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    bordersdon 10th September 2019 at 11:04

    It's evident that activity on here has reached a new low! Is this because:

    1. Folk see no hope of changing/improving the governance of Scottish football and of ever getting a recognition that a certain cheating club, who won many Scottish football honours whilst cheating, died and a new club was created?

    I think it is clear the authorities and the media will never allow such recognition to take place. I doubt very much whether the Judiciary would either. 'Rangers' is the establishment club, i.e 'their club'. 

    1. A sense that Res 12 has been kicked so far into the long grass that it is lost?

    Auldheid will maybe update, but it is far from dead. Celtic must still formally answer via their AGM, and moves are definitely afoot to make them do just that at this year's AGM. The SFA also have to close the case out too, although they know they can say 'move on' as the media line up to accuse Celtic fans of paranoia. 

    1. There is no expectation that the new club (see above) is in any way heading for administration/liquidation? Certainly in the past there has been nothing like an impending financial disaster to get the SFM keyboards rattling.

    They always seem to get money from somewhere. 

    Or a mixture of all three of the above?

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    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    Ryan Kent never played a game for Liverpool’s first team. He has 10 goals in 104 appearances for Barnsley, Bristol City, Coventry and Rangers, all while on loan. Last season he scored 6 goals and had 5 assists for Rangers. Is he really a £7m player who is going to be a game changer in terms of the title? Even allowing for my obvious bias I think it is a very pertinent question to ask. 

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    Cluster One 3rd September 2019 at 19:36

    I would hazard a guess at that price that is where the first kent payment is coming from.


    Not all all. According to Mark Allen on Talksport today Rangers are on a very sound financial footing. Hmmm.

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    Cluster One 3rd September 2019 at 18:20

    I’m sure i have read celtic prices for a package for the european home games is £72.
    Anyone seen a price for the ibrox package?


    The prices for the three Celtic Europa League games are: Adults – £72, Concessions – £57, Under 13 £42

    The prices for the three Rangers Europa League games are: Adults – £111, Concessions  – £78, Juniors -£54

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    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    wottpi 17th November 2019 at 21:20

    Hearts had four winding up orders raised by HMRC between December 2011 and November 2012.


    Yet Rangers under Craig Whyte stopped paying tax in October 2011 and HMRC never once issued a WUO. In fact, HMRC only sprung into action when Whyte himself made a move towards Administration. 

    In terms of Rangers currently being behind on tax I would be very surprised, but who knows. Also, there is simply no way that nonsense in the Times last week was for nothing.

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    An awful lot of people on social media saying the current Rangers are behind on their taxes. Right now it might just be people putting two and two together and coming up with five. I guess that's what happens when a ridiculous story appears like the one in the Times last week. 

    On a general note, if any football club is behind on tax how long would HMRC wait before taking action? 

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    I have to laugh when I read and hear media people saying people will argue about the Rangers tax case for years to come. There is no argument. The highest court in the UK found in HMRC's favour. Rangers lost. There is no further appeal. What is there to argue about?

    The only problem we currently have is that people in the employ of the Times Newspaper have twisted the narrative of a story for their own ends. So much so that it forced HMRC to go public on the matter when as a rule they never comment. I imagine the senior management of the Times will not take kindly to such an inaccurate article attracting the attention of HMRC in this way. What utter fools those behind this nonsense look today. 

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Several cryptic messages are appearing on social media that the current Rangers are behind on tax which is the reason for a couple of their fans getting a quite absurd story published in the Times.

    If, and it remains a huge if, they are currently behind on tax then HMRC would indeed be due criticism for not acting. Personally I can't see it. If there is one bill Rangers will want paid it will be the tax bill.

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    The Rangers nil? Who missed the penalty @ 15/11/2019


    In my view HMRC should be pushing for a retraction and apology from the Times. STV and others should be checking their facts. The desperation to somehow clear Rangers name in all of this is disturbing, and it is little wonder that people scoff at Journalists who hold the media up as guardians of the truth. In this case the truth was there for them and still they chose to ignore it. Is it really so bad that they can't just admit Rangers cheated on tax, HMRC caught them, and beat them? The amount they owed meant liquidation with or without penalty charges. It really is as simple as that.