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New blog up by a new contributor – a very …

Comment on Time to Make Things Happen by Big Pink.

New blog up by a new contributor – a very Honest Man 🙂

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Time to Make Things Happen

The spending activity (even at the most sensible, non Shark-Jump estimates) is bewildering. King has a shelf life on a par with Theresa May – he’s gone to be replaced by Johnston – but this Jonny FatWallet largesse looks like Supernova activity to me.

Easy to spend the ST money quickly of you know the cupboard won’t be bare until after you’ve gone. There is some incredibly delusional behaviour shown by people, otherwise well-versed in the arts and science of business, who think money will appear simply because “this is Rangers”. 

In normal circumstances, that would be up to them, and the fallout from their serial wrong-choice behaviour would be confined to those making the choices.

However these are not normal circumstances. Another Ibrox insolvency event will have consequences for others in the leagues. John Gilligan was “strongly advised” by his bosses at TCB to hit the Ibrox eject button due to their fear that they would become associated with another car-crash.

That seems prudent business to me, and hardly obsessional behaviour. I still believe that administraion is of no benefit to anyone at Ibrox. However I used to believe that avoiding it was of great benefit to them.

Now I am no longer sure. It’s starting to look like they really couldn’t care less.

My apologies for the preceding Smörgåsbord of mixed metaphors 🙂

Time to Make Things Happen

Love it when this place gets back to analysis. Great stuff guys.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
Dogs Bollox
Re. Club 1872 buying Easdale shares etc to reduce King’s exposure in the event an offer ever takes place. I think the ToP are already alerted to the fact that Club 1872 are potentially part of the concert party. So that move may bear unintended consequences instead of the intended one.
Another cul-de-sac I fear.

To Comply or not to Comply ?


Might be possible that the Close cash paid off one or more of the soft loans?

To Comply or not to Comply ?
A big boy did it and ran away?
Speaking of whom RL, we’ve not heard from abbdiara for a while.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Spam filter is a law unto itself. Possible it was the length. There were no links and no banned words. The only answer I have is that ‘it just did!’ 😞

To Comply or not to Comply ?

Full L5 tonight folks. I can’t agree with the naysayers on the discourse though. I think it’s been excellent, with minimal moderation for the occasional intemperate outburst 07.

There’s definitely something in the works, and I don’t think we are too far away from finding out what it is – overrun as are with squirrels.

I also heard today that Steven Gerrard was in Ibiza yesterday and chatting to some holidaying Rangers fans. That much is 100% true unless he has a doppleganger with a scouse accent.

I thought he was on a course?

He is alleged to have told them (third hand accounts and therefore high fantasy alert), that the reduction in seats at Ibrox for Celtic fans is ‘just to get up their nose’.

If true, it seems he has bought the farm from King. Would certainly explain a lot. A big if though.

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