Re JJ @ 11.11 19 June Re coverage of the Ibrox – The Scottish Football Monitor

Re JJ @ 11.11 19 June Re coverage of the Ibrox …

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Re JJ @ 11.11 19 June

Re coverage of the Ibrox Europa qualifier – given the “mood-music” that emanates from the BBC i bet they are wetting their pants to cover the tie – personally , I couldn’t give a f*ck who they get as they shouldn’t be in the draw in the first place but best wishes to the other Scottish teams in the draws – I hope Jimbo’s nightmare draw for Celtic doesn’t materialise !

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
JC @ 19.23 11 June
First class – you put our Scottish financial journalists to shame .

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Re : (S)DM/JC & UTH

Cheered me up no end this a.m. in the newsagents – SDM’s missus is raising divorce action citing an affair (she’s looking for a £10m settlement) – that makes , including Hector people chasing him for £20m+/- presently – what a shame .
(Story is in to-day’s Sunday Mail – can’t/won’t do linky thing) .

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Re : TOP/Potential Share Offer

Just how long is it going to take for the TOP to act ? There must be shareholders in RIFC who wish to plan ahead (financially) & at the moment that is impossible – I don’t mean just large shareholders such as the Easdales etc but one (a strange one) comes to mind of Glenmuir Knitwear who , from memory bought 1m shares – if I was an owner/shareholder in Glenmuir I would be itching to get my hands on £200K just to get out of this car crash .
Maybe DCK’s thrashing & lashing out at anything is a smokescreen for what’s coming from the TOP but jeezo its turning out to be a slow , painful business obviously to get DCK to make a share offer .

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Re : Speirs
I think Corsica (RIP) all these years back on RTC  had Speirs sussed from a brief encounter with him – basically , a pretentious prat but I’m sure Corsica put it in much more dignified (& better) words – who knows maybe Cluster One has the quote from his impressive catalogue .

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Re : Jack Ross to Sunderland
The Times reporting this a.m. JR to be “unveiled” as the new Sunderland manager – wish him all the best as I think he might need it – hope he isn’t (as they say in the financial world) catching a falling knife .
Maybe he regards it as a shot to nothing – more experience & more money – good luck to him & in its way , a good reflection on the Scottish game that he has been offered the job .

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