BOGS DOLLOXJUNE 19, 2017 at 00:11 This is something that shows …

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BOGS DOLLOXJUNE 19, 2017 at 00:11

This is something that shows me that, at the very least, Regan has something to fear from either the Murray or the Whyte administrations, something he feels will be revealed by one, or both, administrations should he speak out over this undoubted peice of football ‘fraud’. For why wouldn’t he, at the very least, make a statement to the effect that the Rangers board, at both reporting dates, lied to the SFA to obtain a European licence? Why isn’t he trying to distance himself, and the SFA, from this blatant, deliberate, deception?

It is as plain as the nose on his face that he was either in cahoots with them, or they made a ‘fraudulent’ application for the licence, and it has to be both administrations who made the ‘fraudulent’ claims, with Whyte innocent of the original lie at 31 March!

If Regan has only just realised, as a result of the evidence given in the Whyte case, that he (the SFA) was undoubtedly duped, then any honest and decent man would be spitting bullets, determined that the blame should be publicly placed at the door of the perpetrators of that deception, regardless of whether or not it’s too late to exact retribution on those perpetrators.

Funny how he’s so quick to condemn Whyte, and Whyte alone, on other matters!

Just a wee thought on why there is this silence over this major crime against Scottish football: could Regan be afraid of the impact it might have on the big lie?

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Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
John ClarkJuly 20, 2017 at 18:23

Another very welcome update from you, John, keeping us up to speed on what could, and should, be done by the media – that’s the paid for media, though one does wonder why..

It’s amazing the amount of water that’s gone under thon bridge since D&P first entered the annals of Scottish football, and here’s another round of investigations still taking place. With D&P involved, I am left wondering if there’s more to come on the sale to Sevco, or if BDO are solely concerned with how D&P conducted other matters and looking to sue them to recover some monies, or whatever.

Anyway John, you’ve now added Parliamentary Correspondent to Court Reporter on your burgeoning CV. Well done, and thank you.

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
A tweet from Strip the Titles, linked to the above survey/the SFSA. Apparently the SFSA had an audience at Holyrood today, this tweet suggests it was fruitful.

‘Very positive day at Holyrood.We raised your concerns publicly.
Thanks to @scottishfsa for the invite.
More to follow’

Note to Auldheid, I’m now a bit more enthusiastic about the SFSA, particularly if they continue with the positive action I am seeing today 04

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
The survey that Portbhoy mentioned earlier is included within the text of the Press Release but is quite difficult to spot at first. Well worth the effort to find it though, about half-way down but not in the usual blue of a link. I’ve included the link to the article here:

SFSA Benchmark 2017 Survey Results Announced!

and the link direct to the survey here:

The good news is, it lets you register your displeasure11, quite strongly, with those organisations we at SFM are all very displeased with, which is really quite pleasing 04

I feel better already19

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
slimjimApril 23, 2018 at 21:21 
AJ I personally don’t read the newspapers and therefore can’t refute or agree with what you say.The tone of your original post however inferred that the media were used by Rangers to boost ST sales by linking them with a pre-contract move for Scott Arfield. I simply pointed out that this news would not lead to a stampede of Non ST fans to the Ticket Office. If he signs will you have the good grace to post on here that you were wrong? If i told you last season that Hearts would start a game at Ibrox with Kyle Lafferty & Steven Naismith leading your forward line (Not that they got forward much ) would you have believed it?. Stranger things have happened in Scottish football.

I don’t read newspapers either, but pick up what they are saying online when I see references on here and elsewhere. My earlier post was merely a throw away line, mainly as an amusement rather than something to start a discussion over any club’s PR nonsense, however, I note you’ve not contradicted what I said about your lying board, nor the company they use to push their PR, a large part of which will be dedicated to sales of all sorts.

I didn’t believe that Lafferty and/or Naismith would arrive at Tynecastle, and treated the rumours as exactly that until they were sighted at Tynecastle, at which time I believed Hearts were in talks with them. The stories in the press involved not just Hearts, and were clearly speculation over Scottish players looking for a club. That was how I viewed it in both cases. 

I am not saying, and didn’t say, TRFC supporters would buy STs just because Arfield might be, or is, coming. I suggested, though, that it is part of the regular sales pitch pushed each year by TRFC. It may be that no one from the club contacted anyone to say it was happening, but, no doubt, it is the brainchild of Traynor and Level5.

The real news – heavy defeat to Celtic, upcoming title party at Parkhead, King’s TOP compliance (or not), Alastair Johnston’s PR disaster – are all unlikely to help sales one bit, so feelgood deflection is urgently needed.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
slimjimApril 23, 2018 at 21:02 sure if this is allowed but would be interested in Auldheids response.

Absolute nonsense that I know Auldheid will debunk better than I, but I will just ask; do you think this response to Auldheid, or what it contains, is the reason why it’s taking so long for the Compliance Officer to clear both Rangers and the SFA of the fraudulent issuing of a Euro License? I mean, if it was that simple, and everything was above board, it would be easy to prove and publish quickly to clear the names of all involved, would it not?

To Comply or not to Comply ?
slimjimApril 23, 2018 at 19:35 
AJI don’t think we’re the only club that uses PR to put a positive spin on a story tbh. Do you believe that it’s Rangers & Rangers alone who are the subject of transfer speculation from the media?.If you do then you are the one who must pay attention.As a Rangers supporter and having spoken to fellow supporters today none would be tempted into buying a ST on the back of SA signing.

Other clubs may well use PR to sell season tickets, but TRFC have taken it to a whole new level, Level5, in fact. Every season there has been a whole raft of fanciful signings bandied about, and no other club has the unquestioning help that TRFC gets from the SMSM, who publish these stories as though they’ve discovered them by their own digging, rather than received them in an email from Jim Traynor.

The true, big story at Ibrox surrounds money, or rather the lack of it, and the continued grandiose claims of Chinese suitors with £14m to spend on a striker more noted for his big match misses than his goals, a deal with a small-time kit manufacturer supposedly with a down payment to the club worth as much as the manufacturer’s net annual profit, and every season SMSM backed ‘rumours’ of ‘named’ signing targets that outweigh the number of such stories of the whole of the rest of Scottish football put together.

You might think it doesn’t work with the Ibrox faithful, but the whole shooting match that is TRFC has been built on lies and unfulfilled promises that the faithful buy into, lock stock and barrel, until the media turn against the board and feed them the truth as though it has only just become apparent. As long as they use words like ‘We are the people’, ‘surrender, no!’, ‘orange tops’ and so on, allied to the rhetoric of a big club, the season tickets sell. The effect on TRFC of a reality that isn’t ‘biggest and best’ hasn’t been tested yet, but your old club was quite famous for it’s collapsing support whenever it’s superiority was proven to be non-existent.

The truth is, TRFC are nowhere near as good as the amount of money spent, not yet paid, borrowed and promised should have them, and TRFC will move ever closer to the next Ibrox insolvency event if they don’t match, at least, the ST sales of last season – that were built on the back of yet more promises and dud, or unfulfilled, ‘big named signings’.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
slimjimApril 23, 2018 at 17:24 
AJRangers fans buy season tickets because they support Rangers. SimpleThe potential signing of SA would hardly have non-season ticket supporters breaking down the door to the Ticket Office.Neither you nor i know whether he will join or not. Only time will tell.

And Morelos is really worth £14m. And TRFC isn’t up to the lying necks of it’s board in debt. And Jim Traynor is not involved in their efforts to sell season tickets. And there’s never before been unsubstantiated media rumours of high profile (in SPFL terms) players that TRFC were about to sign, at season ticket time. And Rangers supporters used to buy season tickets to watch Rangers, but now they buy them to watch TRFC.

If you believe that TRFC don’t have their PR team put out these rumours to help encourage ST sales then you haven’t been paying attention. 

Since it’s inception, even before it was renamed The Rangers Football Club, the club you now support has based it’s whole existence on lies. Lies then, lies now and lies for as long as it lasts.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Sky Sports have announced that Scot Arfield is the latest name to be used to sell Ibrox season tickets.

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