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    Thanks for the link trp. I was unaware that the SFA went in to bat for Ajax over the sectarian banner charge nor that it is the tune itself that Uefa insist is sectarian and not just the lyrics of the Billy Boys. So forty thousand fans humming the tune would still be enough to close the stadium.Wonder how they would treat the Dundee choir should they qualify to play in their tournaments.The article does highlight the difference in approach to sectarianism from Uefa and the Scottish football authorities.One is actively trying to eradicate and educate while the other appears to be shrugging it's shoulders. 

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    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
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    It's interesting that the discussion point of the match seems focussed on a Celtic player claiming to score. See Craigey…whats he like. The Celtic player may well be on a goal bonus so I can see why he might want to claim he scored.Hearts have their own issues currently and it looks like a handy deflection from a seasoned SPFL manager.

    Oh and I don't think Bayo scored BTW.


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    It's been mentioned before BP , the the board might argue that having an entity playing in the top league based at Ibrox and playing in blue being spanked regularly would be commercially advantageous. They will argue that season ticket uplift and media rights/shirt sales etc have all significantly increased since the appearance of TRFC in the the top league. This of course ignores the fact that the signing of a top class manager had anything to do with subsequent success/sales. It also is awkward in that such profits have been generated by at least a tacit acknowledgement that TRFC is the same as it ever was. For me the real question is to the board..did any Celtic director or employee sign up to the 5 way agreement.If the answer is no then there is no impediment to the board pursuing res 12 to its end.

    1 Did any Celtic plc employee/director agree to accept the 5 way agreement in full

    2.If not ,when did Celtic plc become aware of the existence of said 5 way agreement


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    Ever the optimist the lesser of two evils for the board might be to involve the polis (presupposing all hands are clean at Celtic plc.).I hope not, but believe this will be voted down and a long winded explanation of time/expense/expectation will accompany the negative response from the major shareholding,they will gamble that enough time has passed that the support will no longer be motivated enough to decry such (in)action.

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    From what I can find it seems that the Dutch and the French have followed two different models of youth development. The French seem to have opted for the 'elite' method alluded to in my earlier post re: FA school at Lilleshall. The French are based at Clairfontaine and the results of their approach are not to be sniffed at. The Dutch have allowed the clubs to progress youth development by advocating "Jong" or colt teams from the professional clubs to compete in pro football beneath the top tier. I'm not sure about either system to be honest but the SFA have not to my knowledge tried either at any time.

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    Recent postings prompted a look at our near neighbours to see how they are so superior in player development. I am not convinced they are. I remember as I’m sure other posters do too, the FA school of excellence in the 80's/90's . An academy promoted by the FA to winnow the wheat from the chaff of aspiring young footballers. It did produce some results ,one of which currently plays in Glasgow, Jermaine Defoe. Ultimately it was disbanded as the coaching and tactics were deemed outdated and the responsibility for producing the next generation of Defoe was devolved back to the clubs. Given their numerical advantage I don't believe England , perhaps of late preferring to spend money on casting the net further afield , has succeeded in this arena any more than Scotland. Looking at the current English squad it would be difficult to pick any single player as a sure fire starter in a European select. Commercial imperatives will always mention Kane or Sterling but realistically not for me. Iceland is sometimes held up as an example of small country success but again I think this is more down to a limited squad selection promoting an almost regular team cohesion and understanding. Holland and France are the real deal. What are they doing that we are not?


    Accountability via Transparency.
    Comparing football fans (un)forgiving nature but maybe slightly off message ? Whoops


    Matthew Lindsay in The herald…


    "Yet, the rebels were, it was subsequently shown, perfectly entitled legally to take such a course of action. Their misgivings about the new club hierarchy, “



    see the full article