ALLYJAMBOJUNE 18, 2017 at 10:20 I do feel that if we …

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ALLYJAMBOJUNE 18, 2017 at 10:20
I do feel that if we are being critical of any survival plan that TRFC might appear to be following, that as well as showing how or why it is likely to fail, we must also look at the more positive aspects of how it might just pay off for them. After all, there has to be something that makes them believe their plan might work, no matter how slim the chances of success are. It is still a long shot, though, but long shots sometimes pay off, just not very often.
£20 per bum on seat,
First time in europe no matter the opposition, i think the ibrox club will be charging more than £20 per bum on seat.Or maybe as a goodwill gesture from the board they will charge £1 for a seat and £20 for a programe.
Now where have i heard that marketing proposal before06     

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Time to Make Things Happen
JOHN CLARKJUNE 18, 2017 at 00:08  Why cannot I, or anyone else, know who the hell has shares in Celtic, or any other plc?
some interesting reading.
Did the SFA not bring in a rule that clubs had to disclose who were there shareholders. Or was that just  for the ibrox club during the blue pitch holdings,margirita thing.
could be of interest JC.

Time to Make Things Happen
ALLYJAMBOJUNE 17, 2017 at 20:56
TRFC can expect a healthy income from gate receipts and TV money at each stage they reach, assuming no defeated club cries foul on their FFP status!
And assuming no fines handed out for sectarian singing during these matches in europe

Time to Make Things Happen
BROGANROGANTREVINOANDHOGANJUNE 17, 2017 at 15:15       to both tax and football.The original meeting resulted in the resolution being adjourned because we were informed that Celtic PLC had changed their stated position (with which no one agreed) that the resolution was not necessary, as in light of information and argument provided by shareholders Celtic PLC now accepted that there was something very much worth looking into.Throughout the subsequent months and years we have always sought to persuade Celtic that they should be asking questions, seeking answers from the SFA and striving for the truth in relation to the events of 2011/2012. Further, in light of correspondence which we (the shareholders) have forced we have pointed out to Celtic that there are major inconsistencies in the explanations provided by officials over the years and that taken as a whole the “story” doesn’t add up.This is an ongoing position which, at times, has been halted or delayed by legal proceedings over which we have no control.
This part of your post kind of helps me more with a question i asked the other day.
-meeting adjourned because we were informed that Celtic PLC had changed their stated position.
-resolution was not necessary.
-Celtic PLC now accepted that there was something very much worth looking into.
-sought to persuade Celtic.
-which we (the shareholders) have forced.
CLUSTER ONEJUNE 16, 2017 at 20:51
AULDHEIDJUNE 16, 2017 at 20:32The Requisitioners drove it from securing an it was handed over to Celtic in Dec 2016 where it lies waiting for court cases to end.—————-So all on the same page at this point in time now i hope,and both parties driving forward.       

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Who Is Conning Whom?
Interesting season ticket pitch being proposed,please read this with a Yorkshire accent.Roll up roll up, Rangers is dead,Ally,the first team and Murray Park are all gone not to mention all your history and titles but don’t worry you can pretend it is your old club because….
The truth being
Roll up roll up, Rangers is dead,Oop’s sorry, i bought the history and it’s not dead now.Ally,the first team and Murray Park are all gone. But hold on a minute if i can get  Ally to TUPE over and some players also keep Murray park going even though we really can’ afford it and Ally say’s it’s still the same club with all your history and titles will you buy a season ticket? Yes you will! smashing.
Charles Green thinks to himself….
ok i need to get a share issue going here as i need money fast to keep this show on the road.Who cares what happens when the money runs out i will be long gone, when the fans and the media’s expectations don’t materialise
what did they really expect after Liquidation. Greatness? europe? the good auld day’s?

Who Is Conning Whom?
It is a club with big fixed overheads.

It was a club with big fixed overheads.When it started in the lower leagues it should have cut it’s cloth accordingly to accommodated that position.
big fan expectations that need to be met to pay for such big overheads.
If the fans were told the truth the expectations of the fans would have been lower,pretending to be rangers in the lower leagues gave them overheads that could not be sustained.
Cutting Ibrox in half and playing juniors is hardly a lucrative sporting franchise.
What did you expect after Liquidation? after the many millions that was unpaid they were lucky to be playing at all.
Your scenario of a lucrative sporting franchise becomes a small club with no history or titles 
Again what did you expect after liquidation.
stuck with big overheads with small crowds !!
Overheads should have been cut accordingly, they would have still had bigger crowds than the whole of the fourth division put together.add a little Ally rallying call and they would come. chip in a few old time players from ibrox to say they are following the spirit of the clup that is all that is needed to get fans to ibrox.
When you get a moment explain to me where exactly the money would come from or do you have this lucrative sporting franchise playing out of Murray Park?
Murray park should have been the first to go in the cloth cutting exercise

Who Is Conning Whom?
HOMUNCULUSNOVEMBER 23, 2017 at 19:08
Duff & Phelps published revised and approved proposals to creditors on Thursday.
Among the revised proposals was that HMRC would nominate Malcolm Cohen and James Bernard Stephen of BDO as joint liquidators, rather than Duff & Phelps, if the club was to be wound up.

Who Is Conning Whom?
ERNEST BECKERNOVEMBER 23, 2017 at 11:16 2 8 Rate This
CLUSTER ONE,RFC was guaranteed to lose 10 million per year with amazing support,reduce that support with a new club with no history or titles and you can forget any IPO,not even CG could sell that one.The new club would have run out of cash within 6 months,
There would be no need to lose 10 million per year if the new club cut it’s cloth and lived within it’s means as a new club should.And there would have been no need  for any IPO to generate cash straight away just to keep paying players they could not afford and sustain a level of spending that they could not continue with.Everything was done to pretend it was still a big club, the brakes should have been put on right at the start.

Who Is Conning Whom?
If the ibrox club lost many fans with the truth that they are a new club when they started in the lower divisions it may just have brought the ibrox board around to the fact that they should live within their means, and by now they could be on the road to being well run. Many of the fans who would have walked away would soon have returned to see a team who play out of ibrox that wear blue that the fans sing the same songs and if they reached a cup final would be demanding a 50/50 split of tickets. what ibrox has now is a fan base high on expectations that the board can’t  live up to. That is what will see the ibrox fan base dwindle for years instead of a steady growth in fortunes and fans in future years.

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