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    Should have added that we have an open invitation to members and others to write blogs. More than happy to hear what folk have to say at length. 👍

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    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    New blog up

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    Paddy Malarkey

    Thought it was an obscure but relevant cultural reference 🙂

    On reflection though frown


    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    Lots of points there, but I will attempt to address the main ones;
    The frequency with which new blogs appear has long been considered adequate since in the main, the subject of blogs rarely takes over what is in effect chat room type situation. We have had a consensus on formats too, like whether to change to a forum, nested comments etc. That’s not to say that won’t change of course.
    I’m not sure it is relevant to activity, but in terms of the cost of running the blog, we originally wanted a self-hosted solution for security. Historically we needed a robust solution which protected us from the several attacks which took place, and of course we required moderators round the clock. In the absence of volunteers to do so, these guys have to be paid, since Tris and I can’t do it ourselves.
    Of course if the numbers were reduced on a long term basis we’d have to look at that requirement again.
    The site design looks ok to me (certainly cost enough to purchase the template and implement), but if you are seriously offering to redesign it, please PM me😊
    What you say about links to different content we probably should think about – and we will.

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    In Whose Interests
    Higgy’s Shoes
    Both Bobby and Jim great Hearts people – and real characters in a game sadly bereft of them these days. RIP Bobby, and get well soon Jim.

    In Whose Interests

    I thin there is an element of wishful thinking on Twitter and elsewhere on the Kent issue.

    I don't think there is any good reason why TRFC wouldn't have paid the first instalment of the Kent transfer.

    In fact the loud whispers we heard alleged that the 6m or so was the total value of the deal over the four years of the contract. That would make the fee £2m – £3.5m depending on the add-on triggers being exercised. So a less arduous task to pay LFC than one might think (if true).

    For sure though, the financial stability of TRFC is a tenuous one – and although I am still of the opinion that admin is extremely unlikely, they may only be one drama away from a crisis.

    In Whose Interests
    The Belgian model seems to have paid dividends with the national squad, but not in terms of club successes in Europe. Could be coincidental either way of course, but at least they have a structure.
    I don’t believe there is any congenital lack of talent in Scottish schools though, so the question needs to be asked, “why do countries of comparable size almost invariably outperform us at club and international level?”
    Street football is in decline because other pursuits are becoming more popular with kids – and anxious parents. The authorities need to address that in a marketing sense, and also deal with the lack of ball time available to kids who are serious about their game.
    As EJ says, they haven’t followed through sufficiently on the latter point. Goes without saying that they have a marketing crisis when it is apparent to anyone that the game in Scotland is in the hands of amateurs. Kinda puts prospective professionals off.

    In Whose Interests
    Off to Crewe for a funeral but will respond to some of the excellent points made re development when I get back on Sat.

    Bad Money?
    New blog up by Auldheid