I was trying to magnanimous there Tony, Linfield lose their …

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I was trying to magnanimous there Tony, Linfield lose their home advantage so Celtic should do the same. 

A compromise – Celtic play their home tie at Firhill!  It’s Glasgow but not home.

Besides I would never tire of seeing that scary PT mascot image around the place, best ever!

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Time to Make Things Happen
I remember AJ saying a few days ago that he might not always remember exact details (like Auldheid & EJ  et. al.) me even more so.

One thing I seem to remember is that long before 30 June Rangers legal/ financial advisors? told them they were in shit street with the wee tax case, they accepted that apparently.  The side letters were the killer.  HMRC had already won a similar case – Aberdeen Asset Management?

God only knows how Regan thought this had no bearing, he seemed to believe something along the lines that negotiations were on going.  They weren’t, not even a payment plan nor size of interest/ punishment payments.  They were due.  Full stop.

Time to Make Things Happen
Hope it’s OK to bring this subject up, if not, happy to be moderated.

There is a possibility that Linfield FC could qualify for round two of the CL qualifiers.  I don’t think they would be seeded, however Celtic would be seeded.  These ties usually have a geographical element to them, to avoid long hauls. 

The problem is the first leg is held on 11 or 12 July.  I don’t need to spell out what Belfast will be like on those two days.  It’s a potentially explosive and dangerous fixture.  Hopefully it wont fall that way and it likely won’t.  But what if it does?  What to do?  Play both ties in a neutral venue, in Wales?

Time to Make Things Happen
Oh well, seeing as it’s so quiet I’ll make mention of the draws for the first two qualifiers,  Champions League & Europa League, tomorrow starting about 11am BST.

When you look at the teams in the first round draw for the EL there are hardly any familiar names other than the Irish and Welsh ones.  Both St. Johnstone & The Rangers are seeded so should be OK to go through to the 2nd. qualifiers.  This is where it gets a bit trickier, some familiar faces there who should be seeded so that’s a plus for St. Johnstone who should also be seeded. Good luck to them.  On the other hand TRFC will be unseeded,  the DR says it’s because this is their first time in Europe in 6 years, but it could also be because it is their first time in Europe EVER!  Heaven knows how they will do, they are such an unknown quantity now.

Aberdeen get a bye to enter at the 2nd. qualifier and are seeded.  Let’s hope they get through this stage.

In the CL qualifiers Celtic enter at the 2nd. qualifying round seeded, indeed they have the second top seeding.  This will present absolutely no problem and they will progress to the group stages and providing we can avoid Barcelona 0701 should be ok for the Final next May.040421

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Enough is enough
Paddy Malarkey.   Funny you should mention Maryhill.  I’m desperate for a job.  The only sniff I’ve had of one was in Maryhill.  But from where I come from it was a non starter.  I looked up the timetables of buses and trains (thanks to some help from some guys on CQN) but it was out the question.

At the time my central heating was broken down. No hot water either.  I have never felt so miserable in all my life.  No money to fix.  I phoned a guy last Friday from the Saint Vincent de Paul.  Within an hour he came up with the £99 I needed to get a boiler repair.  I cannot tell you how it felt to be warm again on Saturday after a month and since. 

I know my broadband is a luxury I cannot afford.  I rarely go out.  And it keeps me from the absolute bottom of despair.

Enough is enough
Don’t know about anyone else but I’m getting heartily sick of all this speculation regarding the manager’s job at Ibrox.  Why can’t the media just come out en masse and say what the rest of us know?  They are skint!  They can’t afford any compo. payments.  Can’t afford a war chest in the Jan. transfer window. 

I just wish they would appoint someone, anyone!  Free up the sports pages for some other stories.  01

Enough is enough
One apiece

Enough is enough
As I said earlier The Rangers were paying SPL wages when in the bottom tier.  Ally McCoist was getting somewhere approaching 1m per year?  I also remember reading at the time when they were on their travels to play part time teams they stayed in the top hotels in the area and used the very best coaches (buses) available in Scotland.  Things like this to give the impression they were still the top club in the land.  ‘We are as big as Celtic and bigger than everyone else’  Why?

Leaving aside that they are a new club they could at least have started afresh financially.  Put in place a budget which took into account lower season ticket revenue.  Lower sponsorship deals.  lower revenue from cup runs & Europe (nil).  Pay the wages commensurate with the league they were now in.  But they didn’t and the money from the CG share issue quickly disappeared.

Even now they could live within their means.  Can they really afford Murray Park?  Can they afford an academy that they seem to get little return on?  How did they manage before Murray Park?  Go back to that model.

The Rangers should look to Hearts, Hibs & Aberdeen’s budgets and set ups.  There is no shame in that.  In terms of transfers, wages etc. that’s where they should be aiming.  Any income above these teams because of bigger crowds should be used to pay back loans and improve/repair their stadium.

To go into a new financial year budgeting for min. £4m loan requirement is crazy.  They have no overdraft facilities or normal business banking arrangements.  They do not have a listing or a NOMAD.  There is the threat of a cold shoulder.  The possibility of a new share issue to get rid of the soft loans?  Forget it.

The lunatics took over the asylum. From David Murray onwards.

Enough is enough
Speaking about wages, I heard on the radio yesterday that in many games played in Scotland the best paid person on the pitch is the referee!  I couldn’t help but chuckle when you consider the standard of refereeing here.

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