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The views and opinions of the Scottish fans who last …

Comment on Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns by Cluster One.

The views and opinions of the Scottish fans who last Saturday threw up their hands in joy and held their heads in despair all within 90 seconds or so suffer from that lack of representation. As deals are done in secret and “announcements” made over innovations and changes they are collectively silent through the funded organisation established to represent them; at best that organ is muted.
From the very good blog above.
And something i was reading up on from Mr Regan in 2014.
Regan said: “You can never be complacent in anything. Football relies on everyone involved in it being honest, transparent up-front and anything that jeopardies that has to be dealt with.

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Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
JOHN CLARKJULY 20, 2017 at 23:18
I cannot now remember for sure where I read that. I think it might have been one of Charlotte’s tapes or emails ,round about the time of the ‘Youare Sevco’ phone tape call from CG to CW. [Or did I dream that????? Has anyone got that on file somewhere?]
The link i had to you are sevco i can’t find now,think i deleted as it no longer worked. But i do have the it on disc somewhere(note to myself look that stuff out one day)
someone asked me about it at the time so i put it on disc and kept one for myself.
you are sevco was not a dream19

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Survey Done.took less than 10 min

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
PROFESSIONAL GAME BOARD ^(Chairman) Rod Petrie(Members) Neil Doncaster, Duncan Fraser, Peter Lawwell, Alan McRae, MichaelMulraney, Stewart Regan, Sandy Stables, Ralph Topping and Andrew Waddell
^Correct as at (12th July 2015)+Independent Non-Executive Director*Co-opted member
If i’m correct(please tell me if i’m wrong)Did PL step down from the professional game board to go to the SPFL board,and now he is  stepping down from SPFL board to take up a position on the SFA board.
Why did he step down from the PROFESSIONAL GAME BOARD to the SPFL board and why is he moving back to the SFA board?

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
I have no account in the UK
Barcabhoy@Barcabhoy12hThe Takeover Panel informed King on the 11th April 2018 , that he would be allowed no extensions to make the Offer He was informed he had to show cash in the UK ring fenced for the offer . He replied saying he would instruct Investec there and then and it would take 6 weeks
I take it he still can’t get that bank account in the UK

To Comply or not to Comply ?
HIGGY’S SHOESJULY 18, 2018 at 15:51

Thought some of you, who are in the dark about why they think they are the peepil, might like to read this.
Taken from the Kansas City Billy Boys FB Page
It may just be the Kansas City Billy Boys, who are in the dark 

To Comply or not to Comply ?
STEVIEBCJULY 18, 2018 at 16:51
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From the Evening Shark Jump;
“2 hrs agoRemember when Kenny Dalglish held a press conference in Bairds Bar?Stacey MullenReporter
ALLYJAMBOJULY 18, 2018 at 17:19
I’m certain, also, that it’s no coincidence that this piece of ‘Celtic news’ is published on a day Dave King issues his latest diatribe against all that he wishes his target audience to blame for his own shortcomings and failures.
—————-Two can play that game.
from this day in history july 18,2012.
15 in a row is what hoops should be chasing if EBT and TAX CASES go against rangers.
They did

To Comply or not to Comply ?
DOM16JULY 18, 2018 at 16:04
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It’s statement time and it’s a beaut
It is a wonder Dave king never blamed the hot weather on something.his finger of blame pointed at everyone and anything, i half expected the heatwave to get the blame for something.
Blame…the facilities.
Blame…the ex managers and the costly severance packages. 
Blame…vociferous supporters,
Blame…members of the media who continuously attack our Club.
Blame…the available candidates  suitable to take the Club forward.the standard that we felt we needed.
Blame….the defence who conceded far too many goals to be able to finish higher than third.
Blame….the off-field activities that we inherited from the previous board.
Blame… Sports Direct’s performance as our retail partner.
 Blame…The law that we are now back in court with the uncertainties that entails. 
Blame…complaints by the old board and supporters of other clubs.
Blame…efforts to deny me fit and proper status with the SFA.
Blame…Certain individuals believe that if they can disrupt the current board.
Blame the SFA who have still not approved Alastair Johnston’s fit and proper status.
Blame…The initial TP ruling was strange in targeting me personally.
Blame…the TP who changed its mind and asked that the funds be placed in an account in the UK.
Blame… my banking facilities as I have no account in the UK and would need time to open one and to get exchange control approval to transfer funds out of SA.
Blame…The TP who refused the necessary extension of time and instituted contempt of court proceedings against me.
Blame…That strange decision has now caused further unnecessary delay, with no end in sight.
Blame…Litigation with the TP is another unwanted personal and financial cost to me.
Blame…the certain demise under the previous board.
Blame…the previous regime adopted every legal strategy to avoid losing the vice like grip they had on our Club.
Blame…the contempt of court application when Mike Ashley tried to put me in jail.
Blame…Sports Direct. As That is what we are up against.
Blame…personal attacks.fellow directors and I have all had to endure. 
Blame..the time dealing with Rangers interests than any of us truly expected.
Blame…Those that wished our Club to fail.
Blame…the inevitable set-backs that will come our way from time to time.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
THEREDPILLJULY 17, 2018 at 20:27

While it’s quiet here is a quick guide as to what CO stands for,it could be Compliance Officer,Cluster One or it could be Corrupt Official or maybe Campbell Ogilvie.As I said its quiet I could have a job here
CO…….Case Of Mistaken Identity’s15

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