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    jockyboy 13th August 2018 at 13:04  

    On the subject of the site – it's 4 months since the last blog was posted. TBH this site is more about the comments than the blogs, but it's not like nothings happened in the last 1/3 of a year worth writing about.

    easyJambo 13th August 2018 at 14:11   

    I'm pleased to see that another sex offender with previous links to youth football has been jailed, albeit for more recent offences against a teenage boy.  I wonder if his late guilty plea avoided any evidence being presented about his conduct when he was coaching in Scotland. 


    Definite article necessary linked to the governance of Scottish football, not only can't the SFA deal with tax dodgers an imperfect registrations they are incapable to keeping children safe.  


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    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    I know some on the site don't like whataboutery. But..

    What about the threat to the British way of life and common decency by those who go about our streets dressed and covered all in black, slits like letter boxes and looking like bank robbers?  


    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Pedantry and lack of ability to see the bigger picture should not be reasons to stop anyone from posting. 

    THELAWMAN2AUGUST 1, 2018 at 11:11″So many comments in the last 12 hours or so about me defending my club but I only defend them when i believe its justified…
    Using EBTs – Never defend that.”

    THELAWMAN2AUGUST 1, 2018 at 16:24

    Citing celtic quick news
    “The chargeable sums for just these two players alone amounted to £2.8 Million plus and the debt had started to accrue over a decade before. HMRC had discussed this with MIH and Rangers PLC officials at length, had written to them repeatedly, and by this time they were scunnered!
    This sum formed the basis of what is known as The Wee Tax Case and was based upon Rangers operation of what were known as DOS based EBT’s.”

    Does the “never defend” using EBTS apply to DOS EBTS too? 

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    THELAWMAN2AUGUST 1, 2018 at 11:11
    “I’d be happy to debate any of the above to try and quash this view all I do is defend Rangers.”  
    I can only agree that so much that has occurred around Ibrox has been  indefensible , horrendous, hugely flawed and disastrous. I understand that as a club supporter you have to put up with all of this, but why should the rest of us? 

    One point  “Using EBTS – never defend that” – I think you have spoken eloquently in support of the use of EBTs through your views on monitoring periods 

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    Stevie G – The Real Deal?

    5th November 2018 at 17:38

    Poppy Season – Showing respect for those in the armed forces who gave their lives, including Celtic players/supporters shouldn't be beyond those living in a civil society. 

    But… but… slimjim it's beyond some living in civil society to pay their taxes 365 days a year – what show of respect is that?  

    Stevie G – The Real Deal?
    DBD 12:58

    “I dislike Neil Lennon as a football figure due to way he acts on the field, and I believe he brings an element of the abuse upon himself. However, no-one should expect to be assaulted at their place of work”


    Would it be the racist abuse or the sectarian abuse Neil Lennon brings upon himself?


    Stevie G – The Real Deal?
    "They are guys with 30-40 years following the club so not prone to hysterical knee jerk reactions to a defeat."

    Clearly SJ spoke to six of his mates who have followed The Gers for 6 years since its start in Scottish football way back in 2012.  They are guys with 30-40 years following the club… in total!


    Fantastic Voyage ..
    Nick 29th August 2018 at 15:03   

    "There seems to be some noise on social media about Celtic buying land from Glasgow City Council in another off-market deal for them to build a fanzone."

    The difference between the SFA at Hampden and Celtic around Celtic Park and the use of the community resource at Ibrox is clear.  

    In terms of the area around the stadium the comparison between Celtic Park and Ibrox would be more like if Celtic fans insisted on use of the Emirates Arena for their fanzone and that this should be shut each match day between 11am and 7 pm to accommodate Celtic fans.  I pass by the Emirates each match day and never see nobody there. 😉   

    Also on match days, I understand The Rangers make use of Ibrox Primary School building and grounds in an arrangement with Glasgow City Council for a nominal fee.  

    Football clubs should now be looking to extend the footprint of their stadium to accommodate fanzines. The club playing out of Ibrox Stadium could make use of Edmiston house and/or the Albion Car Park to extend their footprint if of course they own those properties.  There's also a couple of small businesses at the Broomloan Road end that could be bought out to provide space.  It should not be too difficult to fence round areas at Ibrox to provide a fanzone and I'd hope council and police would support this.

    However it seems to me there is a sense of entitlement that leads The Rangers fans to assume that they should just  take over a community resource used for football and with indoor gym facilities as and when they want.  

    Fantastic Voyage ..
    wottpi 27th August 2018 at 15:31   






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    TheLawMan2 27th August 2018 at 12:39

    I have to say I'm with the Lawman2 on this if we are talking about the astro-turf opposite the main stand at Ibrox.

    You have a flat all weather surface that is fully fenced off and thus you can manage a fan-zone event by ticketing, having security etc etc. Done properly it has the potential to be a decent venue and event for what is proposed.

    As discussed it is unlikely any local games with kids or amateurs will be played the same time as a T'Rangers match.


    The Ibrox community trust pitch is regularly used by schools, youth teams and amateurs every Saturday and Sunday morning well before kick off. Using it as a fan zone would prevent youngsters and others playing football.

    Previously didn't the Club playing out of Ibrox, in terms of opportunity costs in the matter of resolution 12,  feel that monies that should be available to Scottish youth and grassroots football. Now it seems they would rather such money was diverted to them!