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    Some of us have grandchildren older than Rangers

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    Bad Money?
    Here you go JC https://philmacgiollabhain.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/SDIR-v-Rangers-April-2019-Trial-Final-Judgment-July-22-2019-1.pdf

    You won't enjoy paragraph 18 I'm afraid.

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Easyjambo wrote

    An unexpected development about Rangers Retail Limited


    The following information is available from the company's filing history.

    8 Jun 2019  DISS16(SOAS)  Compulsory strike-off action has been suspended 

    The previous document indicated that the company would be struck off, but I wonder if some legal action remains outstanding that could not happen if RRL was dissolved

    Could this be a consequence of last week's as yet unpublished verdict? Perhaps RRL is to be reactivated if the court has ruled in Ashley's favour.

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    Good article on Bolton's financial difficulties.
    It lays out the options before the judge in today's winding up petition. The Peepil will be unimpressed by the explanation of the liquidation option –

    "Recovery from this scenario would be along the lines of Glasgow Rangers, in that it would require a brand new club applying for registration to EFL."

    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    Making a claim from the OC administrators may be complicated by the fact that both HMRC and EBT recipients would be claiming for the same unpaid tax. As Homunculus noted the financial returns would be meagre even if the claims were successful. It might clarify whether they satisfied the football creditors rule however. If this was followed by an invocation of NCs 5 way agreement undertaking then things could become very interesting.

    Dear Mr Bankier
    TRFC ltd have 29 trademarks registered but appear to have no claim on variants of (the) old firm. 


    I suspect CFC's renewal  with TRFC PLC is a purely defensive measure to prevent the newco from exploiting the 'old firm' trademarks