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Re JJ @ 11.11 19 June

Re coverage of the Ibrox Europa qualifier – given the “mood-music” that emanates from the BBC i bet they are wetting their pants to cover the tie – personally , I couldn’t give a f*ck who they get as they shouldn’t be in the draw in the first place but best wishes to the other Scottish teams in the draws – I hope Jimbo’s nightmare draw for Celtic doesn’t materialise !

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The Vice Closes
Crickey its quiet here & I feel as if it shouldn’t be – are we in the quiet before the storm ? What is Mr Lawwell’s/SPFL’s next move re the SFA ?

And something that’s been troubling me – whatever happened to Lord Wobbly ?

The Vice Closes
Re Reaction of other SPFL Clubs
I have to register my disappointment in my team’s (DUFC) silence on matters – Stephen Thompson is , I think , reluctant to take on any more grief re Rangers & wants to “move on” – must say I am also disappointed with the lack of any reaction from the two ladies new to SPFL clubs – I had high hopes they would introduce some 21st century thinking to Scottish football but obviously running a business overrides matters of sporting integrity as it seems to most clubs judging by the lack of any support for a review .
What a pity the season ticket money threat (as used when The Rangers were to be parachuted into the leagues) cannot be used this time to concentrate clubs’ minds on this matter .

The Vice Closes
AJ @ 16.27 11 Sept
You are right re Hearts & unpaid tax & come to think of it Dundee may also had unpaid tax when they went thru the admin process & maybe Dunfermline also perhaps but your point is right – why conflate Rangers EBT scheme with other clubs’ financial problems – the EBT sceme is a totally different “kettle of poisson” (or should that read poison !)

The Vice Closes
The Times/Michael Grant on Rangers (oldco)
 MG has a small section in his “Monday Briefing” section on Scottish football re the SFA under the sub-title “Time for the SFA to explain” in which he writes “It is time for the SFA to explain exactly why they will not support an independent review into the Rangers EBT case and other non-payment of taxes by clubs” – I wonder what he means “and other non-payment of taxes by clubs” who is he referring to ?
I’ve always thought MG was a member of the “move-on brigade” & he tends to confirm this when in his final comment he makes “one point Regan might make is how much it would cost and whether football could put that money to better use (on the subject of a review) ” Jeezo !

On Grounds for Judicial Review
Re : PB @ 08.44 24 Aug 2017
I agree the SMSM is a big part of the “cover up” but if Mr Ballantyne is an example of the standard of management running smaller clubs in Scottish football it would not be surprising to understand the silence (Celtic apart) of all other clubs on the matter of Rangers FC – no wonder Turnbull Hutton came out with his exclaimation of “corruption” in the Scottish game when he was dealing with the likes of Ballantyne & Longmuir in the SFL .

Incidentally , its maybe just as well JJ is offshore as I’m sure Mr Ballantyne will have been in contact with his lawyers regarding JJ’s comments re his (Ballantyne’s) social life !

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