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Time to Make Things Happen

The spending activity (even at the most sensible, non Shark-Jump estimates) is bewildering. King has a shelf life on a par with Theresa May – he’s gone to be replaced by Johnston – but this Jonny FatWallet largesse looks like Supernova activity to me.

Easy to spend the ST money quickly of you know the cupboard won’t be bare until after you’ve gone. There is some incredibly delusional behaviour shown by people, otherwise well-versed in the arts and science of business, who think money will appear simply because “this is Rangers”. 

In normal circumstances, that would be up to them, and the fallout from their serial wrong-choice behaviour would be confined to those making the choices.

However these are not normal circumstances. Another Ibrox insolvency event will have consequences for others in the leagues. John Gilligan was “strongly advised” by his bosses at TCB to hit the Ibrox eject button due to their fear that they would become associated with another car-crash.

That seems prudent business to me, and hardly obsessional behaviour. I still believe that administraion is of no benefit to anyone at Ibrox. However I used to believe that avoiding it was of great benefit to them.

Now I am no longer sure. It’s starting to look like they really couldn’t care less.

My apologies for the preceding Smörgåsbord of mixed metaphors ๐Ÿ™‚

Time to Make Things Happen

Love it when this place gets back to analysis. Great stuff guys.

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The Vice Closes

Added a wee Twitter feed just before the comments editor. We have a big Twitter presence nowadays and it seems appropriate that you guys should be aware of what we are doing over there.

The Vice Closes

Celtic, without public support from other clubs, are probably powerless to do much more on this. Unless that support arrives, the cheats will win unless the fans group can successfully challenge the SFA on a review. 

The timing of both Milne & Petrie’s statements was co-ordinated, and it is hard to see who will publicly align themselves with Celtic. 

Perhaps once again the fans will come through.

“It’s the fans wot won it!” Has a ring ๐Ÿ˜Š

The Vice Closes

This morning I had a feeling that Celtic were behind the leak of the letter, but Peter Lawwell was insistent today that Celtic wanted to maintain pressure in private and to avoid the green/blue thing. Tris was pretty certain that the SFA had leaked it through Darryl Broadfoot to his pal Ewing Grahame (the writer of The Times piece).

Tris was correct. Celtic are furious. Expect to hear from them tomorrow.

This smacks of desperation by the SFA. Their preferred mode of operation up to now is to give this as low a profile as possible. Their new strategy has been employed because the old one wasn’t working very well. From their perspective, there is a huge risk in airing the thing unnecessarily. However the pressure from the SPFL, from Celtic, and the real threat of an imminent legal challenge has forced their hand.

Celtic’s response is necessary because the SFA have painted a huge target on their back. The response will be measured, but striking the correct tone will be a crucial step towards building a coalition of stakeholders to break up the jobs for the boys mentality at Hampden and the inherent dishonesty and corruption that comes with that mindset.

At least Darryl Broadfoot is doing his job, whatever the distaste with which we might view his methods; Regan on the other hand is doing exactly the opposite. Scottish football is not safe in the hands of someone who confers with a member club on the form of untruth to be transmitted to other member clubs, to UEFA and to the press.

Scottish football’s wider interest, lon,g medium or short term, have never been served by Regan. Neither are they served by the likes of Dickson and Ogilvie, nor a host of others.

They all need to be gone, and the sooner the better. 

The Vice Closes


if true this would also constitute an act of war on Parkhead by Hampden, as well as what appears to be a sideswipe at Doncaster and the SPFL. In effect setting loose a Celtic squirrel to distract from SFA culpability. 

Perhaps as you suggest, this is Darryl’s attempt at a Bell Pottinger style dog whistle.   

Despite Celtic denials, my money is still on Celtic doing the leaking.

Either way, it’s not good for the SFA. The 1st Belorussian Front have begun shelling – the outcome is now inevitable. 

Celticโ€™s Champions League windfall is a bonus for Scottish football, not a handicap

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