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    I note that the Scotsman is saying the Naismith / Hayes incident may be reviewed by the SFA today.

    To remain consistent with my opinions on the McKenna / Morelos incident from last weekend, IMO Naismith should be punished for his kicking out. Hayes on the other hand should really be given a yellow for recklessly launching himself at Naismith from behind.  Being so out of control that he has injured himself seems to have distracted the ref from issuing what would have been a booking at any other time. (In the same way Naismith got a yellow for running into Simunovic later in the game).

    While retaliation should always be punished I am amazed how some people apparently and conveniently gloss over the poor behaviour or ability of those who actions often initiate these types of controversial incidents.

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    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Loving Sportsound Michael Stewart giving some English boy Samuel a hard time re his comments on Scotland being a graveyard for Man Utd youngsters who come on loan.

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Jingso.Jimsie 13th August 2018 at 11:52  

    No, I am saying it is understandable, but not 'expected'. I'm not for players acting in that way as it lowers the tone of the whole game. 


    I am afraid this is one of those situations were like Jake Brigance's summing up in the trail at the end of  the film A Time to Kill – I ask people to close their eyes imagine the general scene then at the very end ask them to place Hayes back in a red Aberdeen top and imagine Naismith is Scott Brown in the hoops.


    The whole point is that the referee would have been more concerned over Hayes apparent injury. Thus he 'moved on' and forgot about booking Hayes and Naismith.

    Perhaps that is partially why he booked Naismith later in the second half for a fairly innocuous bump into Simunovic?

    Which then goes back to my point about McKenna / Morelos in that McKenna had two goes an bumping into Morelos well off the ball but received no punishment but Naismith gets carded for it when the ball is actually in the area.!

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Jingso.Jimsie 13th August 2018 at 11:14  

    Agreed it is unpleasant but its a heat of the moment issue. Naismith has been clattered from behind, (not just a tackle but a fully body slam) and his adrenaline is flowing. 

    Hayes is on the ground holding his head. 

    How many other times have you seen players fake an injury when they know they are at fault for a poor tackle etc? In that split second Naismith has no idea to the extent of the injury. He won't he the first or last player to immediately and vigorously tell a perceived cheat to get up and stop play acting.

    In this incident  and with hindsight Hayes does appear to have been genuinely injured but the real or fake the result was the same,  he got away with a bad tackle.

    In terms of player safety it looked like he may have been knocked out. Did anyone follow the concussion protocols? He seemed to manage fine until being subbed in the 2nd half.


    As a matter of interest, and independent from my thinking, on  BBC Shortbread in the radio commentary it was mentioned (I think in relation to an earlier tackle)  that Hayes, when injured,  has long standing tendency to  hobble around for a good few minutes as if there is no way he is going to continue then suddenly spring back to life. There was no inference that Hayes was a cheat but just that he seemed to have a certain MO when recovering from tackles and bruising physical encounters.


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    Accountability via Transparency.
    nawlite 20th June 2019 at 15:27

    I think Gemma Fay was probably implying the problem for goalies is that you are trained for basic shot stopping to 'set' with feet parallel, then you move forward and place the foot at an angle to the side you are seeking to make the save. You then drive off that front foot to dive. This is exactly what Lee Alexander did last night but she went too early

    If you have already committed to one side and left your other foot on the goal line you will struggle to make a save in the opposite direction.


    If you watch the retaken penalty from last night  you will see how Alexander's feet all get caught up as she tries to step while keeping one foot on the line.


    The view from the 'net cam' shows what I mean.



    Accountability via Transparency.
    Agree with all the comments re the Ref should be the one calling on VAR to provide clarification if unsure / undecided for an agreed set of laws/offenses.

    The VAR, as it appeared last night, should not be telling the Ref they missed something as the game is in progress.

    However players and coaches have themselves to blame.

    Goalkeepers coming off the line at penalties, yards stolen at throw-ins the inability to place a ball on a penalty spot or within the corner arc, play acting, going down softly etc etc  all combine to have the authorities reviewing what can be done to make the game more honest.

    Technology now allows such behaviour to be fully analysed and thus we get, in some ways,  the game we deserve.

    Accountability via Transparency.
    So if I understand the reports from our own John Clark and elsewhere :-

    T'Rangers appear to have entered into a contract with Memorial Walls to provide some form of memorial and place of reflection for fans and one of the themes within the design was to be the Ibrox Disaster.

    A contract appears to have been signed and in terms of the sums being mentioned in damages the works may have had a value of £6.4m or more. However the Memorial Walls people are happy to settle for £1m to presumably cover the costs incurred in preparing their bid and initial works undertaken after the contract was signed. I would suspect in that sum there will be an allowance made for items such as hiring additional resources or maybe turning down other work on the basis they T'Rangers contract gave them a full order book.

    At some point after the contract was signed it could be the case John Greig has said something along the lines of 'this is a load of rubbish and we shouldn't really go ahead and have a rethink'. however that is unclear. But what is known is someone at Ibrox definitely pulled the plug after they had put pen to paper.

    The question is why pull the plug?

    Or another question is, if you are living hand to mouth, why sign up for a multi-million pound project that should really be low down on your list of priorities.

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Ex Ludo 19th June 2019 at 08:42

    A nice and rational summing up of the Turnbull situation.

    We have seen many a young gifted midfielder warm the Parkhead bench or be placed on constant loan, but never to be seen in the Hoops again.

    If not for injuries many folk thought the same fate awaited Ryan Christie but the lad he took his chance last season and managed to make a mark on the team with some great performances.

    However, while Celtic as a club have a lot to offer in terms of the potential to win domestic trophies and the offer of European football, money talks.

    Folk like Phil Mac are constantly reminding everyone and the Celtic fan base that they are in a very strong and stable position with money in the bank. Therefore why are people surprised that agents are wanting to exploit the situation get a decent slice of the cake for their clients?

    It would appear that Norwich have simply been able to offer better personal terms and the lad has made his choice.

    How wise that is we will only find out in years to come as his career pans out. However the reality is, that Phil Mac keeps saying, its almost as if having more money than others gives you a 'sporting advantage' – both in terms of what you can maybe do on the park and how much you can splash out on players.

    As opposed to a gnashing of teeth from some Celtic fans, they should be happy their club has stuck to its guns re its wage structure and, like the rest of us, just accept that sometimes you are going to lose out on signing targets if you want to run a sustainable operation.

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Cluster One 17th June 2019 at 16:14

    Agree with all you say.

    Unless a real sugar daddy comes on board it is a continual hand to mouth existence.

    King and the rest on the board do not have the means to keep throwing good money after bad. 

    However if managed properly and prudently T'Rangers should, given the size of their fan base, be a regular 'second place' in Scottish Football.

    It is however the lack of those reality goggles that will not let them consolidate and build a good foundation for the future and as such they are always going to be in a situation where there is the potential for financial collapse around the every corner.