Time to Ditch the Geek Show


The link at the bottom of this piece points to an excellent blog by James Forrest on the ‘decline’ of the Old Firm, and particularly the viewing figures for the recent matches between Celtic and TRFC.

Whilst James, as you would expect is focusing on the consequences of the OF tag for Celtic, it is worthwhile considering that the decline in viewers is an excellent litmus test of the provenance of TRFC with regard to RFC.

Is it because the ‘you’re not Rangers anymore!’ faction is winning the argument?

Or might it be that viewers, voting with their feet, are simply indicating what many of us have said all along – that a brand name does not amount to serious competition.

There has been a presumption – particularly held in the MSM- that Scottish football badly needed a Rangers to provide a challenge to Celtic dominance. Our counter to that is that TRFC, representing the ‘Rangers’ constituency, are in no position to provide any such challenge.

Common sense dictated this.

Not that common sense came into it for our newsroom chums. At the beginning of last season, a whole troupe of hacks ventured their prediction that TRFC would win at least one trophy in that campaign. Again this season, despite the huge gulf in performance levels between TRFC and the top two, even more hacks are queuing up to offer their optimism on the Ibrox club’s chances of success and glory.

I am bound to say that those same hacks will be quick to point out Gordon Strachan’s shortcomings as Scotland manager whilst ironically demonstrating, through their predictive deficit,  that their football judgement has little if any bearing on L’actualité.

I am however disposed to charity. Perhaps what they meant was that TRFC, given its massive fan base, has the most potential (in time) to challenge Celtic. Then, absurdly, the same MSM choke the life out of that potential by assisting charlatan after charlatan on their way through the self-enriching revolving door at Ibrox.

The TRFC potential, if it exists in the foreseeable future, requires the Ibrox club to be rid of those who still, after decades of disgrace and disaster, sell the same false promises dressed up as moonbeams to the masses.

In actual fact, and as it stands right now, Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts have a significantly greater potential to challenge for honours; they are well run clubs who balance the books. Crucially, they have no debt, no directors whose presence on their boards effectively cuts off access to investment – and they put the emphasis on building Teams (capital T) and not collections of individuals with an exotic distant-past, questionable influence, and huge draw on salary resources .

Even more crucially, they have realistic expectations of where they want to be in the short to medium term.

TV audiences, relying on neutral fans hungry for a spectacle will not be – in fact are not –  conned by this OF sophistry. Without doubt in my view, Scottish football is a far more interesting and compelling place now than it was five years ago. The brand has grown in the absence of the Old Firm, and with the right nurture, can grow even stronger.

TRFC can be part of it all, but the expectations have to be commensurate with their circumstances. All the OF has to offer is a 350 year old conflict that few of us understand – or care to understand. The MSM championing of that embarrassment is a major reason why Scottish football cares less about quality and diversity than it should.

The audiences however, will not be fooled.

Celtic, Rangers, the SFA and everybody else in our game need to jettison the OF brand. It is no longer – if it ever was- relevant. Paying customers in the 21st century deserve better than a geek show.


Pic from the Film Noire classic, Nightmare Alley

Big Pink

Big Pink

Big Pink is John Cole; a former schoolteacher based in the West of Scotland, He is also a print and broadcast journalist who is engaged in the running of SFM . Former gigs include Newstalk 106, the Celtic View, and Channel67. A Celtic fan, he is also the voice of our podcast initiative.

  1. Corrupt official

    Corrupt official

       An interesting observation from video celts, stating that NOAL are owed £3,7m from Sevco, placing the penniless Big Liar in a catch 22 situation, as it is repayable “On demand” 
       Can Sevco afford to cough “On demand”?

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  2. Bill1903


    Ive got great some great news for you Jimbo.
    Hampden has been all covered for a number of years and you’ve still got your own end!
    I’d prefer cup finals and semi finals to be played at Murrayfield anyway but that’s not going to happen.

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  3. easyJambo

    Scot Football Museum‏ @SFootballMuseum  
    John Clark is inducted into the Scottish Football Hall of Fame

    Obviously for services to internet bampottery. 10

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  4. helpmaboab


    I haven’t posted for some time. Been lurking though. Only on a blog like SFM would you find words Like Impecuniosity and Avizandum. Every day’s a school day.
    lurkers of the world unite!

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  5. jimbo


    Yes, went to the ‘new’ Hampden a load of times when Celtic were based there during the redevelopment of CP.  really didn’t like it.  I would pull out of Hampden and stage semi finals and finals at Murrayfield.  and if it knocks an hour off the travelling time for ‘northern’  clubs all the better.  For Internationals, depending on anticipated demand, I would spread them around the bigger stadiums in Scotland.

    Hampden is a great sports arena as witnessed at the Commonwealth Games, just not for football.  Was designed very badly for football.

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  6. John Clark

    October 16,2017 at 07.20
    ‘…..As Celtic said to me in response…’
    Uth, I am all for discretion, and keeping one’s powder dry, and holding fire until you see the whites of the enemy’s eyes, but after 4 years, and no mention of that Res 12 being made in the current Celtic plc Annual report or in the Notice of the AGM, I began to fear that nothing would ever be seriously done.
    I am immensely cheered by what you report

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  7. Sergio Biscuits

    Sergio Biscuits

    Reading easyjambo’s post about the Scottish Football Hall of Fame got me thinking that we should have an alternative; the Hall of Infamy.
    The problem we’d have though, is that we’d never find a hall big enough anywhere to house all the recipients!

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  8. Trisidium

    EJ. Was chatting to former Celtic defender John Clark this morning. He asked me to pass on his congratulations to ‘The Real John Clark’ on his beatification by the Hampden authorities. 😂

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  9. Auldheid

    Upthehoops 7.20 & John Clark.
    Yup what you were told is the positon. 
    No frigging way are the Res12 guys going to allow any attempt by SFA at side tracking to go unchallenged.
    They (who by this time surely represent the majority of Celtic shareholders) and Celtic are at one on where matters currently stand.
    This is accountability in action.

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  10. John Clark

    AuldheidOctober 16, 2017 at 16:26
    ‘……This is accountability in action.’
    Aye, ye canny whack it!

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  11. West Ham Fan

    Now That Mike Ashley has put NUFC officially up for Sale.. Could he would he attempt to buy The Rangers 🙂 1220

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  12. Auldheid

    The following from CQN on the fraud at Hamilton and Hearts and what it says about our game is perhaps worth repeating here in terms of caveat emptor applying to all supporters.

    Auldheid on 16th October 2017 3:31 pm Paul67
    What has happened at Hamilton and Hearts is simply symptomatic of unprofessional internal administration.
    Just what is it going to take for the football industry in Scotland to realise how much deep doo doo it is in?
    I see folk saying why help Accies and I can understand why, but until everyone understands the interdependent nature of the football business (itself a refection of the general reality of the need for interdependence to create progressive and civil society) then dog will eat dog, before the dog realises that the tasty tail it is chewing on is its own.
    Where is the leadership to create something more than what is just an ongoing illusion? Something real that because it is real will endure?  Not
    It must be evident to anyone observing the state of Scottish football that it is amateurish and run by amateurs when it comes to governance.
    It behoves all clubs to make sure that their competitors are being run on professional lines as businesses and if the industry needs helps to realise that objective then it should hold up its hands and as an industry ask for external help with a readiness to accept conditions on that help.
    There are supposed to be regulations in place to ensure clubs do not endanger their competitors via incompetence or even criminality, but we must all realise by now these regulations, in particular club licensing to national and UEFA standards, are an illusion. When the consequences of applying them are difficult they and the principles on which they are based, are simply circumvented.
    That may be why there was no will to involve UEFA in the 2011 Licence saga because the outcome may be to demonstrate UEFA FFP is not up to the job if national associations see their future more likely to be secured from not applying the rules than applying them.
    What I’m getting at is that unless clubs (all clubs) are prepared to tell their supporters that they have every faith in the SFA and the way they carry out their responsibilities to ensure fair play, then the club’s have no right to ask their supports to pay to watch unless they include a ” caveat emptor” clause that says we cannot guarantee that in the event of rule transgression those doing so will face the appropriate and just consequences.
    Extreme perhaps, but this is what SFA incompetence and unprofessionalism has led to.
    They/the clubs seem to be unaware that you simply cannot ask supporters to move on unless you can convince them that those who burglared Scottish football and their means of entry have been identified and the former ejected and the latter closed down. That assurance as matters stand simply cannot be given because it would mean raking over old coals.
    As I said earlier putting Scottish football on the righteous path requires strong leadership as in “up with this failing governance model/ regime, we simply will not put.”
    That lead may have to come from supporters next ST renewal time.

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  13. upthehoops

    I see some debate about Hampden. I have not set foot in the place since the 2007 Cup Final, where I paid good money for a seat in which I couldn’t see my team score the winning goal. That aside so much has happened since then that I will not forward one single penny of my cash to an organisation in the SFA who have made it clear they see a club who cheated the public purse out of tens of millions as more important than any other club, including all those who paid their tax and other bills in full and on time. They can shove Hampden forever as long as the SFA in its current format survives. 

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  14. Cluster One

    Cluster One


    One or two stories in the SMSM today about sir Alex Ferguson.
    And i know which one i believe will come true

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  15. Homunculus


    OCTOBER 16, 2017 at 18:35

    Surely they knew it was too good to be true when they found out the scheme had been devised by Max Bialystock. 

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  16. Cluster One

    Cluster One

    HOMUNCULUSOCTOBER 16, 2017 at 19:42
    ————–                                                                                                                          Max Bialystock: There’s more to you than there is to you.
    TO tell the truth,i had to look that up16

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  17. jean7brodie



    HomunculusOctober 16, 2017 at 19:42
    Hahaha!! That’s a cracker.

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  18. bordersdon

    John ClarkOctober 16, 2017 at 16:35  
    AuldheidOctober 16, 2017 at 16:26‘……This is accountability in action.’__________Aye, ye canny whack it!
    And I’ll believe it when I see it!

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  19. jimbo


    Have to say I was a bit disappointed to learn this evening that Motherwell have not taken up the 10,000 seats allocation for Hampden on Sunday.  9,000 supporters going.

    I was at the 1991 Final Motherwell v Dundee Utd.  What a laugh seeing all the DUTD fans  dressed as Arabs.  I didn’t know who to support.  Motherwell are a local team and I know a few steelmen.  But I really like Dundee Utd.  So I decided to be a neutral and support the winners whoever they turned out to be. That was Motherwell 4-3.

    Anyhow, there were 57,000 at that game, even allowing for 5,000 ?  gravy train folk,  Motherwell must have had a lot more than 9,000.

    Hibs are taking 21,000 which sounds brilliant but it is Edinburgh.  they could probably have taken more but are maxed out due to the smallness of Hampden.

    Two good games to look forward to.

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  20. Cluster One

    Cluster One

    JIMBOOCTOBER 16, 2017 at 22:01
    Have to say I am not a bit disappointed that Motherwell have not taken up the 10,000 seats allocation for Hampden on Sunday.  
    And i hope it is because of the actions of the SFAand i hope the fans that do attend let the SFA know they are not happy with the SFA

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  21. jimbo


    Cluster One, I thought about that after I posted.  In an ideal world all supporters would boycott any game by the SFA.  You could just about say that about the SPFL too.  Then we would have no football.   I have often thought about the idea of boycotting certain clubs – away games – whose chair people ask us to ‘move on’.   It wont affect me, I can’t afford to go to games now.  But when I mention it to supporters of my club it’s unthinkable.  They would never envisage their team going on to a pitch anywhere without their support.

    I think the renewal of season books window is when fans have most power to influence their boards.  And by assoc. the SPFL.

    The SFA need to dealt with differently.  Like Res. 12, Judicial review.  Court of arbitration – UEFA.

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  22. Cluster One

    Cluster One

    JIMBOOCTOBER 16, 2017 at 22:32
    Cluster One, I thought about that after I posted.  In an ideal world all supporters would boycott any game by the SFA. 
    Two semi’s at hampden would be enough of a boycott at this time to send out a message to hampden.
    One step at a time,one step at a time.

    I think the renewal of season books window is when fans have most power to influence their boards.  And by assoc. the SPFL.
    Agreed.. but a little reminder along the way to the SFA and SPFL will get them thinking.

    Thanks for reply, GN jimbo

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  23. jimbo


    The problem about the SFA is it all revolves around one club.  It’s about the cheating of one club and the collusion of the governing body to protect, support and encourage that club.  No other club.  To cover up all their sins.  By doing so they become the biggest sinners of all.

    Who are these almighty people with God like powers.  Untouchable, all seeing, the fount of all knowledge?

    Well they call them the suits, the blazers.  They wear ties.
    But you know what they really are?  Amateurs.  Most have never played pro. football.  But they pick National team managers for a hobby.  Well intentioned maybe but what are they in it for? what makes them tick?  Surely not freebies or prestige?  A nice passing remark at a dinner party “I’m on the SFA don’t you know?”    “I’ll be picking up my MBE in 5 years time – guffaw, guffaw, guffaw.”

    So they are going ahead with project Brave & Malky McKay.

    Heaven help us.  Wish there were more Turnbull Huttons around.

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  24. John Clark

    Alan Pattullo is of the opinion that “It’s unthinkable McLeish won’t be in their [the SFA’s] thoughts for the full-time job-he does,after all, have the best win ratio …This alone should guarantee he receives an invite for a chat, which is the least he expects” (The Scotsman, print version, this morning)
    For my part, I would think it an appalling thing if a ‘deserter’ should be allowed to crawl back.
    But then, the men of the SFA are singularly lacking in any kind of understanding of principle, so perhaps Pattullo’s puff piece for brass-necked self-touting ‘it would be nice to get a call” Mcleish might just work.

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  25. John Clark

    Shocking killing of a blogger/journalist  in Malta, who was alleging corruption in Government.
    (I think I heard that Caruana Galizia also had been among the journos who exposed the Panama papers)
    Brave woman, and a credit to her profession.
    There would have been no ‘5-way agreement’ or ‘conditional membership’ or dodgy UEFA licence-granting if such as she had been on the case!

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  26. paddy malarkey

    paddy malarkey

    JIMBOOCTOBER 16, 2017 at 23:27

    Unfortunately I think the problem is greater – we have no idea if any other club has had rules ignored/modified to assist in their survival . There is a total lack of transparency in all of the SFA’s dealings .  And we might find that some minor modification for a wee team can be used to justify the handling of major transgressions by big ones .

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  27. tony


    i don’t believe for one minute any other club would have been treated like them,just my opinion

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  28. easyJambo

    Tomorrow’s court diary (I’m not available)

    Wednesday 18th October
    P115/17 Note: RFC 2012 Plc for orders under paragraph75 Shepherd & Wedderburn LLP

    NB: this is the BDO v D&P case, although its early days yet (there’s another hearing scheduled for 7th November).
    LORD BANNATYNE – L McNamara, Clerk 
    Wednesday 18th October
    Preliminary Hearing between 9.30am and 10.00am
    CA84/17 Walter Smith v NeilCaisley &c  –  Drummond Miller LLP  –  BBM Solicitors

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  29. bordersdon

    John ClarkOctober 17, 2017 at 10:17 
    Alan Pattullo is of the opinion that “It’s unthinkable McLeish won’t be in their [the SFA’s] thoughts for the full-time job-he does,after all, have the best win ratio …This alone should guarantee he receives an invite for a chat, which is the least he expects” (The Scotsman, print version, this morning) For my part, I would think it an appalling thing if a ‘deserter’ should be allowed to crawl back. But then, the men of the SFA are singularly lacking in any kind of understanding of principle, so perhaps Pattullo’s puff piece for brass-necked self-touting ‘it would be nice to get a call” Mcleish might just work.
    We need the best man for the job JC. Not saying for a minute that is AMcL but we can’t be influenced by the fact someone may have been in the job before and left it for more money. Players and Managers move for money – that is how it works. Loyalty nah, patriotism nah. I have no idea of the numbers involved but he would have significantly improved his salary by moving to Birmingham in 2007 as a relatively young man. If (and I’m not saying he is) the best we can get I would not bar him because he was a “traitor”. I do remember thing that at the time though 03.

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  30. paddy malarkey

    paddy malarkey

    TONYOCTOBER 17, 2017 at 15:55

    I’m with you in that I don’t think any other club(s) would have been assisted in the manner ,and to the extent  that has been afforded RFC(IL)/TRFC/RIFC, but I wouldn’t rule out others being crafty enough to get some under-the-radar assistance .

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  31. celtic fc incorporated 1897

    celtic fc incorporated 1897

    Saw this link on CelticFC Twitter which shows Celtic as 14th in the list of high scoring clubs 


    More notable is the absence of the club RangersFC 1872-2012, surely they have not been deleted from the list due to being a liquidated club

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  32. Sergio Biscuits

    Sergio Biscuits

    The dead club may well be on the list as the link you posted doesn’t contain all the clubs,  just a select few.

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  33. tony


    The small printStatistics include the following competitions: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, UEFA Intertoto Cup, European/South American Cup. Qualifying isn’t included.
    *Only the 119 clubs that have played 100 games or more are considered.

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  34. easyJambo

    It seems that Grant Russell is off to pastures new.

    Grant Russell‏ @grantrussell_ 25m25 minutes ago   My time with STV is at an end. I’ve left for a new job which starts in two weeks. Thanks for all the debate over the years.

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  35. jimbo


    Put a search in there to see where Grant Russell is off to.  I keep getting stuff on Russell Grant the camp astrologer! 18

    Hope nobody checks my history 12

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  36. StevieBC


    OCTOBER 17, 2017 at 19:46
    It seems that Grant Russell is off to pastures new…

    Any chance he can take the ‘Bestest Scottish Award Winning Journalist’ Keef with him…?

    I remember another ‘journalist’ sloped off to start a florist shop a few years back: Darren somebody?

    Mibbees Grant has seen the light as well?  09 

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  37. John Clark

    I thought it about time to chase up Lord Currie for a reply, and I’m damned if I’m going to buy another stamp. An email is good enough for him, as follows:
    ( The House of Lord pages do not give any email address other than the generic one to ‘Holmembers’: but I suppose there is a mechanism that will get this to him)

    Today at 20:20To contactholmember@parliament.uk
    Dear Lord Currie,I wonder, now that you have been in post as Chairman of the Advertising Standards Authority(ASA) for a couple of weeks, if  I may expect an early  reply to my letter sent to you on 31st July in connection with the handling of the ‘investigation’ by the ASA of my complaint referring to “The Rangers Football Club Ltd”, and the description of it in the Initial Public Offering of shares in the Rangers International Football Club plc?
    Yours sincerely,

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  38. John Clark

    easyJamboOctober 17, 2017 at 19:46
    ‘..It seems that Grant Russell is off to pastures new..’
    I hope the lad’s all right.
    I saw him in Court the other week at the King thingy, but even when I looked at him twice from a number of yards away I wasn’t sure enough that it was him that I hesitated to nod or wave, in case it wasn’t him: he looked a bit different.
    Or maybe my eyesight’s  shot to h.ll.
    (Good luck to him: I think he would have wished to have been allowed to report more freely by his editor, and he is a nice bloke)

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  39. Cluster One

    Cluster One

    BORDERSDONOCTOBER 17, 2017 at 16:27
    We need the best man for the job JC. Not saying for a minute that is AMcL but we can’t be influenced by the fact someone may have been in the job before and left it for more money. Players and Managers move for money – that is how it works.
    Was going to post that AMcl was after the scotland jod to help maybe anything that was coming down the pipe line with the EBT’s, so i had a look to check if Mr Alex McCleish had an EBT?
    on the link above it mentioned From 2001-10, Rangers put £47million in to up to 87 sub-trusts for players, coaches and staff.
    But no sign of Alex McCleish, but i had a niggling feeling so looked again.
    Alex McLeish £1.7million . Managed Rangers from 2001-06.
    This time he is mentioned.
    The way the SFA is he will get the job, wonder what odd’s he is for next scotland manager.
    Anyway here is Clumps take on it.

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  40. jimbo


    Isn’t it amazing the brass neck of the hi heid yins at the SFA.  It’s been on several social media sites for days now that Douglas Park has a foot in both camps of *Rangers* and Hamilton Accies.  Which is against the rules.  To have an interest in two clubs in Scotland.  Even if he has transferred shares to his son, it does not circumnavigate the rules.

    He – Douglas Park – knows by now that it is in the public domain.  Regan also knows that we all know about this rule breach.

    So what do they do?  Issue a statement?  Take remedial action?  Offer an apology?

    Answers on a postcard please.

    You couldn’t mark these people’s necks with a blowtorch.  How arrogant.  How couldn’t care less of an attitude.  It’s like a two fingered gesture towards the football world in Scotland.  We will do what we like and stuff you.

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  41. macfurgly


    ClusterOne, BordersDon.
    Despite having lived a long lifetime aware that the SFA have been institutionally prejudiced against my club, I have remained a Scotland supporter. I was in Spain in 1982 and Italy in 1990. I distinguish between the SFA and the players in the same way that I discriminate between governments and the people they represent. (Think Reagan, Bush(s), Trump, Thatcher, Allende etc. and the people that suffered under their aegis), and so I am one that finds boycotts difficult, although I fully grasp the theory. The season ticket boycott threat worked very well in moving Sevco to a dodgy introduction to Div. 3.
    The McLeish thing is a squirrel I hope. A TRFC dummy teat column filler. He did well before and, ironically, was robbed of a great success by a bent referee at Hampden. He has no credible cv now though. He would be a wholly unacceptable step backwards for the Tartan Army.
    The next Scotland manager must be someone who is prepared and able to put at least 6 Celtic Champions League players in a core of the team and fill the rest of the positions as best he can. After Strachan bottled it in the end with the old guard (and what a player he was in 1982 as Roy Aitken would testify I’m sure), we need a new youthful future and a Head Coach who can utilise the excellent talent we have. As it stands at the moment we may have to be the first team in history to play without centre backs, but Hey Ho.
    I won’t make any suggestions as to who the new man might be, but as a CFC supporter of 50 years, I look forward to seeing a confident, assertive, energetic, entertaining, successful game wise Scotland team full of Celtic players qualifying for a major finals. That’s the real way to stick one on those who still hanker for the comfort of the 17th Century. Regan et al would have to go and watch, and choke on their expense account delicacies.
    Fans of other Scottish clubs, who generally make up the bulk of the Tartan Army might enjoy it too.
    Seville 1982 v Brazil,” Sing when you’re winning…”.
    All responses welcome.

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  42. macfurgly


    jimboOctober 17, 2017 at 23:40
    While I’m here, that’s the way it works. They are a Private Members Club and unless one of the Members raises an objection, which they don’t, or someone breaks the law of the land so visibly that it can’t be ignored by PoliceScotland, then on they go.
    Take it or leave it.
    Hope for the best from Auldheid and the Res. 12 people and wait for season ticket renewal time next year.

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  43. celtic fc incorporated 1897

    celtic fc incorporated 1897

    SERGIO BISCUITSOCTOBER 17, 2017 at 18:47CELTIC FC INCORPORATED 1897,The dead club may well be on the list as the link you posted doesn’t contain all the clubs,  just a select few.
    TONYOCTOBER 17, 2017 at 19:23SERGIO BISCUITSThe small printStatistics include the following competitions: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, UEFA Intertoto Cup, European/South American Cup. Qualifying isn’t included.*Only the 119 clubs that have played 100 games or more are considered.
    Sergio, all British clubs who have played a lot of games and scored a lot of goals are mentioned, im also pretty sure that RangersFC 1872-2012 may even have scored more than CelticFC before they were liquidated which is why i was intrigued but as Tony points out only CLUBS that have played 100 games or more are on this list …. this is why i think it is a debate worth highlighting.

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  44. jimbo


    No one has posted today!  I was hoping for some of our regulars to be on to distract me from tonight.  I am a nervous wreck!

    I do realise there is nothing to report on regards Hampden shenanigans .  The press are pretty quiet.  What a difference a week makes, with the Dave King hearing at the COS.

    The main story in the SMSM today is the windfall Solidarity Payments UEFA are paying to the clubs in Scotland as a consequence of Celtic getting through the qualifiers.

    £375,000 is not to be sniffed at.  I read recently that Hamilton have a turnover of £4m per year.  So 375k is equivalent to one months turnover.  Given their perilous state just now that is more than a windfall.  Which is a pity since it should be a bonus.  I wouldn’t imagine any club had allowed for it in their financial forecasts as it’s anything but guaranteed.

    £4m is a good input for the game here.  About double what Ladbrokes put in – that’s not a criticism, just putting it in perspective.

    Aberdeen got £400,000+ in their own right for reaching 3rd Qualifying round of EL so between the two payments, nearly half a million! 

    Compared to England, buttons, I know.  But we are where we are.

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  45. jimbo


    I realise the main story in the press today is tonight’s game but I meant apart from that.  The main story that affects more than one club.

    (I try to spread my joy about!)

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  46. jean7brodie


    jimboOctober 18, 2017 at 15:24

    Calm yer jets Jimbo, ‘que sera sera’ as Doris used to say 0904

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  47. Tincks


    A bit off topic but I’ve put a link below to the BBC’s coverage of the parliamentary hearing into mismanagement of racism allegations by the English FA.

    But I am struck that a group of parliamentarians could take information that is in the public domain and so decide to hold  a hearing to see if the leadership of the FA is up to the job.  

    What an extraordinary idea! 


    If anyone has the time to read Eniola Aluko’s evidence (from 14.30) I can recommend it very highly.  Her clarity and eloquence in taking apart the FA, knowing that she is surely ending her international career in it’s prime can only be admired.  

    “Gasps as Aluko tells MPs FA boss Glenn told her that if she made statement that FA was not institutionally racist, her payment would be made”

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  48. jimbo


    Jean,  Doris de Vries (Celtic goalie) said that?  Well I never, I thought he was Dutch!

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  49. jean7brodie


    jimboOctober 18, 2017 at 16:14
    Trust in God and the heat of the weather as my auld mother-in-law used to say03

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  50. easyJambo

    James Doleman’s tweeting that “Charlotte Fakes” has been consigned to history (or perhaps not).

    James Doleman‏ @jamesdoleman 8m8 minutes ago   
    A couple of people were asking me about the “Charlotte Fakes” case yesterday so I emailed the Crown Office today
    “Charlotte Fakes” was a Twitter account that posted information gleaned from the email of former Rangers chairman Craig Whyte
    At the trial of Craig Whyte It was alleged by defence counsel Donald Findlay that current RFC chairman Dave King purchased this material.
    However at that time we were informed by the Crown Office that there was a live criminal investigation ongoing so we couldn’t follow it up
    However, the Crown Office have confirmed today that after consideration they have decided “No proceedings,” ie, no further action.
    So the media are now able to report what we know about “Charlotte Fakes” without any restrictions.
    I have one “Charlotte” story that was sadly spiked for legal reasons. Might go and dig out the draft.

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  51. Cluster One

    Cluster One

    @jamesdolemanSo the media are now able to report what we know about “Charlotte Fakes” without any restrictions.
    The SMSM will be all over this?

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  52. Cluster One

    Cluster One

    Alex Thomson, chief correspondent for Channel 4 News, tweeted: “So – finally some of the Charlotte Fakes material may be legally published by the MSM.”17 February 2014 
    It never was, wonder if Alex is on twitter tonight?

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  53. John Clark

    TincksOctober 18, 2017 at 16:01
    ” A bit off topic but I’ve put a link below to the BBC’s coverage of the parliamentary hearing into mismanagement of racism allegations by the English FA.”
    Not OT at all,Tincks

    In the BBC summary of the proceedings this is said:
    “The Chelsea striker says ………… there had been “an agenda to protect Sampson and an agenda to protect the FA’s reputation”.[my italics].

    Well, b.lls and bang me.rse, and ‘SNAP!’

    Because what have we had here in our own little country but an agenda constructed by the SFA and supported from the off by the ‘great and good’ :from ex-First Ministers, and MSPs,  and the ‘newspapers’, and the likes of Radio Clyde ( would that it would sink in the waters where the wee  ferry used to sail!) and BBC Radio Scotland ( and may it fall off Pacific Quay into the watter as well!), to mislead, to misinform, not inform, in the cause of the cheating SDM and his cheating successor as owner of a club which, now dead, will be remembered as being guilty of the most long-term and enduring act of cheating that Scottish football has ever experienced, and in the cause of the lie that sustains the existence of TRFC Ltd?

    With that kind of support, there is no way our wee parliament is ever going even to think of looking into the affairs of the SA.

    Credit to Westminster.
    (And I hope J Doleman will produce his Charlotte fakes piece)

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  54. John Clark

    ‘the affairs of the SFA”. I must have had some South African litigant in mind as I wrote!

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  55. Tincks



    It’s the almost desperate pathological need of both the English and Scottish FA’s to protect their own that is so striking to me.

    The twist for the Scottish FA being that there is a particular immortal “Club” that they include as one of their own.  

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  56. StevieBC


    From DR today;

    Queen’s Park president warns SFA that Hampden exit for national team would leave Spiders on the brink

    The SFA took out a 20-year rent deal – at £800,000 a year – after the £60 million Hampden rebuild with most of the cash paying of Queen’s Park debts.

    Perhaps another unintended consequence of the continued failure of the national team to qualify for finals ?

    Having missed out on the WC again, you would think that a prudent decision by the SFA would be to slash overhead costs.
    One could argue that in the absence of tournament finals revenue, there is an increased risk to continued – and/or additional – investment at grass roots level and above ?

    Can’t see any of the blazers falling on their swords…for the good of Scottish football.
    So mibbees utilising available stadiums around the country is indeed the way to go ?

    And whilst they’re at it: also rent cheap office space…perhaps on the East Coast ?

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  57. jimbo


    Rangers icon Jorg Albertz believes that Celtic’s dominance of Scottish football is stopping big names from heading to the Scottish game.
    “When I was at Rangers, great names were playing in the Scottish League – Gascoigne, van Bronckhorst, Flo and Laudrup and Celtic had Larsson and di Canio,” Albertz said to German website Merkur.de, as translated by The Scotsman.“The big problem is that Celtic are not challenged, which is a disadvantage for the Champions League.”

    I don’t know if Jorg is back living in Germany or not, maybe he hasn’t heard of the SKY & BT television deals for English football and the pittance that Scotland get from the same broadcasters.

    In an alternative universe, David Murray would struggle to sign big name players nowadays, even with the help of EBTs and the Bank of Scotland.  Celtic’s fault?  Dream on.

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  58. paddy malarkey

    paddy malarkey

    Some good news for Scottish football.


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  59. 50 Years Ago Today: We play the World Cup Final! Innocently, we wandered into a mess of Alf Ramsey's making https://t.co/Z9ptcmMCf7

    Peter Norman is the the personification of sporting integrity and humanity. Little wonder that sporting authority had little time for him.

    One day, Katie, you will wind up in an NHS A&E, and we will treat you as well as we can, without hesitation, as we do all bigots & haters. https://t.co/pwf1ni8Gvo

    So proud and pleased for my good pal @Cairney2 many congratulations Jim! https://t.co/EEBASaeVEU

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