit back and allow the reputation we have fought so hard to rebuild, be damaged by the mindless acts of a few individuals. Hearts‘ supporters have proved their loyalty to a level well beyond most people’s imagination.  My personal objective is to help make Tynecastle Park a stadium of which we can all be proud; the most family friendly stadium in Scotland; and the most supporter friendly stadium in Scotland.  By working together, we can achieve these objectives. 


    Stevie G – The Real Deal?
    paddy malarkey 6th November 2018 at 14:29

    I can assure you Scott Wilson has been reading out the statement for some years now.

    He runs a pretty slick show from the PA system and it is usually pretty close to kick off as well but I can see how last minute arrivals may miss it. (If I remember I'll time check it when I'm next at Tynie angry)

    As discussed Hearts have a good record of banning trouble makers so they are no better or worse than any other club but I agree with you more should be done by all clubs to ensure that everyone who supposedly 'supports' the club  knows what is expected from them.

    I have posted plenty times on here supporting things from strict liability to suggesting the solutions lie within the hands of a club's chairman or manager who could simply taking their own team off the park when nonsense starts on the terracing. So we are both on the same page.

    As discussed a few days back the feeling amongst many Jambos it that the current young team are being influenced by older idiots within the fan base. If you look on Jambos Kickback there are plenty comments and discussion about this and accounts of creepy older guys hanging around the young team.


    I am sure this is the case at other clubs as well as the 'young team' membership don't always have the knowledge or life experience to come out and then further justify the crap they get up to. As other have said today some of them probably don't even know half of what they are signing about or supporting.


    Whether it be the undesirables at Tynie, goalie punchers from Easter Road, The Billy Boys at Ibrox or the Green Brigade collecting Uefa fines despite continually being told to desist by the club, everyone has their issues with folk who just can't simply seem to enjoy watching football but need to use the game to promote whatever agenda it is they have.