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    I see its a new season but the same narrative regarding our completely incompetent referees. I watched most of the EPL action at the weekend and the standard of refereeing is just night and day between what we have to put up with in Scotland. I don't believe for one minute the referees are biased either in our favour (as many on here do) or against us (as SG and most of follow follow do!). They are just inept altogether. The Moralos red card was one that could have gone either way. It reminded me of the Ronaldo incident the last group game of the World Cup where he lashed out similarly. VAR was used and the referee let him off with just a yellow, which I felt at the time set a precident as I was sure if you kick out it's a straight red. I'm not sure if that high profile example may have been used when deciding to rescind the red card or not. At that point in the Portugal game I felt the referee made up a rule that didn't exist – i.e. Ronaldo intentionally lashed out and should have been sent off, or the other player play acted in which case he gets booked for simulation. A yellow card by the very letter of the law did not exist for the referee to give yet he chose to anyway. If the red card had stood, there was not really much room for complaining as Moralos put himself in that situation to start with. The rest of the Aberdeen game the manager was poor. The penalty was either offside in which case it wasn't a penalty, or it was onside in which case its a penalty AND a red card. So whatever your views on offside/onside, the referee got that one wrong.


    Yesterday's referee for the St Mirren match was just dreadful. Other than the red card decision which was 100% correct, he missed so many fouls and off the ball tackles by both sides, offsides by both sides, the tackle by McGinn at the end of the game was a red any day of the week. Again though I feel he was equally as poor for both sides over the coarse of the game.


    I always think football fans view everything through rose tinted spectacles and always believe 'their' club is being unfairly treated by officials. When you take a step back and look at the last few years and key decisions going against teams, I think it evens itself out and we need to look from an outsiders point of view and realise refereeing standards in Scotland must be amongst the worst in Europe (and that's saying something as there are some dreadful referees!).

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    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Good day to all fellow SFM posters (particular mention to Jimbo!), hope you are all well! After a months self imposed ban on all social media and forums I return! (where I am sure you are all glad to hear from me 06)

    I’ve not really been paying to much attention to club level football during mid June-mid July. My focus was taken up 100% with what I would class as the best major football tournament of my lifetime. Coinciding with the glorious weather, it was a month of beer gardens and watching some wonderful football. For once the best team of the tournament actually won it! The defensive, dull football playing teams were eliminated early on, and Croatia who I always have a soft spot for made the final – and what a final it was! Even the England team this year all seemed humble and down to earth, so much so that I almost didn’t mind seeing them go far this year (almost!). 2 weeks later and I’m still suffering withdrawal symptoms.

    At the national level it would appear (albeit I may have missed a bunch!) that there is a bit of a feel good factor again with our clubs in Europe. Starting with Celtic on Tuesday night, I thought they played fantastically well against a very good European side. Not seen much of Celtic apart from Old Firm games in the last 5-10 years, but dare I say Eduardo looks like he could be the best player in Scotland since Larson? He will surely be the number 7 for a good many years to come, unless he goes for silly money down south. For a team that has not strengthened, the whole side looked so much stronger from last season. Sinclair seems to have found his form, and the World Cup seems to have done wonders for Gambano (sp?).

    Elsewhere Aberdeen were very close to pulling of a memerous win against a very good English side. I think they may be able to take a win down in Burnley which would surely be huge in the “SPFL is the equivellant of our conference leagues” argument. Hibs also pulled off a good win.

    Now if I take aside the problems around my club (well actually King and the problems he brings upon himself and the club!!), there is a bit of genuine optimism around our support at the moment, and not the usual SMSM nonsense that is spouted before a ball is kicked. In McGregor we finally have a very good goal keeper again. Both our new centre halfs and the left back look a huge step up from last season, and I think Arfield is our best bit of business we’ve done in years. The first three games we have looked organised and no longer leaking silly goals. Under any of our previous management regimes, I believe we would have lost the game last night. As it was we saw our first away win in Europe in 10 years, and the first time the opposition haven’t scored at home in Europe since 2000! I’m not getting carried away, and I think the next round would be a stage to far. I also don’t believe we have anything like the squad to compete for the SPFL against a Celtic who are starting to look every bit as good as the MON team of yesteryear. But we are young, we don’t have silly, past it, massively paid ‘marquee signings’ (Alves, Barton, Krankjar) nor have we squandered millions on foreign players untested in the UK. A new board and chairman and I’d be a happy bear.

    So anyway, apologies for the long waffling post. Just wanted to wish everyone well on here, and to say congratulations to all Scottish teams in Europe this last few weeks. For once we are not embarrassing ourselves!

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Shug, I actually like a lot of PMcG stuff and he has been on the ball with a lot of news – particularly in the early years where I have a feeling he had a mole in the old regime. However this particular post is, as he would put it, “lazy journalism”. Rangers fans have been calling these 4 for the chop for months, and many papers have listed them as most likely to leave (along with Hodson). I have no contracts in Rangers whatsoever and could have told you that all four would be surplus to requirements. 

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    The idea of a separate forum is not to “move on” from the subject. I accept that most on here would not, and if I’m honest I’d probably be the same if the tables were turned and it was not my club! The idea of the separate board/forum whatever, is so that I can make my points in one place and any time the discussion comes up I can easily direct someone to that place instead of constantly repeating myself. And it could work out also, anytime that the likes of LM constantly repeats the same mantras and “facts” ad-infinite, they could be deleted from the main board to save us getting bogged down with them. 

    And i I do genuinely believe that Murray would have somehow found a way, either through friends from high places, or through fraudulent means to borrow the additional money that EBTs saved. The figure of tax found due (minus interest and fines) was actually not too high in comparison to the rediculous money he spent over the years. I think when he started feeling the pinch circa 2010/11 it may have expedited admin a season earlier at most. 

    And to the poster who made the point of multiple personalities/accounts, I hope that was in jest! 10. I like to think I have been fairly consistent and have my own style, and could never be accused of being on the wind up, like I personally feel a few of the “Rangers” supporting fans on here are. 

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    Dear Mr Bankier

    Canting bloody 'journalists' are almost as despicable as such as Goebbels.

    I can’t believe that you have just described journalists in the UK as “almost as despicable” as a man who endorsed the holocaust and some of the most despicable acts and atrocities ever witnessed by man. I’ve seen some pretty horrendous comparisons on here before – comparing Hillsborough justice to Resolution 12 as one – but this is surely a low point on this site. I assume in your eyes anyone who “propagates the lie” (in your words) is as bad as Hitler or Stalin? Surely there needs to be a bit of perspective from time to time. When all said and done it’s a bloody game of football!

    Dear Mr Bankier
    Not at all CO, there are certain things for which a player should never be allowed to play again. Of course certain crimes should never be forgiven. But in this case he acted as a silly boy and I think a suspension was the right outcome. A badly worded comment by me, so apologies. I can see why you questioned it. For what it’s worth I hate the fact we have a convicted wife beater at our club and were I manager he would not be anywhere near my club.

    Dear Mr Bankier
    At the end of the day, I was utterly embarrassed and furious with McGreggor at the time, but I am glad the ban was lifted as he’s single handedly gained points for Scotland over the years. I’d feel the same no matter his club allegiances – at the end of the day success for the national team should come first. 

    Dear Mr Bankier

    Its about the media who covered the life ban, then said little or nothing when he was selected and played again.

    It was so long ago are we sure that it wasn’t reported? Also the fact he didn’t play in Scotland at the time would suggest it probably wasn’t as new worthy. 

    Dear Mr Bankier

    Wee Mr Morelos worked his booking well today, imo , picking the game he'll be suspended from .

    Makes a mockery of the whole system. That and the rediculus appeal system where a player who knows he has no chance of overturning a red can appeal it to play in a key game.