Time to Ditch the Geek Show



The link at the bottom of this piece points to an excellent blog by James Forrest on the ‘decline’ of the Old Firm, and particularly the viewing figures for the recent matches between Celtic and TRFC.

Whilst James, as you would expect is focusing on the consequences of the OF tag for Celtic, it is worthwhile considering that the decline in viewers is an excellent litmus test of the provenance of TRFC with regard to RFC.

Is it because the ‘you’re not Rangers anymore!’ faction is winning the argument?

Or might it be that viewers, voting with their feet, are simply indicating what many of us have said all along – that a brand name does not amount to serious competition.

There has been a presumption – particularly held in the MSM- that Scottish football badly needed a Rangers to provide a challenge to Celtic dominance. Our counter to that is that TRFC, representing the ‘Rangers’ constituency, are in no position to provide any such challenge.

Common sense dictated this.

Not that common sense came into it for our newsroom chums. At the beginning of last season, a whole troupe of hacks ventured their prediction that TRFC would win at least one trophy in that campaign. Again this season, despite the huge gulf in performance levels between TRFC and the top two, even more hacks are queuing up to offer their optimism on the Ibrox club’s chances of success and glory.

I am bound to say that those same hacks will be quick to point out Gordon Strachan’s shortcomings as Scotland manager whilst ironically demonstrating, through their predictive deficit,  that their football judgement has little if any bearing on L’actualité.

I am however disposed to charity. Perhaps what they meant was that TRFC, given its massive fan base, has the most potential (in time) to challenge Celtic. Then, absurdly, the same MSM choke the life out of that potential by assisting charlatan after charlatan on their way through the self-enriching revolving door at Ibrox.

The TRFC potential, if it exists in the foreseeable future, requires the Ibrox club to be rid of those who still, after decades of disgrace and disaster, sell the same false promises dressed up as moonbeams to the masses.

In actual fact, and as it stands right now, Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts have a significantly greater potential to challenge for honours; they are well run clubs who balance the books. Crucially, they have no debt, no directors whose presence on their boards effectively cuts off access to investment – and they put the emphasis on building Teams (capital T) and not collections of individuals with an exotic distant-past, questionable influence, and huge draw on salary resources .

Even more crucially, they have realistic expectations of where they want to be in the short to medium term.

TV audiences, relying on neutral fans hungry for a spectacle will not be – in fact are not –  conned by this OF sophistry. Without doubt in my view, Scottish football is a far more interesting and compelling place now than it was five years ago. The brand has grown in the absence of the Old Firm, and with the right nurture, can grow even stronger.

TRFC can be part of it all, but the expectations have to be commensurate with their circumstances. All the OF has to offer is a 350 year old conflict that few of us understand – or care to understand. The MSM championing of that embarrassment is a major reason why Scottish football cares less about quality and diversity than it should.

The audiences however, will not be fooled.

Celtic, Rangers, the SFA and everybody else in our game need to jettison the OF brand. It is no longer – if it ever was- relevant. Paying customers in the 21st century deserve better than a geek show.


Pic from the Film Noire classic, Nightmare Alley


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  1. Hmm, talk about carts and horses, this tweet, from Jim Delahunt, seems to put the cart firmly before the horse. Surely, regardless of where McInnes is by Wednesday, he won’t be at Ibrox unless, and until, TRFC ‘come up with the cash’!

    He tweeted:
    ‘For record, with a small r, McInnes will be at Rangers by Wed’day & Aberdeen will be compensated if Gers directors can come up with cash.’

    If Delahunt is correct, but they don’t come up with the cash, either Stewart Milne will have to perform an act of craven cowardice, or his demand for the cash will put TRFC into administration!

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  2. IMO, the Ibrox club is scared sh!tless that as time goes on they are deemed irrelevant.
    Scottish football owes them nothing.
    Ideally TRFC goes bust – but there is no way back.
    A poorer, but more honest league would have a wider appeal.

    A club like TRFC is stuck in the 17th Century. If it cannot evolve then it should die.

    Scottish football doesn’t need a strong ‘Rangers’ … it doesn’t need any ‘Rangers’ at all !

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    OCTOBER 28, 2017 at 20:13 


    I take it he means it will happen if they can come up with the cash.

    Not that is will happen and Aberdeen will get the cash if they can raise it.

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    OCTOBER 28, 2017 at 22:35

    I’m fairly certain they can come up with the cash.

    However will they want to provide even more loans to their loss making business. 

    There has to come a point where throwing away your own personal money becomes … tiresome. 

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  5. Homunculus
    October 29, 2017 at 08:42
    “There has to come a point where throwing away your own personal money becomes … tiresome”
    Or insane? 15
    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

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  6. HOMUNCULUSOCTOBER 29, 2017 at 08:42
    I’m fairly certain they can come up with the cash.
    with the ibrox recrutment of players a deposit and pay the rest in installments(then hope to offload before final installment is paid off the directors own backs and the final parts of installments not paid off by any transfer income recieved) it will be interesting how the ibrox directors put a package across.
    There could be a Level5 output put on the Aberdeen board they are stopping McInnes joining the ibrox club with there demands for a payment the way the Aberdeen directors want it and not how the ibrox directors want to pay it.
    Did the same thing not just happen with a player going to ibrox?

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  7. Surely there wouldn’t be any deal other than

    “If someone wants to employ our manager, who has recently signed a new contract then they will have to pay us £1m (or whatever) to break that contract. Then he is free to do what he wants”

    Given that Aberdeen were second in the league and in both cups last year, they cannot in a hurry to get rid of him.

    Or are they, maybe an Aberdeen fan could enlighten us.

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  8. HomunculusOctober 29, 2017 at 11:36
    ‘….Given that Aberdeen were second in the league and in both cups last year, they cannot in a hurry to get rid of him.’
    “Let’s-move-along Milne” has made it clear that he is ready to accept the glossing over of very dubious SFA actions that evidenced ,in the view of many people who are looking for Truth,the abandonment of Sporting -and possibly financial- Integrity.

    Not too difficult to imagine such an one being extremely accommodating to the board at Ibrox.

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  9. UPTHEHOOPSOCTOBER 6, 2017 at 18:32 35 0  Rate This 
    So that’s over four weeks now since the SFA announced the Compliance Officer would investigate the awarding of a European Licence to Rangers in 2012. Call me cynical, but the amount of information in the public domain over this matter makes it seem to me four weeks is a rather long time. The SFA will surely be in possession of all they need, and as I understand it Celtic have every piece of information the Resolution 12 people have made public. Is that the problem? Has the apparent narrow focus of the investigation into whether Rangers lied now causing an issue given others already know there is a lot more to it than that? I don’t know the answer but I would not be at all surprised if the only thing holding up the announcement is finding a QC who will say no action can now be taken. As I said though, call me cynical! 
    It’s over 7 weeks now and still no news14

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  10. My poll (i.e. the lads at the pub after the game) of supporters of the invincible (excluding Celtic, other Euro teams and cup games) Dons is that they generally don’t want McInnes to leave.  There is an expectation that he will move on some time, everyone does eventually, and the hope is that it is an upward step and definitely not the rangers.  In saying that there is an element of “so be it” in that he will crash and burn there anyway and that the Dons will have the wherewithal to source a decent replacement.  The feeling is we are reasonably well run and the manager is one, albeit popular and important, part of the overall unit.
    The most prevalent view is that he’d be a mug to take it and that the weegia appear to believe it’s a shoe in but probably are not aware that his, and his immediate staff’s, recent contract extension included a fair whack of salary increase.  Probably not quite Pedro and definitely not Super Ally levels but not their mickey mouse, provincial club expectations.  Add to that the compensation and that McInnes is nae daft and will presumably want verification of funds available rather than Richard Wilsonesque pish and it’s hard to see it happening.  Fitba’s a funny business so you never know.
    My personal view is that their board, and the media, hope he is saturated with rangersness (35 appearances after all) and will walk to Ibrokes to join the sash bash. I suspect he won’t.

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  11. HOMUNCULUSOCTOBER 29, 2017 at 11:36 0 0 Rate This
    Surely there wouldn’t be any deal other than
    “If someone wants to employ our manager, who has recently signed a new contract then they will have to pay us £1m (or whatever) to break that contract. Then he is free to do what he wants”
    Given that Aberdeen were second in the league and in both cups last year, they cannot in a hurry to get rid of him.
    Or are they, maybe an Aberdeen fan could enlighten us.
    I’m sure it comes as no great surprise that McInnes is immensely popular with the Aberdeen support, and it’s about more than just getting the first team knocked into competitive shape but also other aspects of the Club, top to bottom. Overall the Club is in much better shape after a series of terrible managers and mismanagement at the Club for many years. 

    Therefore, it will also come as no surprise that Milne will be hung drawn and quartered if he lets McInnes go without a fight, especially to “them”.  Obviously we can’t do anything if they throw the required level of compensation at it but anything less will be unacceptable. 

    That said, McInnes is not daft. He’s onto a good thing at Aberdeen and he surely knows that Sevco is a basket case.  The treatment of Warburton and Caixinha cannot have gone unnoticed.  I’d be surprised if he jumps ship for anything less than a Premiership Club. 

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  12. Cluster one
    From Kerrydalestreet.co.uk 
    A kind of Res12 update posted on CQN yesterday.
    Auldheid on 27th October 2017 2:30 pm 
     If you are heading for the game v Killie tomorrow and have mates who don’t use social media, encourage them to buy a copy of Not The View. 
    There is an item recapping Res12 and setting out how matters stand including the Traverso letter. 
    There might be further developments in the coming week before AGM from Res12ers, so it might be another week/s before publishing in social media happens, but the idea is to inform as many as possible before the AGM of where matters stand. 
    At start of September Celtic released the correspondence between them and SFA after July where one reasonable interpretation is the SFA told Celtic (and the SPFL clubs) to Effoff. 
    Unless a satisfactory explanation that clears SFA of complicity in 2011 emerges before or after the AGM, Celtic and fellow clubs will be entitled to tell the SFA in the nicest possible way – “You Effoff. This is going to UEFA and/or a Judicial Review”
    ____ Remember it’s taken 4 years to get to this point. 4 years of SFA prevarication that would  not be necessary if there was no case to answer.
    Celtic are well aware of what took place during the period Res12 covered from March to September 2011 and SFA know this.

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  13. AuldheidOctober 29, 2017 at 15:04
    ‘…4 years of SFA prevarication that would not be necessary if there was no case to answer.’
    I suggest that it has taken 4 years for the SFA to devise a way of rigging matters that might allow the Compliance Officer to report that, yes, the RFC that is in Liquidation swore on a stack of Bibles that they were not in debt to HMRC, and, the innocent SFA relied on their word and are now suitably shocked and horrified to find that they were lied to.Unfortunately, though, they can take no action against the club in Liquidation because [of course!]  a UEFA licence once awarded illicitly cannot be withdrawn even when it is subsequently discovered that it was awarded illicitly! (a bit like player eligibiity)
    They must have been damned sure of themselves enough to refer what RFC(IL) did, while not allowing an examination of what they themselves did.
    I think it is possible to imagine that we may be dealing with extremely frightened but slippery customers who might conceivably,theoretically, and in the mind of some people, be trying to ensure that no criminal charges are brought.
    If the challenge had come 4 years ago……

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    OCTOBER 29, 2017 at 12:56

    Thanks, that makes much more sense to me than the media notion that if Rangers come calling any club will just stand aside and any manager will just jump at the chance.

    Particularly as you point out after the way the last few managers have been dealt with, the state of the club and the question of what resources they would be available.

    Re any compensation in installments, it is questionable whether Rangers (either one) should be taking on further debts of this size the way things are just now. 

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  15. SICKOFITALLOCTOBER 28, 2017 at 08:31 27 1  Rate This 
    Been out of the loop for a while could anyone tell me if the subject of stripping the titles is now out of the equation or is there still hope thanks 
    I think the above post by AULDHEIDOCTOBER 29, 2017 at 15:04
     now answers your point.

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  16. zerotolerance1903October 29, 2017 at 12:56
    “McInnes is not daft. He’s onto a good thing at Aberdeen and he surely knows that Sevco is a basket case.”

    To which I would add that if MacInnes turns down a Sevco approach, the latter is going to take it as a serious slap in the face cos no-one turns down The Rangers. Watch the media spin that one!

    McInnes will surely ponder on the near certainty of European football, hopefully for the next few seasons; on the uncertainty of life in the The Rangers seat, following “fill yer boots” McCoist, McDowall, McCall, Warburton, Murty, Caixinha, Murty; and on the debt-ridden state of “the club”.

    Unless McInnes is totally blind to the The Rangers financial position, then he’d want a pretty tightly written contract. He’ll also want to know what transfer money is available. Success with the current fractured squad is unlikely.

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  17. WILDWOODOCTOBER 28, 2017 at 08:09 
    Scottish Football Needs A Strong *Rangers eh?

    A statement made frequently over all media platforms through a compliant media, usually by an EBT recipient.

    You would think *they were being held back, unfairly sanctioned, restricted from operating.


    The mystifying part for me is there always seems to be an unsaid comment but nonetheless a belief that they are somehow entitled to be strong. Perhaps I just don’t recollect it but I genuinely don’t think the same sense of entitlement was there pre-Souness, followed not long after by Murray. The absolute financial falsehood of all those years seems to have completely warped the thinking of the supporters. If they want Rangers to be strong then how do they believe it should happen. There is no Scottish owned bank to throw money at them, and the ship has long sailed on running an unlawful tax avoidance scheme. 

    I have often thought that the so called Souness revolution was the worst thing to happen to them, and indeed to the Scottish game. Souness and his recent puzzling ‘demand’ for Rangers to be strong only reinforces my view.  What does he want – Should there be a levy on the season tickets of all other clubs? Should they receive lottery funding? Should the Scottish Government use income tax to fund them? 

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  18. Perhaps that’s why they ‘miss’ a strong Scottish Football as opposed to a strong Rangers.  The theory being we should all pay for it, just like last time!

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  19. AULDHEIDOCTOBER 29, 2017 at 15:04

    I simply can’t help thinking the Compliance Officer has told the SFA they are completely and utterly snookered on this one. 

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  20. SMUGAS
    OCTOBER 29, 2017 at 19:13  
    Perhaps that’s why they ‘miss’ a strong Scottish Football as opposed to a strong Rangers.  The theory being we should all pay for it, just like last time!

    I take it by “we” you mean every taxpayer in the UK and not just Scottish football supporters.

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  21. Also regarding McInnes, bear in mind that he turned down an offer from Sunderland this summer.  He would have had a handsome salary and transfer money to spend, but just didn’t fancy it.  As I said, no daft.  

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  22.    When Celtic bought Scot Allen, didn’t the Big Liar thank them, saying that the loss to Hibs, was worth more than the net gain to Sevco. Whether they are seriously after McInnes or not, I have no idea, but I would expect them either way, to attempt to gain some unsettling advantage over their rivals, by letting it be known they are. 
       As to whether they can afford him or not via more loans or whatever, again I have no idea, but can confidently say that it was never to be a part of this season’s budget. An unforeseen additional expense is a given. 
       Looking ahead, season ticket income is a long way off. Like most club’s it may fluctuate in relation to performances.  Opting for stealing McInnes now, (or anybody) may be a gamble too far in the hope of improving performances.
        I would suggest that Murty may be given the season, and a new “permanent” manager  might have to wait until the ST feeding frenzy begins.
        Until then, they can always make some shouty noises and column inches, as and when required. 

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  23. Out of left field, (and very happy tonight that we had a delightful Skype with the granweans this morning) can I just get out of my system a niggly ‘same club/new club’ point that has been bugging me because I couldn’t articulate it properly or clearly.

    It is this: the Rangers of 1872 vintage created a ‘standard security’ over Auchenhowie away back in 2001/2002 in favour of the Scottish Sports Council ( which became Sportscotland)

    When Charlie boy’s SevcoScotland  acquired the ‘subjects’ [ title DMB65871 in the Land Register of the Registers of Scotland], he was obliged by the Companies Act to let Companies House (CH) know the details of the charge on the property.

    He duly did so, and this was certified by CH on 15.6.12.

    SevcoScotland changed its name to ‘The Rangers Football Club Limited’.

    It seems to me that it took a helluva long time for the Scottish Sports Council to realise that “The Rangers Football Club Ltd” was not the legal entity [ Rangers Football Club plc of 1872 vintage] that had created the ‘standard security’ in their favour.

    The possibility of TRFC Ltd going tots up and creating some doubt about the Scottish Sports Council’s claim on assets seems not immediately to have entered the minds of the civil servants/ministers who knew of the ‘standard security’.

    Perhaps they do not read the sports pages or listen to the news!

    Realise it they eventually did: In 2015!

    In which year they got Paul Murray, director of TRFC Ltd to sign a fresh ‘standard security’ on 06.05.2015, on the identical basis of the contracts of 2001/2002.

    That is, they made sure legally that what they had signed and agreed with the old Rangers of 1872 had been legally firmed up with a new legal entity-Sevco/TRFC Ltd of 2012.

    And that, incidentally, doesn’t say a hell of lot about the sharpness of the Scottish Sports Council in looking after our money.

    Or maybe in their innocence they took it for granted that TRFC Ltd was too big to fail!

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  24. “In the end I decided against it because I have no experience of being in a relegation battle and trying to save a club”

    How sensible an approach for any football manager!

    Michel Preud’homme , being touted as a possible for TRFC Ltd, has maybe given other possible candidates for the Ibrox job  something to think about.

    Such as having :
    a degree of real awareness of the reality of things in a struggling club, where the struggling is related

    to a divided Board,

    to a Board whose chairman is certainly about to be cold-shouldered by the financial world or may be facing contempt of court charges,

    to a Board who have been told that their Chairman is penniless, while they are expected to pony up to cover the running costs

    to a board which hires managers on God knows what basis, and sacks them at enormous cost in terms of PR and court actions and a sort of ‘third world’ characterisation of hopelesss inefficiency, misdirection, and scattergun ill-will to the rest of Scottish Football.

    Most of us would wish we were, or had been, able to play for our particular clubs.

    Most of us would absolutely fantasise about being manager of our particular clubs.

    Most of us know in our gut that if we were in McInnes’  situation we would find it difficult to balance common sense and realism against the ‘glory’.

    And the realism of someone like Preud’homme might help us.

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  25. News that the SFSA has partnered with Two Point One (of the Barking mad stenography tendency).
    We have sent them a message on Twitter tonight

    I hope that you will reconsider the earlier judgement. Truth is important to us. If 2.1 are partners, we can’t be directly supportive‬.

    Of course individuals may not see this as a dealbreaker, but when people who disseminate falsehoods on a systematic basis are hired to get a message across, trust is a casualty – a fatal one in my view.

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  26. TRISIDIUMOCTOBER 30, 2017 at 02:31


    Couldn’t agree more. 2.1 try and sell themselves as being different from the mainstream, when they are in fact part of the same circle of wagons protecting the SFA and ‘Rangers’.

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  27. SFSA We are also be delighted to announce a partnership with our friends @TheTwoPointOne who will share much of our research findings.
    Terrible decision.

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  28. TrisidiumOctober 30, 2017 at 02:31
    ‘…News that the SFSA has partnered with Two Point One..’
    Who the heck are Two Point One? 

    I’ve never heard of them/it.

    But if they are of the ‘Big Lie’ tendency, the SFSA has shot itself in the foot for ‘partnering’ with them, as far as I’m concerned.

    Essentially, all the cosmetic improvement in the functioning of Scottish Football that the SFSA might succeed in achieving will be meaningless if the Big Lie which in effect denies the very essence of sporting competition,is allowed to continue.

    Partnering with those who are prepared to foster and promote the Big Lie has to be a no-no.

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  29. ALLYJAMBOOCTOBER 28, 2017 at 16:03 

    At the moment, no one seems sure of the new Tynecastle capacity, so let’s say it’s 20,000. A ‘strong’ TRFC will fill the away end, so Hearts would gain 2 X 20,000 crowds from this, but probably not win the three points, having a detrimental effect on their season, and each next home crowd (wins having a better effect on sales then defeats). A ‘weak’ TRFC, on the other hand, with the required segregation of the now shared ‘away’ end, would see a crowd of 19,700, a very likely three points for Hearts, with the obvious positive knock-on effect.

    Give me a pint of what you are on Ally. 🙂

    Agree and get where you are coming from but that was the weakest/poorest team out of Ibrox for some time at Murrayfield and Hearts were generally mince, over the piece.

    A weak or strong T’Rangers will have very little effect on the current Hearts side or indeed over the short to medium terms. It is the performance of our own team and management across a whole season that will end up effecting our points haul and home ticket sales.

    Hopefully with a few returning from injury, a clear out, some January additions and a run of decent home game performances in the revamped Tynecastle things will improve. But that is down to Hearts and Hearts alone.

    As I keep saying, unless there is a real sugar daddy around the corner (and I don’t believe there is) despite having a decent income the level of regular outgoings mean T’Rangers are just a bang average side that can be beaten on any day in the same way Aberdeen are vulnerable from time to time.

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  30. Looks like antifreeze will be on the menu for ex Pedro’s boys this winter.
    Forecasters fear Britain could be battered by coldest winter for FIVE years
    Senior meteorologist Alan Reppert,  “There is a higher-than-normal potential for temperatures below -10C further north, and also cold temperatures further south.”

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  31. wottpiOctober 30, 2017 at 12:34

    I agree entirely that our team is crap right now, they might end up crap forever, but that doesn’t alter my point that a ‘not strong’ TRFC will be easier for a crap Hearts to beat, than a ‘strong’ one, and winning always has a knock on effect. Saturday’s crowd showed that there could be a financial benefit to Scottish football from the large crowds they bring, but that could only be a significant benefit if clubs, like Hearts, could house crowds well in excess of 20,000.

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  32. ALLYJAMBOOCTOBER 30, 2017 at 12:50

    The T’Rangers support on Saturday just shows what many have said. Regardless of what side of the debate you stand on there are plenty folks who are not interested in EBT’s Oldco/newco, Euro licences etc and just want to go along and support their team.

    For all the talk on the blue tinged interweb of boycotting other clubs who are seen as enemies of the people the Bears took all their 14k allocation for Murrayfield and probably would have taken more if offered.

    Now they might not take the same number to Ross County but a short trip east for a day out to see  the Capitals Big Team 🙂 and visiting Murrayfield is clearly one that is attractive. 

    Not sure what cost of hire is but if money was the issue then both Hibs and Hearts could well find it  worthwhile taking both T’Rangers and Celtic to Murrayfield each season if cash can be made.

    However at the end of the day for me it is all about both the Capital teams and everyone else being the best they can be within the confines of their own stadiums and financial resources.

    Decent team on the park and minimal location to away teams is the way for me.

    As for Murrayfield I’d take that for big internationals and cup games any day before Hampdump.

    As Gemma Fay said on Off the Ball the SFA are most likely using the SRU angle as bait to improve anything Hampden Ltd have to do to host the Euro 2020 games.

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  33. wottpiOctober 30, 2017 at 13:11

    …Not sure what cost of hire is but if money was the issue then both Hibs and Hearts could well find it  worthwhile taking both T’Rangers and Celtic to Murrayfield each season if cash can be made.

    Bit of an anathema for us here on SFM, I’d have thought. Giving up home advantage for the sake of a few (OK a lot) of bums on seats. If the day ever comes when Hearts and/or Hibs decide to do that, then sporting integrity goes right out the door. In my opinion, the only way it would make sense, and be acceptable in a sporting context, would be for Hearts and Hibs to agree to play each other there for all matches, or one home match each, in a season.

    Imagine Aberdeen’s justified umbrage if, chasing Celtic in a seriously do-able manner, Celtic had two matches against both Hearts and Hibs at a ground not only half full of their own supporters, but also having no ‘home advantage’ for their opponents!

    Tynecastle and Easter Road confer an advantage, however small, to the home clubs, and it would be a disgrace if either should give it up purely for the sake of finance!

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  34. TrisidiumOctober 30, 2017 at 02:31  
    News that the SFSA has partnered with Two Point One (of the Barking mad stenography tendency). We have sent them a message on Twitter tonight
    ‪”I hope that you will reconsider the earlier judgement. Truth is important to us. If 2.1 are partners, we can’t be directly supportive‬.“
    Of course individuals may not see this as a dealbreaker, but when people who disseminate falsehoods on a systematic basis are hired to get a message across, trust is a casualty – a fatal one in my view.
    SFSA were unsighted on the detailed aspect of 2.1 that caused the response it did. (Insisting its the same club).
    They have since tweeted
    SFSA‏ @scottishfsa 6h6 hours ago More Just to confirm there will be no further interaction between us and two point one @TheClumpany @Auldheid
    An unfortunate PR error on timing but partly due to the preparatory work for The Survey results to be announced at Firhill on 7th Novemeber.
    However there are lessons for everyone from the error as E Tims covered very well at:
    Given the aim of the SFSA is an SFA accountable to supporters of all clubs I think some slack for being unsighted is allowable to focus on the main objective.
    There is a capacity building job going on and the SFSA themselves will have to look at their internal capacity going forward to provide the sort of unified response to the challenges that will emerge in the coming year. 

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  35. Naegreetin,  Must be dinner time for the Jambos.  Here’s a few bits and bobs about Laszlo from Wiki:

    He was appointed manager of Hearts July 2008.
    “In his first season with Hearts, Laszlo guided the team to a third-place finish in the Scottish Premier League and qualification for the inaugural Europa League.[4] Laszlo was subsequently named ‘Manager of the Year’ by both the Scottish Football Writers’ Association and the Scottish Premier League itself. Surprisingly, László was sacked as Hearts manager on 29 January 2010.[4] Even though he was Hearts manager for only 18 months, László held the position longer than any other coach during Vladimir Romanov’s ownership of the club.[4] The Glasgow’s giants Celtic and Rangers were defeated several times in the league and the cup during his reign as Hearts boss. László Csaba was linked with the job of Scotland’s national coach to replace George Burley.”

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  36. AuldheidOctober 30, 2017 at 14:58
    ‘…SFSA‏ @scottishfsa 6h6 hours ago More Just to confirm there will be no further interaction between us and two point one ‘
    I cannot begin to say how glad I am at that, because I am very keen on the SFSA as a truly independent football supporters association.
    I will be attending the Firhill gathering to learn what the academic- led , professional survey has discovered , and how that information will be used to shape the administration of Scottish Football along customer-related lines  with proper accountability to us all for ensuring the integrity of the sporting competitions and  an  administrative level playing-field.
    And I would encourage existing members of the SFSA to try to attend Firhill, and for any readers of the SFM blog who are not already members to sign up straight away for membership-it’s free!

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  37. My goodness just heard Kieran Tierney has just been given a new 6 year contract with Celtic!  I don’t know the last time I have heard of a six year contract!   Obviously delighted.  Several ways to look at it.  Is he going to be one of the dying breed of  One Club players?  If anyone might be I’d say he could be one.  On the other hand if he were hoping to achieve an historic 10 in a row and then move on, he would still only be about 24 or 25 with a couple of years still on his contract.  Big Big money transfer especially if he keeps improving.

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  38. John Clark.
    Yup. A hiccup on the way forward. I’d be there if not enjoying the pleasant Spanish weather but look forward to hearing what emerges from the survey.

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  39. Rangers must win Scottish Premiership ‘as soon as possible’, insists director of football Mark Allen.
    How soon would be as soon as possible? and what if they don’t?
    These are going to be targeted approaches as opposed to a scattergun approach. We will go where the style and type of football matches the type of player we are looking for, as identified by our player profiling.’
    so loans and free transfers then.
    speaking as he announced a new scouting line-up that includes Nine-in-a-Row legend John Brown, Allen insisted ambitious targets were definitely achievable.
    ambitious targets were definitely achievable. sometimes you do wonder if the one’s at the top at ibrox let the one’s at the bottom know just how much of a state the club/company is in. or are they just so blind that they cannot see.
    scouting line-up that includes Nine-in-a-Row legend John Brown,from shouting on the steps to a job as a scout.

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  40.     Bomber to be “Domestic” scout?…..WTF is that?. The top league clubs meet a minimum of 4 x per season, which only leaves the leagues they have recently left. It would be fair to say that a percentage of  the players of quality in the lower leagues, are Celtic loanees. 
        This is the guy who told his players to break opposition legs when he was managing FFS.
        I doubt it will be much of a comfort to any incoming potential manager to learn who will be sourcing his staff. 
         I don’t get it, and can only assume he wasn’t very good in his role as ambassador. 

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  41. An excerpt from ex-PM Gordon Brown’s book[‘My Life, Our Times’]:*

    “It cannot be right that Fred Goodwin walked away with all his past bonuses untouched, a reported tax-free lump sum of £5M and even after he agreed to halve his pension it still was said to amount to £300.000 a year”

    Quite. But at least he  was publicly dishonoured by being stripped of his knighthood.

    We know of another knight who
    cheated Scottish Football for a decade or longer by breaking rules about  disclosing all payments made to players,

    cheated the tax-payer by using an unlawful tax avoidance scheme for years and years ( and singing dumb about it for fear that HMRC might find out and/or that his football rule-breaking  would be spotted and condignly punished  [as if!!] ,

    saved his own personal business by in effect laying the groundwork for the death of a famous football club,

    but who still parades as a respected member of  society unstripped of his knighthood, and essentially unpunished for his cynical, anti-social, anti-sport, dishonourable behaviour.

    And one might,all things considered in due proportion, expect that Mr Brown might have had something to say about that.

    King might be ‘cold-shouldered’ by the Finance community in fullness of time.
    Some knights should be cold-shouldered socially.
    * From Scott MacNab’s piece in today’s printed version of “The Scotsman”

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