Still cannot work out how if the court case gives …

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Still cannot work out how if the court case gives the date of the wee tax case and it been made known to White prior to his takeover and been in demand during his takeover. A bill in Murrays watch and a bill known by all parties that Regan can basically lie and not be took to a football arbitrition this is like Jim Farry all over again.
From the evening times  and from EUFA rules below the guy is a liar.
“UEFA rules state clubs taking part in their competitions must declare any “overdue payables” to the taxman and reveal details on whether there is a commitment to repay amounts, or a dispute over any bill.”
“But Regan revealed the SFA have been in dialogue with Celtic on this issue for the past three years and insisted the governing body had acted entirely in accordance with the rules.”
Article 66 – No overdue payables towards employees and/or social/tax
authorities – Enhanced
1 The licensee must prove that as at 30 June of the year in which the UEFA club
competitions commence it has no overdue payables (as specified in Annex VIII)
towards its employees and/or social/tax authorities (as defined in paragraphs 2
and 3 of Article 50) that arose prior to 30 June
2 By the deadline and in the form communicated by the UEFA administration, the
licensee must prepare and submit a declaration confirming the absence or
existence of overdue payables towards employees and social/tax authorities.
3 The following information must be given, as a minimum, in respect of each
overdue payable towards employees, together with explanatory comment:
a) Name of the employee;
b) Position/function of the employee;
c) Start date;
d) Termination date (if applicable); and
e) Balance overdue as at 30 June, including the due date for each overdue
4 The following information must be given, as a minimum, in respect of each
overdue payable towards social/tax authorities, together with explanatory
a) Name of the creditor;
b) Balance overdue as at 30 June, including the due date for each overdue
5 The declaration must be approved by management and this must be evidenced
by way of a brief statement and signature on behalf of the executive body of the
6 If the licensee is in breach of indicator 4 as defined in Article 62(3), then it must
also prove that, as at the following 30 September, it has no overdue payables
(as specified in Annex VIII) towards employees and/or social/tax authorities that
arose prior to 30 September. Paragraphs 2 to 5 above apply accordingly.

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Time to Make Things Happen
After leaving Pittodrie, @jonnyhayes7 has kindly donated funds for replacement 17/18 home kits with his name & number already printed
Class and well done

Time to Make Things Happen
You will not be far wrong in the implosion happening again. i cannot see the financial model they have adopted holding out much longer than the next set of court cases.
I believe a sweeping game changer will be about to swoop down Govan way. Craig Whyte left a marker like dogs do when they piss and others are now picking up on the scent.There is more to come from this saga, keep plugging away at the money trail, the SFA are up to thier neck in this shit.   

Time to Make Things Happen
How is this possible?
Friday, 16 June 2017, 10:30by Rangers Football Club ALMOST six years on since Rangers’ last competitive European outing, continental football returns to Ibrox this season in the shape of the Europa League.
It’s been a long and, at times, painful journey back to playing in a UEFA competition, but the excitement can at last begin in earnest on Monday with the draw for the first qualifying round at 12noon UK time.
In all, 100 sides enter this stage, with Rangers in the top half of the draw as one of the 50 seeded clubs.
Previously, the draw was roughly regionalised, however, it appears this will not be the case at this stage this year. Therefore, all of the Light Blues’ potential opponents are as follows:

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Who Is Conning Whom?
Important you pay your bills or you could be liquidated and lose your club and history.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Anyone noticing JJ site becoming like the ( 20 ) media full of exclusives we told you first.
Boring Craig White I was duped also. And other bloggers been palmed off. This was explained in Downfall all thats been dished out now is who said what. The damage done was predicted, all we are reading now is the history of characters in the fall.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Ernest BeckerNovember 23, 2017 at 14:22
The media coverage of his chaotic regime was constant and the Board finally saw sense and got rid of the inept nut job. Now they are stuck with player contracts and finding a manager who can gel two camps together.
Really the media eh, whit they like
As Celtic strengthened their global recruitment network in 2009, they snapped up top talent spotter Caixinha and his countryman Arlindo Morais.

20 See the gazeebo has been ordered time to send in the clowns.

Who Is Conning Whom?
upthehoopsNovember 23, 2017 at 13:19–

We just made a few phone calls and paid Ashley off – Rangers financial status is the envy of football clubs over the world – Rangers has decided to become a living wage employer (they are not)  – We will spend whatever it takes to overtake Celtic

Spot on could you imagine the kellys making that claim whilst cooking the books and dodging bills, they would have been annihalated. They were calling them in for a debt and already the funeral was been prepared the hearse ordered, crest cracked and waiting on the grim reaper to get his robes and scythe ready.

This is why they hate the bunnit and why we love him all the more so. Had he foretold this he would have been God, the Bunnet and Walfrid immortal.

Who Is Conning Whom?
 Whos conning whom
What kind of fan wakes up one morning to be told your seat has been used to pay off a bank debt so a shyster can come in and release me from my tax duties and bank debt allowing me to buy into bigger riches, and now he needs you to put your arse back on it whilst he shafts you and leaves and another shyster will come in out the ashes and sell you the same seat with the pretence you are watching the same show.

look we know that turning water into wine is a neat trick if you can pull it off, but, come on Resurrection, seriously, cannot die, keep bouncing back, like you can keep repeating the same thing, honestly.

Roll on the 30th November 2017 to see the wooll been pulled over the gullie bears eyes this one will be good, we have already done all above.
Will it be pony up
tell all the WATP you know
there gonna bee seeing 10IAR

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