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New blog up by a new contributor – a very Honest Man 🙂

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Time to Make Things Happen

The spending activity (even at the most sensible, non Shark-Jump estimates) is bewildering. King has a shelf life on a par with Theresa May – he’s gone to be replaced by Johnston – but this Jonny FatWallet largesse looks like Supernova activity to me.

Easy to spend the ST money quickly of you know the cupboard won’t be bare until after you’ve gone. There is some incredibly delusional behaviour shown by people, otherwise well-versed in the arts and science of business, who think money will appear simply because “this is Rangers”. 

In normal circumstances, that would be up to them, and the fallout from their serial wrong-choice behaviour would be confined to those making the choices.

However these are not normal circumstances. Another Ibrox insolvency event will have consequences for others in the leagues. John Gilligan was “strongly advised” by his bosses at TCB to hit the Ibrox eject button due to their fear that they would become associated with another car-crash.

That seems prudent business to me, and hardly obsessional behaviour. I still believe that administraion is of no benefit to anyone at Ibrox. However I used to believe that avoiding it was of great benefit to them.

Now I am no longer sure. It’s starting to look like they really couldn’t care less.

My apologies for the preceding Smörgåsbord of mixed metaphors 🙂

Time to Make Things Happen

Love it when this place gets back to analysis. Great stuff guys.

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Is Regan a DIDDY?
On the Rodgers post-match thing, I’m very much in EJ’s camp. Managers always attempt to handle pressers, often entailing some deflection. Curiously, Stuart Cosgrove was of the opinion that Rodgers was merely paraphrasing Tommy Wright’s, and showing a bit of solidarity. So no rush to take offence there.
Either way, Rodgers would have been happier imo talking about that than his own team selection and performance.

Is Regan a DIDDY?
There is a vehicle for OT posts. Sadly because it is a different format, they can’t be moved there.
Jimbo, please observe. 👍

Is Regan a DIDDY?
Lenny told him nothing of the kind 🙄

Is Regan a DIDDY?
Not sure people are defending James’ website per se – just his right to talk about whatever he wants as long he’s not misleading anyone.
Also a bit disingenuous to suggest that what has gone at Ibrox over the last two, possibly three, decades has no effect on other clubs and their fans.
Also seems an easy way out of an argument to represent facts as opinion.

You may well have a belief about the status of the club/company/boiler-room subsidiary which is contrary to those facts, and like anyone else who invests in an article of faith, I remain respectful, however I don’t expect to be subjected to physical and verbal abuse, or a campaign to have me sacked because I choose to take a more scientific view.

On your definition of same club, I am quite happy to go along with it. Definitely a Rangers to me. If it wasn’t for the denial of the liquidation process and the inseparable nature of club and company (defined in RFC’s own articles of association) then perhaps moving on is something we could start to look at.
The obsession is with the 55. Seems to me that the 55 is more important to many Rangers fans than the club itself.
For the rest of us (non-bears) who don’t particularly care about the club itself the 55 mantra is kinda rubbing our noses in the cheating of those 30 years.
That is why with no movement divergent from the fable, Rangers (sadly in my view) will never be accepted by the rest.

Is Regan a DIDDY?
Sorted. Thanks mate.

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