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Jimbo On the other hand TRFC will be unseeded,  the DR …

Comment on Time to Make Things Happen by Auldheid.

On the other hand TRFC will be unseeded,  the DR says it’s because this is their first time in Europe in 6 years, but it could also be because it is their first time in Europe EVER!  Heaven knows how they will do, they are such an unknown quantity now.
As far as UEFA are concerned The Rangers Football Club only became eligible to apply for a UEFA licence in Aug 2015 having satisfied the Article 12 requirement to be members of the SFA for three consecutive years from Aug 2012.
TRFC would never argue otherwise with UEFA as UEFA’s acceptance would mean paying tax in millions overdue since Sept 2011 and earlier.
The SFA also understand this as they were informed of same by UEFA (Traverso) in June 2016 and it would be so easy for the media to confirm what Traverso said.
Additionally had they not ceased to be the same club/company in UEFA’s eyes then UEFA would have pursued the dishonesty at play to be granted and retain the licence in 2011.

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Time to Make Things Happen
Cluster One

The Requisitioners drove it from securing an adjournment as opposed to Celtic sticking by their Res12 unecessary stance.
They drove it all the way to UEFA resulting in Traverso letter and went back again. At that point UEFA said they would only deal with a member club of the national association so it was handed over to Celtic in Dec 2016 where it lies waiting for court cases to end.
Celtic shareholders who signed the Res were updated in full just before the last AGM.
Another is in draft.
I think Chill Ultra does not understand Barcas question because he believes that Res12 was about much more than the UEFA licence and there was more as background in the Res document but focus was placed on the latter because it was the one area that directly affected Celtic and so had locus.
Without it the rest would have been dismissed as a matter for the SFA or SPFL.
Nothing conspiratorial or sinister just pragmatism.

Time to Make Things Happen
Chill Ultra
Let me know the next time you are in Scotland and I’ll try and arrange a meeting with him.
I know that I and the person whose motives you question are shareholders. I am not sure of status of other two at time Res was being formed.
Your  thinking  that there is a formally constituted body around Res12 is wrong, only a group who actually acted on  questions being asked on CQN that needed answers and used the  AGM process as shareholders to try and get them and had Res12 been passed by Celtic instead of opposed there would have been no need for funding or reporting back etc. 
With regard to your charge of lack of accountability etc can I ask that you make it on CQN to establish how many signatories share that view  as that is the more appropriate forum to pursue the matter?
You can always put the answers back here.

Time to Make Things Happen
Ally Jambo

I understand the point you are making, made it myself actually in conversations,  but these guys have been spending  a bit of time getting the necessary high level support for change on board and the politics at play may have influenced that approach
However by joining up you now have the opportunity to encourage them to be more bold, I’m sure you will rise to the challenge.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
Regarding the status of Dave King and whether he can be sanctioned by the SFA have a look at the relationship between RIFC and TRFC based on the accounts of both.
The facts can be seen from the links provided on Twitter begining at
1. In RIFC accounts (Rangers International Football  Club PLC) “Rangers Football Club” are described as a subsidiary in spite of the fact that the accounts of that subsidiary are those of The Rangers Football Club. Somewhere the “THE” was lost.
2. Which set of accounts were  used by the SFA when  they granted a UEFA licence last year and this? If TRFC then DK is one removed. However if UEFA FFP requires the overall accounts of the business as Art46bis suggests, then it will be the accounts of Rangers International Football Club signed off by DK that are being used.
The name sham was always going to run into Art12  of UEFA FFP because UEFA simply cannot accept an application from RFC because they no longer exist as the club who applied in the past but if they did, would be refused a licence because of unpaid well overdue tax.
So the current applicant is either TRFC or RIFC with my money on the latter which puts DK in the hot seat.
It’s all smoke and mirrors aided by the SFA the SPFL and the media who could use the correct nomenclature if it were not from the threat reporting facts attracts.
The SFA could act if they were willing to but as long as majority of supporters of other clubs  cgaf what term is used to describe the operation at Ibrox then the SFA etc  will sit it out.
For DK read Trump/May/Johnson/Farage all People of the Lie and then us as a whole who cgaf whilst lies become the truth.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
slimjimJune 15, 2018 at 16:52 (Edit)

Was that Hamilton draw the season before last? Blimey.08

To Comply or not to Comply ?
TheLawMan2June 13, 2018 at 21:58 (Edit)
You are entitled to your opinion. Back in the day it was a trade. Lots of pockets of tax advisors sprung up and told their prospective clients how to get round it.
They convinced bigger business men than Murray.  I know it’s often forgotten but remember that irrespective of the end result 5 of the people who saw all the evidence agreed it was legitimate tax avoidance. 
That suggests to me that it most certainly wasn’t black and white though I 100% agree it’s wrong.  I also stated before the first case we would lose it.  I was surprised as anyone when we won the first 2.  I wasn’t surprised with the final outcome.
Is it not enough for me to say they were a huge gamble, a huge risk and a huge mistake.  
As for Whyte. You’re right my hatred towards that rat of a man is far greater than Murray or King or any other board member.
Five of the people who thought it was legitimate tax avoidance came from the same mindset as yourself where their judgement was based on the letter of the law rather than the spirit of it and the purpose and intent behind that is not bound by semantics and sophistry.
That is where the Supreme Court came in and all the semantical arguments built a mile high were wiped away by the spirit.
If the JPDT apply the same principle the date of “overdueness” will matter not a jot.
Have you ever stood back and thought why your club is in the state it is in? The real reason, not SDM or CW or CG? but the scrupulous way you think?
scrupulousˈskruːpjʊləs/ adjectiveadjective: scrupulous(of a person or process) careful, thorough, and extremely attentive to details.”the research has been carried out with scrupulous attention to detail”synonyms:careful, meticulous, painstaking, thorough, assiduous, sedulous, attentive, diligent, conscientious, ultra-careful, punctilious, searching, close, elaborate, minute, studious, rigorous, particular; Morereligious, strict;pedantic, fussy”the research has been carried out with scrupulous attention to detail”antonyms:careless, slapdashvery concerned to avoid doing wrong.“she’s too scrupulous to have an affair with a married man”
I’ve extra highlighted the most obvious observation, but will add ” very concerned about admitting you have done wrong.”
When Christ spoke of the Woes of the Pharisees don’t you think that is what your club is experiencing by being so scrupulous?
Go on admit it, a great wrong was done to Scottish football by your club. It broke the trust on which the sport depends to be a sport.
Get it off your collective chests and join the rest of us honest hypocrites and find out there is nothing to fear and lots to love. 

To Comply or not to Comply ?
slimjimJune 15, 2018 at 10:59
Re – SPFL Fixtures. Aberdeen at Pittodrie. Damm that Masonic computer 
It happens every season with Celtic and Rangers alternating between what looks like an easier start to the other.
Last season The Rangers played Hamilton at home (1-1) Dundee Away (1-2) and Kilmarnock Away (1-1).
Celtic had Hearts Away (1-2), St Johnstone Away (2-4) and Aberdeen at home (4-1).

Swings and roundabouts.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
John ClarkJune 12, 2018 at 08:35 (Edit)

I suspect “interference” is the reason.
The TRFC statement saying end of March accusations are groundless and were dropped does not stand up to evidence to the contrary, but proof of “groundlessness” is needed and only the JPDT could do that by looking into the accusations and dismissing them.
As I said the JP Protocol is under challenge and with it the integrity of clubs and so our game.

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