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JUNE 18, 2017 at 19:46       
I have absolutely no doubt they will, but I was looking at the net position after all costs and VAT have been deducted, then TV rights added before averaging out the ‘profit’ as 50,000 at £20 per bum. Not even a fag packet calculation, just an attempt to show how the estimate of £1m per home match is easily achievable for them, and makes Europa Cup participation potentially very lucrative for TRFC, despite the moderate level of prize money per round.

I wonder who’ll pay to cover TRFC versus Nondescripty Nobodi from Eastern Europe? BT cover the group stages, but would they be motivated to shell out extra for a qualifier? I doubt that BBC/STV would be interested. That leaves the likes of Prime Sports etc. Would they pay six figures?

I’d also wonder that TV coverage could have an adverse affect on the gate at Ibrox, with fans choosing to watch lower-cost TV coverage with a few beers, rather than spend £30 or £40 on a ticket plus travel & refreshments.  

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Time to Make Things Happen
I see Neil Doncaster got a bit of a doing from Brian Whittle MSP at Holyrood today.

Time to Make Things Happen

JUNE 13, 2017 at 23:45       

It’s an interesting point Auldheid why all the accusations against the villains in this piece are not challenged.
It is well known nowadays that what is posted on social media can be criminal, hence my harmless comments.

I suspect that the SFA & SPFL hierarchies think (!) that they are containing/managing the whole RFC(2012 IL)/TRFC stream quite well, simply because it’s not broken out to be a UK-wide story. (Why is that, I wonder?)

I also suspect that those same hierarchies haven’t really bought into (or appreciated) the effect of social media on ‘news’ these days & simply believe that a compliant SMSM printing/broadcasting tosh that follows their SFA/SPFL agendas will literally form the accepted history of early 21st century football in Scotland.

They possibly still believe the Traynorism of the ‘keyboard clatterers & internet bampots’ as being worthless as a source.

I hope it bites them in the ar*e!

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Keef may have out-Keefed himself in his piece today in the DR.

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Re my post at 1636:

Same clause in place in 2015/16 – page 81, clause 5.6.

Same clause in place in 2014/15 – page 85, clause 5.6.

Same clause in place in 2013/14 – page 23, clause 5.6. (Document has been archived in sections, hence lower page number.) 

It’s not in place in the 2012/13 Handbook, nor the 2011/12 version.

There is, in those years, reference to the 2010 Bribery Act. I’m not qualified to interpret that!  

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 at 13:11 

Sorry, just to clarify, are you saying that the SFA have the power to obtain confidential taxpayer information from HMRC.

The Scottish FA Handbook for 2016/17 certainly contains a clause giving them that power. In the Articles Of Association section, page 63, section 5.6 states:

‘Each member hereby authorises the Scottish FA to communicate, engage and be the recipient ofinformation, as the Scottish FA deems appropriate, with such governmental agencies (including but not limited to HM Revenue and Customs) in respect of the financial affairs and operations of such member, subject to a duty of confidentiality to the member.’

I’ve no idea whether that clause applied in season 2011/12. No doubt, someone cleverer than me will know.

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I note that Joe O’Rourke of the Celtic Supporters Association has again written to Stewart Regan.

The contents of his letter can be found here:

Edit: for those of you that don’t follow the Twitter links below, there’s an interesting article in Bella Caledonia:

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There’s an interesting opinion piece in the Scotsman; written by Stephen McIlkenny:

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