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    Petrie making belated noises about stamping out sectarianism in Scottish football.


    Doncaster publicly backing a "Respect Our Players" campaign.


    Undoubtedly, two very worthwhile initiatives…


    but, promoted by easily the two most – allegedly – corrupt and mistrusted individuals in Scottish football.



    You have to laugh… angel



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    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    Although I didn't watch the Belgium humping game, I was interested to find out the attendance after the game had finished.

    I looked right across all the MSM reports I could find of the game – but not one mention of the crowd size.

    IIRC, the attendance figure would also typically be shown at the foot of the 'Team Line Ups' page.


    Anyhoos, Jingle Jackson has noted in his DR p!sh today that the crowd on Monday night was a lowly 20,000.

    [It was reportedly 32,000 on Friday v. Russia.]

    Even though our team is mince, 20K against the number 1 ranked team on the planet confirms a new level of apathy amongst footy fans.


    What does the SFA have to say about the dwindling support?


    Not a peep from – or sight of – our beloved leader, Maxwell.


    But, in a Level42-esque, pitiful PR response the SFA has now informed the SMSM that there is currently a review of grass roots football…

    • which was started 'even before the Russia game' indecision
    • which would replace the last, new grass roots strategy which the SFA had implemented, way back in…2017! enlightened


    So, basically nobody at the SFA has a clue – but carry on.


    As for the lesser-spotted SFA CEO…

    Maxwell is a bit like the coffee brand: he stays in his House!


    Sorry, I'll get my mug…

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    Lifted from the BBC Comments section;


    "17. Posted by Everybody Loves Chelmsfordon  

    I think the manager has to be sacked after this appalling display. I mean – how can you expect to hang on to your job after only scoring 4 past Scotland? "


    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)

    I thought an SFA President was akin to a non-exec Chairman.

    No operational authority, but there to provide wise counsel?


    Maxwell [aka The Scarlet Pimpernel]

    Guess he's still locked in the bunker then, developing rickets?


    UK politics and Scottish professional football.

    Another similarity might be illusion.

    One creates the illusion of democracy.

    The other creates an illusion of fair, sporting competition.

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    In Whose Interests
    I've heard from an impeccable source that VAR will indeed be used for the League Cup Final next month.


    A select team of SPL refs will man the VAR monitors to provide objective feedback into the match ref's earpiece.


    However, as it's too short notice, Hampden can't provide a dedicated room with the necessary kit.

    The SPFL has instead identified an alternative space, relatively near to Hampden.

    The Louden Tavern has thanked the SPFL for choosing their bar to host Scotland's first VAR room – and has confirmed that all SPL referees will receive their pints free of charge.


    In Whose Interests
    It doesn't help having a [men's] national team which is pitifully poor…

    but these international breaks are starting to 'do ma nut in!".


    These prolonged breaks just distract from the bread and butter of world footy, i.e. away from domestic league schedules, during interesting and exciting periods.


    I'd probably have a more sympathetic opinion if we had a glimmer of hope for the national team.

    But how many are going to bother attending the Kazakhstan game at the Hampden Athletics Stadium next week?

    How many are going to even bother watching on TV?

    In Whose Interests
    You can just guess the possible drama Morelos might create in January as well.


    If a club comes in with a low ball offer – and only after assuring Morelos' agent that the player would receive a very acceptable £XX K a week…

    …and if TRFC says "no thanks, raise your offer", [mibbees several times],

    …and if Morels stamps his feet and sticks out the petted lip – and then threatens to go on strike to force his move…

    It could be a major headache for Gerrard and upset the squad harmony and focus.


    Morelos' temperament on the park has always been suspect, and IMO, his eventual departure from Ibrox will most definitely NOT be a smooth, quick transaction.

    In Whose Interests
    I was vaguely aware of some pre match noises being made: Gerrard publicly asking the ref 'to protect his players’ – with Holt seemingly taking the bait and biting back.

    But Holt's apparently unedited response below is an excellent and eloquent retort.

    And good for him that he wasn't going to be intimidated by Gerrard: he knows he's going to pelters for daring to speak up against the Ibrox club.


    "Gary Holt's blast at Rangers boss Steven Gerrard in full."


    In Whose Interests
    IF, this US source is true…

    Just when you think that UEFA couldn't devalue the successor tournament to the European Cup any more;

    "UEFA Targeting New York Area for 2024 Champions League Final, Sources Say

    Club soccer’s most prestigious cup competition has never been held off European soil…"



    I suppose that's one way to kill off fans' complaints about the club finalists not receiving enough match tickets – and it could allow UEFA to sell even more corporate packages too!

    Then it will Beijing after that…

    So disrespectful to European clubs' fans that it does sound like an idea UEFA would consider.