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    I note that the Scotsman is saying the Naismith / Hayes incident may be reviewed by the SFA today.

    To remain consistent with my opinions on the McKenna / Morelos incident from last weekend, IMO Naismith should be punished for his kicking out. Hayes on the other hand should really be given a yellow for recklessly launching himself at Naismith from behind.  Being so out of control that he has injured himself seems to have distracted the ref from issuing what would have been a booking at any other time. (In the same way Naismith got a yellow for running into Simunovic later in the game).

    While retaliation should always be punished I am amazed how some people apparently and conveniently gloss over the poor behaviour or ability of those who actions often initiate these types of controversial incidents.

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    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Loving Sportsound Michael Stewart giving some English boy Samuel a hard time re his comments on Scotland being a graveyard for Man Utd youngsters who come on loan.

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Jingso.Jimsie 13th August 2018 at 11:52  

    No, I am saying it is understandable, but not 'expected'. I'm not for players acting in that way as it lowers the tone of the whole game. 


    I am afraid this is one of those situations were like Jake Brigance's summing up in the trail at the end of  the film A Time to Kill – I ask people to close their eyes imagine the general scene then at the very end ask them to place Hayes back in a red Aberdeen top and imagine Naismith is Scott Brown in the hoops.


    The whole point is that the referee would have been more concerned over Hayes apparent injury. Thus he 'moved on' and forgot about booking Hayes and Naismith.

    Perhaps that is partially why he booked Naismith later in the second half for a fairly innocuous bump into Simunovic?

    Which then goes back to my point about McKenna / Morelos in that McKenna had two goes an bumping into Morelos well off the ball but received no punishment but Naismith gets carded for it when the ball is actually in the area.!

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Jingso.Jimsie 13th August 2018 at 11:14  

    Agreed it is unpleasant but its a heat of the moment issue. Naismith has been clattered from behind, (not just a tackle but a fully body slam) and his adrenaline is flowing. 

    Hayes is on the ground holding his head. 

    How many other times have you seen players fake an injury when they know they are at fault for a poor tackle etc? In that split second Naismith has no idea to the extent of the injury. He won't he the first or last player to immediately and vigorously tell a perceived cheat to get up and stop play acting.

    In this incident  and with hindsight Hayes does appear to have been genuinely injured but the real or fake the result was the same,  he got away with a bad tackle.

    In terms of player safety it looked like he may have been knocked out. Did anyone follow the concussion protocols? He seemed to manage fine until being subbed in the 2nd half.


    As a matter of interest, and independent from my thinking, on  BBC Shortbread in the radio commentary it was mentioned (I think in relation to an earlier tackle)  that Hayes, when injured,  has long standing tendency to  hobble around for a good few minutes as if there is no way he is going to continue then suddenly spring back to life. There was no inference that Hayes was a cheat but just that he seemed to have a certain MO when recovering from tackles and bruising physical encounters.


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    In Whose Interests
    I see a lot of chat with regard to what effect the TOP ruling will have on King and T'Rangers.

    My view is not a lot really.

    As discussed a long time back it didn't seem to do the last South African who was cold shouldered any particular harm.

    The main point is that T'Rangers and many of their fans seem quite happy to have someone like Dave King at the helm.

    For a club who keeps droning on about dignity they seem to be content to be run by a set of shysters from Murray, Whyte, Green and now King.

    Hearts fans lapped up some of the Vlad years but quickly realized it was no way to go on.

    Others clubs have had similar experiences with other shysters but, like Hearts, have tried very hard to steer an honest ship since those times.

    One wonders when T'Rangers will join the rest of us in trying to run our clubs and the game with a modicum of honesty, decency and respect.


    In Whose Interests
    How to put kids off football – Part 1.

    Here is yesterday's doozy from the lower leagues of  kids football.

    Ref comes into the changing room to inspect the players, boots etc.

    Says two of the lads need to remove their base-layer as about an inch of black is showing at the neck above the lighter coloured strip. 

    The boys are of course at an age where the player size to strip can vary and often be baggy.

    Does this mean kids teams now have to fork out even more money ensuring base-layers match exactly to the club colours. (Or everyone just plays in black!!!) 

    Can see the point for senior games etc but low tier division in kids regional league – have a word FFS.


    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    easyJambo 3rd September 2019 at 15:27

    I note that both the local MP and the Mayor of Manchester appear to behind the drive to keep Bury going in the EFL.

    From reports the club owes HMRC around £800k.

    On here many have tried to say the involvement and ramblings of MPs and MEPs, including the then FM, around the time of the demise of Rangers and formation of T'Rangers were some form of establishment conspiracy and that with money being owed to her Majesty the club from Govan should have been helped, by such politicians, in going to the wall. 

    Like at Bury,  I think it is just one of these situations were 'the normal rules' don't seem to apply and people from all walks of life go 'Ga-Ga' when its a football club that is in trouble.

    I don't think it matters if it is Rangers, Bury, Bolton or any other team, politicians would be wanting to be seen on the side of keeping a team alive.

    Perhaps not right but it is in the nature of the political beast to protect their vote.


    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    easyJambo 2nd September 2019 at 16:54

    We have discussed this before.

    While I respect your work on the figures coming out of Ibrox and pointing to a club that could begin to break even with increased revue, they always seem to have an ability to splaff cash up against the wall. Be that court cases or big name signings. Despite positive predictions and anticipated financial stability, every time the accounts come out it is usually the same old story of the unknown unknowns putting them in the red.

    It was the nature of SDM and it is the same for King, who clearly likes to push everything to the limit.

    Continual contract upgrades from Morales, wages for the likes of Defoe and Davis and now possibly Kent just eat away at any Euro income.

    Celtic can be criticised for hording money in the bank and not spending what they have wisely or timely but it doesn't look like they are anywhere near going to go under any time soon.

    However T'Rangers are continually walking a tightrope as the have no patience to build new foundations. In that circumstance there is always the cancel that a single event can bring the whole thing tumbling down.

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    While following the saga of T'Rangers I often look in on Phil Mac twitter feed for updates. Not being a Celtic fan myself I see two clear and constant messages he constantly mentions that relate to last nights events in Stockholm.

    1) The Napoleon quote of 'not interrupting your enemy when they are making mistakes'

    2) Leave the pyros at home.

    Once again the idiots, most probably in the Green Brigade, think they are untouchable but find that foreign Police forces are not as accommodating as Scotland’s finest and just put their club right up there with the charge of being no better than the 'other ugly sister'.

    Images are in the press showing guys in olive green anoraks, sun glasses on and hoods up and one idiot in a balaclava holding a long pole facing up to the Police. Who goes to watch football these days with a balaclava!!


    These olive green anoraks are seen, a plenty, in the Green Brigade section every home game.

    It is therefore hard to swallow the Chelsea, sorry, 'Hammarby fans' argument being put forward as an excuse.

    Indeed looking at the Hammarby Ultras on Youtube then seem to operate in a similar manner to the Green Brigade with banner displays, flares chants etc. So even if they were in the Celtic end then I wouldn’t be surprised if they were welcomed by Celtics Ultras with opened arms to stick it to rivals AIK.

    This will end up being Celtic's 13th  UEFA fine or so since 2011. 13 fines in nine years!!!


    As discussed earlier, the Celtic board had a chance to finish off T'Rangers but didn't. Celtic fans have been given an open goal in terms of distancing themselves from the poor behaviour of T'Rangers fans but again, by accommodating the likes of the Green Brigade have blown it.

    So lets get it straight, its not UEFA, its not 'imposter fans', its not heavy handed police.

    Its a Celtic problem – and the club and decent fans can either deal with it or simply accept the consequences without any more excuses.