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    Thanks for the link trp. I was unaware that the SFA went in to bat for Ajax over the sectarian banner charge nor that it is the tune itself that Uefa insist is sectarian and not just the lyrics of the Billy Boys. So forty thousand fans humming the tune would still be enough to close the stadium.Wonder how they would treat the Dundee choir should they qualify to play in their tournaments.The article does highlight the difference in approach to sectarianism from Uefa and the Scottish football authorities.One is actively trying to eradicate and educate while the other appears to be shrugging it's shoulders. 

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    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
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    It's interesting that the discussion point of the match seems focussed on a Celtic player claiming to score. See Craigey…whats he like. The Celtic player may well be on a goal bonus so I can see why he might want to claim he scored.Hearts have their own issues currently and it looks like a handy deflection from a seasoned SPFL manager.

    Oh and I don't think Bayo scored BTW.


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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Comparing football fans (un)forgiving nature but maybe slightly off message ? Whoops


    Matthew Lindsay in The herald…


    "Yet, the rebels were, it was subsequently shown, perfectly entitled legally to take such a course of action. Their misgivings about the new club hierarchy, “



    see the full article



    Accountability via Transparency.
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    Sevco/Sevco Scotland.

    Accountability via Transparency.
    The lack of action by the  SFA on the continued sectarian chanting/incursions/pyrotechnics etc is being brought into sharp focus by Derek McInnes's understandable emotional reaction to the incessant taunting endured as he watched his game plan disintegrate.It has to be pointed out though that Celtic have been proactive in partial ground closure and it is good to see Hearts taking a similar stand.To some the Celtic statement is whataboutery, to my mind it is laced with a sense of frustration at the silence of the authorities on these matters for such a long a time.

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
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    My thoughts on this go back to the amateur game where I served on a Disciplinary Committee.

    There, a wrong team line meant an automatic voiding of the result, maybe a fine but that was never the deterrent. The overturning of the result was. Either loss of points or replay.


    I was that soldier. 

    Many years ago I was asked to play for a team in a Yugoslavian social club league (UK). I had played a couple of times on a Sunday for them at the behest of a good friend. All was well until I was booked and asked for my name..slimonivo..slimoni  ah fek it.

    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    Re: Strict liability,I too have my reservations mainly who watches the watchers. Having seen the incident concerning the assault on Tavernier last night then the need for some kind of action is  pressing. I would like to see the police become more involved and suggest that such incursions should force the hosting club to double their spend on proper policing (not stewarding) for the following three/four games regardless of the profile of the matches.It punishes the club and puts the emphasis for controlling unruly/criminal behaviour back where it belongs.