Sweet Little Lies


Tell me all your sweet, sweet little lies
All about the dark places you hide
Tell me all your problems, make them mine
Tell me all your sweet, sweet little lies

The stridency of Scottish journalist/pundits, particularly coming from those on the BBC Sportsound platform from where they cry out for an investigation into what took place behind the scenes before and after the SPFL put forward a resolution to SPFL clubs, subsequently accepted by the majority, that allowed SPFL to pay out needed prize money to sides below the Premier level is, to quote an old saying, “the talk of the steamie”.

Whilst those cries are ostensibly in support of a demand led by The Rangers FC for a need to change the governance at the SPFL, it is not clear if they mean the way the SPFL conduct business or the way individuals inside the SPFL go about the conduct of that business.

During on-air interviews, questions are being put to clubs about the degree of confidence they have in individuals rather than the processes, systems and structures. This suggests it is individuals who are being placed under scrutiny, and not the dysfunctional processes and structures themselves. A pity, since there is little doubt the governance is dysfunctional.

SFM has long been asking questions about the system and processes of governance and in fact tried to elicit the help of a number of journalists (in 2014) after information which had not been made available to the then SPFL lawyers Harper MacLeod during or after the LNS inquiry had surfaced.

Information that had it been made available would have changed the charges of Old Rangers’ mis-registration of players contracts, and to the more recent and unresolved matter of their failing to act in good faith to fellow club members (which the SFA Compliance Officer made in June 2018 in respect of non-compliance with UEFA FFP regulations relating to tax overdue in 2011).

Following the last Celtic AGM a detailed independent investigation by an accountant was provided to Celtic who passed it to the SFA where the matter has been overtaken by world events but not forgotten. That report can be read here.

It only adds to the mountain of evidence on https://www.res12.uk that suggests the need for reform of both governance bodies, their structures, systems and process.

Instead the media have given us a narrow head hunt to remove individuals for reasons that can only be guessed. This from individuals in the media whose motivations are as questionable now as they were in 2014, when they and their organisations ignored stronger evidence of greater wrong doing than has so far been presented by those currently advocating change.

The current media clamour for heads on a plate carries with it more than a whiff of hypocrisy.

During week commencing 22 September 2014, some volunteer SFM readers posted a bundle of documents that had surfaced to a number of journalists. SFM had previously sent these documents to Harper MacLeod, the then SPL lawyers. These were important documents pertinent to Lord Nimmo Smith’s inquiry into Rangers use of EBTs, documents which had not been made available to Harper MacLeod by Rangers Administrators Duff and Phelps despite being requested in March 2012 as part of the commissioning of LNS.

Earlier SFM blogs provide the details of communications with Harper MacLeod and can be read from the same link(s) provided to 12 Scottish media journalists in the draft below.

Some of the addresses may have received more than one copy but apart from one for whom only an e mail address was known, they should have received at least one hard copy of what Harper MacLeod/SPFL had been provided with which the latter passed to the SFA Compliance Officer in September 2014 according to their last reply to SFM. It is unlikely none were received by the organisations they were addressed to.

The draft to the journalist which the volunteers were at liberty to amend said:

I am a reader of The Scottish Football Monitor web site and attach for your information a set of documents that Duff and Phelps, acting as Rangers Administrators in April 2012, failed to provide to the then Scottish Premier League solicitors Harper MacLeod, who were charged with gathering evidence to investigate the matter of incorrect player registrations from July 1998 involving concealed side letters and employee benefit trusts by Rangers FC as defined in the eventual Lord Nimmo Smith Commission.

The failure to supply the requested information in the form of the attached documents as clearly instructed resulted in incorrect terms of reference being drawn up by Harper Macleod and a consequent serious error of judgement by Lords Nimmo Smith in his Decision as regards sporting advantage.

The information in the attached was provided to Harper MacLeod and the SPL Board in Feb 2014 and it was pointed out in subsequent correspondence that SFA President Campbell Ogilvie had failed to make a distinction in his testimony to Lord Nimmo Smith between the already confirmed as irregular Discount Option Scheme EBTs paid to Craig Moore, Tor Andre Flo and Ronald De Boer from 1999 to 2002/03 under Rangers Employee Benefit Trust (REBT) and the later loan EBTsfrom 2002/03 onwards under the Murray Group Management Remuneration Trust (MGMRT), having initiated the first DOS EBT to Craig Moore (as shown in the attached) and being a beneficiary of a MGMRT EBT as widely reported in national press in March 2012 at the time investigations commenced.
The complete narrative was set out in a series of blogs on The Scottish Football Monitor Web Site that are accessible from

(Edit: The links to the original SFM blogs were listed but some have been lost but original sources have been uploaded to Google Drive accessible from the above link)

However in spite of the correspondence sent to Harper MacLeod, there has been no response from them or the SPFL, save their answer to the original letter. (Edit: There was subsequent correspondence with Harper Macleod after the package and this letter was sent to the journalists which can be read from the above index to the original blogs.)

These points suggests that the SPFL, Harper MacLeod and Lord Nimmo Smith were misled by Duff and Phelps failure to supply the attached documents as instructed as well as Campbell Ogilvie’s failure to correct Lord Nimmo Smiths decision to treat all EBTs as “regular” when the DOS EBTs are not, as the attached evidence clearly demonstrates.

You are one of a number of journalists to whom this letter and attachments is addressed either electronically or hard copy. We are hoping that some journalists will prove themselves worthy of the challenge and investigate the story, even if only to refute it and stop suspicion of a cover up.

A copy of this letter and responses from addressees (or failures) will be published on The Scottish Football Monitor web site for the Scottish football supporting public to note. The e mail address for your reply is press@sfm.scot and we hope that you will investigate what appears to have been the corruption of the very process set up to establish the truth or you will explain why you cannot.
Yours in Sport

Note: The letter above was drafted and distributed with the documentation before a reply from Harper MacLeod was received, but as the reply did not address the issue of the nature of the irregular DOS EBTs, the request to journalists to investigate was even more valid.
The following were the journalists to whom documentation was posted/delivered.

Mr Richard Gordon
Mr Richard Wilson
Mr Tom English all at the BBC.

Mr Grant Russell
Mr Peter A Smith. At STV

Mr Andrew Rennie Daily Record Sports Editor

Mr Paul Hutcheon
Mr Graham Speirs
Mr Gerry Braiden at The Herald

Mr Mathew Lindsay Evening Times (belatedly)

Mr Gerry McCulloch Radio Clyde

Ms Jane Hamilton Freelance ex-Sun Sunday Mail (by e mail)

Only three individuals showed an interest but it is inconceivable to think that the media outlets they worked for were ignorant of the information provided or that the Scottish media sports departments are unaware of the narrative and its implications which were subsequently picked up by The Offshore Game but drew no refuting comments with the exception of Tom English.

He opined that the TOG report was ‘flawed’ although he did not specify how he came to that conclusion.

Darren Cooney of the Daily Record did take an interest in November 2015 when he met an SFM representative, who explained the case then sent him a summary to give to his editor but The Daily Record did not publish the story nor give any reason why they didn’t.

Grant Russell was with STV at the time and a meeting with him was arranged with a fellow SFM contributor but he failed to show up.
He subsequently did show an interest when The Court of Session ruled the Big Tax Case unlawful in July 2017, when he was provided with the a note of the consequences for the LNS Commission. However Grant moved jobs to join Motherwell in late October 2017.

Why bring all this his up now?
Because currently, the existence of texts and e-mails and unsubstantiated claims of skullduggery appear to have energised a media (and BBC Sports Department in particular) that had ‘no appetite’ to investigate actual evidence presented to them in 2014. There seems to be little doubt that an agenda is being followed, but as the preceeding paragraphs demonstrate, it casts doubt that their motivation is reform of the governance of Scottish football, and raises a suspicion that replacement of individuals (whose steerage of the good ship Scottish Football into the RFC iceberg was deemed adequate a decade ago) is what is important. A meaningless powerplay. No more no less.

One may jump to the conclusion that the foregoing is a defence of the individuals at the centre of this controversy, and that it defends the SPFL position in respect of the requisitioners review of governance. That would be the wrong conclusion. The point is that a wide-ranging review of the SFA/SPFL governance is way overdue.

The time window covered by any review should the very least cover the tenure of those accused of malfeasance and mis-governance. The media, and the requisitioners are cherry-picking their poor governance. That is poor governance in itself.


  1. tony 22nd May 2020 at 20:02


    Good luck to you and your mates, I hope you stay healthy, but I'm sticking with H+S.

    I see professional sport is in Phase 2 of the unlockdown, which would seem to be from the last week in June if all goes well.

    I have a nightmare vision of French Eddy contracting the virus. Fans of other clubs will have similar I'm sure.

  2. Cluster One 21st May 2020 at 23:14

    '…..Read somewhere that the close brothers loan was due no later than June 30, 2020, Almost time to pay back that loan'


    Release from the Standard Security SC425159 0015 over the Albion Car park is obtained 'upon the expiry of the 'Security Period', and 'Security period' is  defined 'the period beginning on the date o this standard security and ending on the date [ edit: I'll reduce the verbiage, and use ].. 'when all the secured liabilities have been discharged"

    That is, it's not a loan with a fixed date of repayment. However long TRFC owe monies to their lender, their lender is making money through any repayments + interest until the whole borrowed sum has been repaid, secure in the knowledge that if a default event occurs, they can grab the properties itemised in the standard security.

    The loan you remember seeing which had a repayment date of next month may be another , perhaps a smaller loan of a more ordinary type?

    I don't know, of course, but I'm enjoying myself reading about that kind of stuff, and trying to make sense of it. 

    But it's galling to think that tykes like CW and the members of the Ibrox board know their way about in that world, a world in which I would be as a babe in arms!


  3. Maybe it’s his take on  “Hogan, Logan and Mary Ann Macgraw”.

    Most people don’t know that Val Doonican was a grumpy old B and picked on and gave out constantly to one and all especially a pal of mine who was a student at the time working at a theatre one summer in the early 80s where the Val Doonican Show was playing.

    Having had weeks of abuse and living in fear of his next bollocking he got his own back.

    When Val sat on his rocking chair at the end of a show to sing the last song and smile sweetly at his aged female fans he got a surprise

    He quickly realised that his beloved chair had just been varnished and he was sticking to it. 

    So while he was singing and in character trying to look like everyones favourite whatever the audience were unaware he was varnished to his seat and all the long abused crew were pissing themselves.

    Uncle Val, pro that he is finished the song then went ballistic throwing a hissy fit after his smiling curtain call.


    And this is a football story as the varnishing student went on to be one of our top football refs!

  4. The Chairman of the Scottish Football Supporters Association, (SFSA), has penned a few blogs recently and I referred to their site today to read the coverage of the SFA’s decision on Tuesday.

    There was a mention, including;

    “…I’m no expert but have been told the decision raises more questions than it resolves and none of the decision makers come out of it with any credit.

    My sources said too much is in the public domain for this one to slip into the oblivion the authorities would like.”


    Would anyone know if the SFSA has any plans to publicly convey the level of disappointment / concern / anger of football supporters about this decision –  and/or to the SFA directly?

  5. StevieBC 23rd May 2020 at 13:45


    Their last newsletter, dated May 16th., would have been distributed before that announcement was made. Watch the space, but I doubt it would be paid much attention if they did.

  6. easyJambo 22nd May 2020 at 17:01
    How would Celtic fans feel if UEFA chose to dispense with CL qualifying and saw the club consigned to the EL group stages?
    For me it is what it is in these times, i suppose things are not perfect (as if they evere were)IF Sacrifices have to be made they have to be made, just my opinion.

  7. StevieBC 22nd May 2020 at 18:01
    • Perform and Win

    • Strong Quality Growth

    • Better financial returns

    • Respected and Trusted to Lead
    I don’t have my Glasses on but is that an Asterisk in front of the 4 values ?

  8. Finloch 23rd May 2020 at 07:24


    Finloch has a thumbs down. Could reasonablechap be Val Doonican's mum? I think we should be told.

  9. I don’t know the veracity of information I received today, but it was suggested that the collapse of “Specialist Leisure” (Shearings, Wallace Arnold etc.) will have a direct impact on the Parks of Hamilton group, as the travel companies used Parks coaches with their own liveries. Most business failures tend to have a knock on impact on the supply chains, so this one could be little different.

    It’s worth noting that the Parks have taken more than £20m out the business in dividends in the last couple of years. (some of that will have found its way into the Ibrox coffers)    

  10. We could mibbes take a leaf out of Turkish football's book by having life-sized cardboard cutouts of ST holders placed on seating for behind-closed-doors matches . Give the occasion a more normal look (it would still look too frenetic for Firhill , though !).

  11. easyJambo 23rd May 2020 at 18:25


    I imagine all coach companies must be feeling the pinch. Parks is also a car dealer so there will be an impact there too. I wonder if Mr Park will no longer be able to fund his £50,000 a season Executive Box at Celtic Park! 

  12. Paddy, that and some sound effects might just be the answer!   I'd hold back on fireworks though!

  13. paddy malarkey 23rd May 2020 at 22:24

    ‘..Hadn’t seen this at the time – moneyspinner !!’


    Geez! There’s the answer to the ‘behind closed doors’ problem;

    A real fan sitting at home watching a match through the eyes of a dummy of  himself which he remotely controls and a speaker in that dummy that he also controls and which will shout out his comments as he shouts at the TV!

    Dyson, if you pick up this idea-I’ll only take 10% of the millions you might make.

    And several thousand SFM readers are my witnesses!

     Quick, where’s the address of the patent office, afore some dirty tyke gets in there afore me!


  14. JC, you could be onto something there!

    Virtual Reality is improving all the time.

    You could be sitting at home wearing your headset, experiencing the 360' immersion in the stand.

    And better still: no need for a real stadium to host the game.

    That reduction in overheads must just appeal to certain clubs… broken heart

  15. easyJambo 23rd May 2020 at 18:25

    '.It’s worth noting that the Parks have taken more than £20m out the business in dividends in the last couple of years.'


    That sent me straight to the Companies House entry relating to Parks of Hamilton (Holdings) Ltd.

    I note that there are 19 'charges' on properties owned by Park's ,created since 4th March 2020, 17 of which were created on 13th March.

    Although I'm not at all very knowledgeable about these things and am always open to correction, I understand 'charges' to be the rough equivalent of my old man's demob suit : something put in hawk for a loan. 

    Not, however, being an absolute ingenu I know that very respectable and sound businesses and corporations borrow money as a matter of course, even when they pay substantial dividends to their owners and shareholders. 

    I've no real problem with that : they are in business to to make personal gain! And borrowing in order to expand business and make even more profit is fair enough. 

    A sudden rush to borrow in times of trouble is a horse of a different colour.

    It betokens a difficulty, or anticipated difficulty in cash-flow – a huge gap between expenditure and income. 

    It might conceivably be that a too-readiness to take dividends could result in defaulting on the obligations incurred under the standard securities 'charges'.

    Might. But what do I know?





  16. While catching up on the latest on the Dominic Cummings alleged playing fast and loose with Lockdown rules/advice/guidance/legislation affair there seems to be a familiar pattern. We have a seemingly clear transgression which is at first ignored, then airily dismissed, then denied, then justified, then held up as evidence of higher moral and ethical standards and to deflect we have Statements, sorry, Tweets from most of the Cabinet (Regan, Doncaster, McCoist, Rage, McCann, Young, Jackson, English…) defending their man. While the public are making their minds up it transpires Defence Version 1 (OK, he drove +250 miles but once there he "stayed put") might not be true (OK, once there he went on a 30 mile jaunt for a day out) and it further transpires that after the first trip he went back to London (where he lives) and then made a second 250+ miles journey at a time when the Stay Home message was being insisted upon on a daily basis by every one of the Cabinet/Tweeters.

    I await today's developments but will not be surprised if whoever draws the Coronavirus Daily Press Briefing short straw (and we know it won't be The Boris a) because he doesn't do weekends and b) he doesn't do much on any day:- last week the score for Daily Press Briefings was Nicola Sturgeon 59, The Boris 4 ) settles matters. It will be declared that there is indeed a case to answer but due to a Five Way Agreement nobody who could actually do anything about it has jurisdiction and the matter will have to be further considered. Then, in about eighteen months time, there will be a one-line press release saying that due to implications (unspecified) the whole affair is being binned. Oh, and before anyone starts to get cute, there is no way this is getting referred to Johnny Foreigner, European Court Of Anything…Brexit Meant…Borders? No, that doesn't sound right…

    Might be simpler to just fill in a few forms and come back as T'Dominic.

  17. Ian Maxwell was on BBC yesterday talking about a wide range of stuff.

    He wasn't asked about the decision earlier in the week that I read about on Phil's blog and here to drop the much talked about and delayed CAS progression of the Resolution 12 case.

    I haven't read or seen anything about it anywhere in the press or heard it mentioned anywhere on the radio or tv and can't find it as a press release on the SFA site.

    What was the Celtic reaction? 


  18. Finloch 24th May 2020 at 07:43
    What was the Celtic reaction?
    As i said the other day. Can’t see any reaction until the next AGM. Silence is Golden, someone once sang.

  19. paddy malarkey 23rd May 2020 at 22:24

    ‘..Hadn’t seen this at the time – moneyspinner !!’


    Geez! There’s the answer to the ‘behind closed doors’ problem;

    A real fan sitting at home watching a match through the eyes of a dummy of himself which he remotely controls and a speaker in that dummy that he also controls and which will shout out his comments as he shouts at the TV!

    Dyson, if you pick up this idea-I’ll only take 10% of the millions you might make.

    And several thousand SFM readers are my witnesses!

    Quick, where’s the address of the patent office, afore some dirty tyke gets in there afore me!
    Is it Hold my Beer they say ?

    “We wanted to bring some fun elements to the no-fans game

  20. "The Great Big Football Lockdown Survey"

    The DR has a link to their survey, "to get the fans input" on Scottish football currently.

    Initially I thought, ok at least they're asking… but what's the catch?

    I know I shouldn't, but thought I'd complete it anyway out of curiosity.


    A cheapy Survey Monkey effort.

    First 19 questions are lame questions with a selection of answers.  Nothing controversial and of course, nowhere to add comments.

    But, then the real purpose of this 'Survey' kicks in.

    Questions 20 to 27 are very specific about your demographic: age, sex, etc and even salary bracket!

    And for completeness – and to no doubt receive all sorts of junk mail – they want your name and e-mail address.


    The SMSM can't even run an honest survey.

    "The Great Big Football Lockdown Data Grab" would be more accurate.

  21. Cluster One 24th May 2020 at 10:46

        Is it Hold my Beer they say ?


       They could make a really "blue" version that deflates with half an hour still to play. mail

  22. I wonder who Jim Spence could be talking about here? I have a couple of contenders in mind but couldn't possibly say. 



    Cummings was so media savvy that he didn’t suspect the papers would’ve been on to his scam. Good journos always have something up their sleeve, as one over confident but empty football figure may learn soon.


  23. easyJambo 22nd May 2020 at 17:01


    How would Celtic fans feel if UEFA chose to dispense with CL qualifying and saw the club consigned to the EL group stages? 


    To answer your question, albeit a couple of days later.

    Disappointed obviously.  However I also accept that these are unprecedented times and that there are more important things than football matches. We have to be willing to adapt and accept that these are far from normal times. 

    I would also be a bit surprised that the CL had to do away with qualifying rounds, but the Europa didn't. That doesn't make sense to me. 

    I think it would be more likely that the teams who would normally be in the qualifiers for the CL would instead compete in the Europa. Starting with champions then moving down through the ranks. 

    So two competitions with no qualifiers, straight into group stages.

    I haven't checked the numbers but it shouldn't be that hard to come up with 32 for the Europa using final places and co-efficients.  

    What would annoy me would be champions (from whatever country) not getting into either competition and lower placed teams from some countries getting a place. 

    The other option of course is to dispense with the Europa entirely, I think that is less likely though. Probably too much money involved nowadays. 

  24. Homunculus 24th May 2020 at 15:19

    I would also be a bit surprised that the CL had to do away with qualifying rounds, but the Europa didn't. That doesn't make sense to me. 

    I think it would be more likely that the teams who would normally be in the qualifiers for the CL would instead compete in the Europa. Starting with champions then moving down through the ranks. 


    What I had in mind was that UEFA would dispense with CL qualifying completely with the group stages reserved for those direct entrants plus the clubs seeded to progress to the group stage from the qualifying rounds.

    The EL would similarly be affected with the group stages reserved for those already qualified, those clubs deemed to be CL qualifying "losers" with a fallback to the EL, and the other highest seeded teams from the EL qualifiers.

    Clubs deemed to be losers on the basis of their seeding would receive the normal prize money based on which rounds they were expected to progress to, e.g, if Aberdeen was seeded to lose in the 2nd qualifying round of the EL, then they would receive the distribution appropriate to having participated in two qualifying rounds.

    We may end up with one or two qualifying rounds instead of four in each of the tournament, but the issue of who takes part and how they other clubs should be compensated remains. 

    There are other issues that will have to be resolved should any qualifying be curtailed, such as the allocation of coefficient points.

    From UEFA's point of view, it wouldn't cost them any more in prize money than in a normal season.  There is no UEFA TV deal for qualifying matches either, so the overall prize fund would also be unaffected.


  25. tony 24th May 2020 at 15:00


    Is Traynor a football or media figure? Spence followed it up with another cryptic tweet which makes me think it is the CEO of a Championship club he is referring to. 

  26. upthehoops 

    been reporting on football for about 40 years,so i would say he's a football figure

  27. Is Traynor, the ‘PR expert’, now advising Downing Street?

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, whilst simultaneously digging a bigger hole for yourself… cheeky

    Boris desperately needs a huge, massive, fluffy squirrel to distract the angry masses.

    Is lockdown now unofficially over…?  indecision


  28. StevieBC 24th May 2020 at 00:11



    Rate This

    JC, you could be onto something there!

    Virtual Reality is improving all the time.

    You could be sitting at home wearing your headset, experiencing the 360′ immersion in the stand.

    And better still: no need for a real stadium to host the game.

    That reduction in overheads must just appeal to certain clubs
    I never had time earlier but ment to add.
    Had a go on one of the latest goggle things that you put on and a grid is drawn digitaly on the floor that if you step out off you are put back in the picture type of thing.
    Are you still with me at this point ?
    Once all set up i was put in a 360 star wars world…..Wow! you could see your hand lift things, open doors pick up a light sabre, you could walk around (Although walking on the edge of a building and looking down my legs were still shaking.
    It was cast to the TV so everyone could watch what you were doing, you get lost in a star wars world, pretty amazing and i’m not a big fan. But it became or was so life like. Hence after that i don’t believe watching the game by way of this medium is not far away.
    You could virtualy get on a train walk to the stadium walk up the stairs and sit down on a seat to watch a game all from the comfort of your own house. Pay for a game and the experiance through a head set thing.
    Ps. if you ever get the chance to try one of these things ( i can’t remember the name of it but if anyone wants to know i will find out)
    Anyway if you get the chance try it out, you will see what i mean for a future football experiance.
    Pps. Don’t try the haunted house one, you have been warned.

  29. Cluster One, it's the Oculus, Quest or Rift. I've had the Quest for a few months and the DK2 before that. Bloody Brilliant! Although they are other models available, from other makers at all good outlets. I think that covers it!angry

  30. MercDoc 24th May 2020 at 20:10
    You will understand the all round 360 effect and how life like, that i was trying very badly to explain. And how this medium one day could become part of the football experiance.

  31. spikeyheid 24th May 2020 at 21:10
    Just make sure you move the furniture out the road first, and again stay away from the haunted house.

  32. You can watch recorded events ( Concerts, Sporting ) from different view points. I took a visit to Venice, down the canals. Google street view is fantastic.

  33. MercDoc 24th May 2020 at 20:11

    '.. I kicked Darth Vaders arse!'


    Was jabba not around? There's an arse that surely deserves a right good kick! broken heart

  34. MercDoc 24th May 2020 at 22:31

    '.You can watch recorded events ( Concerts, Sporting ) from different view points. I took a visit to Venice, down the canals. Google street view is fantastic.'


    Aye, very good, MercDoc! broken heart

    You had me all agog- until I looked at the cost of virtual experiences!


    Real, actual experience might actually be cheaper( once this covid-19 thingy permits)!

    ( But maybe your blog name suggests that you might drive a Merc? and that money is no object? broken heart)


  35. And just afore I go to bed on a promise, can I say that my mention of  U.S. cultural imperialism should not put anyone off reading the great wee stories by that sports journalist Damon Runyan. 

    He writes brilliantly of the wee flashes of goodness in the hearts of very bad people. 

    But of course he was writing  before the Liquidation of RFC of 1872 and the nonsense of the 5-Way agreement.

    I think even he would have found  it difficult to find any spark of goodness or truth in the governance of Scottish Football in 2012, or in 2020.



  36. Since SFM is about asking questions that the SMSM won’t, here is a curious observation about The Glasgow Times.

    We know that on the footy side, The GT, Chris Jack, etc. cover all things Ibrox like a fanzine, with plentiful copy/paste articles with zero journalistic input.

    We know that its print circulation is falling off a cliff, like all the other newspapers and the GT seems to have stepped up its pleading for monthly subscription payments, from £3/month.


    there is currently a major Scotland news story: a man was shot dead in his Ardrossan home yesterday about 5pm.  In the last hour a man has been arrested in connection with this incident.

    Tragic story that this is, it has been reported, as expected, by e.g. the BBC and The Daily Record.  The DR online reported the shooting at 7.30pm last night.  The BBC online has reported the update about the arrest within the last hour.

    But, on The GT… nothing.

    As at 10AM today there was absolutely nothing in The GT online about either the original shooting or the subsequent arrest.

    Does The GT have any news journalists?

    Is nobody manning The GT online – over a Bank Holiday weekend?

    I’m assuming that there is no IT issue as the website has been accessible as normal – and there are updated stories today e.g. in the Sport section.

    This surprising omission suggests that The GT must be in a pretty poor state of affairs if a major Scottish story is simply not covered.


  37. I understand the point he is making and In his usual acerbic style of course.  But equally there’s a huge part of me now that would rather travel 10 mins to enjoy all the social elements of my part timer £80 per week diddies than waste time and money on his expensive, formulaic league of what? 4,5 maybe?

  38. Cluster One

                          that is an outstanding post by Brogan Rogan Trevino as per usual. As a Celtic fan I have thought for a long time now that the fact that Celtic would 'nt pursue the whole Res 12 in my book meant they were some how caught up in this whole Fraud ( for that is what it is ) . After reading that any doubts I may have had have sadly disappeared . Its hard to grasp why Celtic let themselves get so involved in this as out of all the clubs who have suffered from this debacle , Celtic probably lost more than anyone else , financially at least . The thing  that really sticks in the craw for me is when Celtic were on their knees and Fergus McCann came in, for it all to work , ordinary fans had to play an important part . They were encouraged to dig deep into their pockets to buy shares . They did this !! For most fans this was a step in the dark , most fans probably had never bought a share in their lives before . Many probably could nt even afford to buy shares but they did. Many fans would have made REAL  sacrifices to buy shares but they did .  They did so because of  the love they had for their club and they wanted it to survive so much . WHAT  A SLAP IN THE FACE for those fans who along with Fergus McCann  saved the club . Not Dermott Desmond , not Peter Lawell not Ian Bankier etc etc BUT Fergus and the fans saved the club . The same club that the likes of Peter Lawell does so well financially out of . How dare they treat their own fans as if they are insignificant in all this . I genuinely hope that the more informed people like Brogan Rogan , Auldheid and many many others do take this further , this must be dealt with . It is a festering sore on our game that cant be allowed to eat away any longer. The SFA needs cleared out and people who engineered the ( multi million pound ) fraud hopefully do jail time . I suspect if it goes to court it may mean resignations for the likes of Peter Lawell who is looking more and more part of the dirty cover up by way of the 5WA . I would be saddenned by this but hey you went into bed with the devil.Peter. Yes the media would be up in arms over this but F~~k them . This is about governance NOT a celtic v Rangers thing . Get our governance right, then our rule book , get the right men in place , take the new SFA and set them up in somewhere like Aberdeen away from the west of scotland masonic cabal and watch our game flourish . Power to the Res 12 guys laugh

  39. roddybhoy 25th May 2020 at 16:30

    '.. This is about governance NOT a celtic v Rangers thing . Get our governance right, then our rule book.'


    Yes, roddybhoy, it is about Governance. 

    It was/is very convenient for

    the SMSM and

    the then SPL and SFL and

    for those now whose 'fortunes' were founded on the myth that TRFC are the same 'Rangers' that allegedly (but , prima facie, with pretty sound grounds) may have lied in order to obtain a few million quid to which they were not entitled

    to pass off the allegation as nothing more than inter-fan 'old firm' rivalry and therefore ignore, or try to, ignore it. 

    Very convenient.

    Who knows which rotten bast.rts may have been uncovered as having been party to a fraud if a serious investigation had ,as it should have, been undertaken by the SFA?

    The decision NOT to investigate in spite of the serious nature of the allegation and the prima facie evidence on which that allegation is based itself raises serious questions about the Governance of our 'Sport'.

    My personal belief is that some individuals are guilty of crime and should be held to account for it. If  I thought I would achieve anything by going as a private individual to the police to report my suspicions then I would.

    But I realise that my going to my local cop shop would be a waste of time. A football club telling a porkie to get some money is, in their eyes [especially if it is their own club!broken heart] nowhere near serious enough compared with the huge financial crimes perpetrated by huge corporations. 

    I believe also that those who should know better and who portray themselves as honest men honouring the memory of their spiritual founder should be ashamed of themselves , whether for their complicity or for their moral cowardice based on venality.

    There was once a man who so put principle before 'business' that he was prepared to exit his club from Scottish Football on a matter of principle unconnected with any fraud or other criminal act by any club or by the SFA.

    He will be revolving in his grave.

    His successors have much to be ashamed about for not calling out the Governance body of Scottish Football.


  40. It was one short week ago today that the SFA slipped out their decision to not refer to CAS – and in a typically sleekit manner.

    And the frustrating / depressing realisation is that – in terms of governance – Scottish football has made zero/nil/nada etc. progress.  It is still as corrupt, as incompetent and as unaccountable today, as it was back in 2012.

    We still have Petrie and Doncaster pulling the strings.

    We have all witnessed the 42 senior clubs supporting the status quo over the last 8 years.

    It’s painfully clear: Hampden doesn’t want change – and the clubs don’t want change either.

    What the fans want is irrelevant – but they do want/expect our cash!

    Governance change might only come when it’s already too late.  smiley

  41. https://www.change.org/p/uk-parliament-dominic-cummings-must-be-sacked?source_location=petitions_browse


    Struggling to make this post football related but here goes.

    A Scottish linesman who is also an MP, Douglas Ross, has resigned as a junior minister in the government.  Because of  the behaviour of an advisor to Boris J. the prime minister.   A  Mr. Cummings.  You may have heard of him.


    There is a petition to get him sacked, it has reached almost 3/4 of a million signatures so far.

  42. jimbo 26th May 2020 at 18:42

    A Scottish linesman who is also an MP, Douglas Ross, has resigned as a junior minister in the government. 


    It must be the biggest decision that an assistant referee has got right all season.

  43. Who’s the Fine, upstanding, principled, courageous egalitarian in the black…..


  44. Cluster One 26th May 2020 at 20:11



    PMGB may well be proved right eventually, but for a club that he has repeatedly suggested that is close to financial ruin, they seem to be surviving not too badly.

    • Their £10m shortfall for the current financial year has apparently been covered by existing investors or increased UEFA income.
    • They have signed up to a new retail deal
    • They have just agreed to spend £3m plus add-ons on a new signing
    • Their cumulative losses over the last three years are not enough for them to breach FFP rules. 

    Sometimes there is too much wishful thinking when it comes to TRFC’s finances.

  45. Anybody else hear that Genk suggested that TRFC pay the Hagi monies direct to CFC as Genk's payment for Kouassi but were told we don't do things that way here ? 

  46. easyJambo 26th May 2020 at 20:56


    Sorry, but you are having a laugh.

    Substantial losses in every year of their existence. Loan after loan from directors and associates just to keep operating. Converting loans to worthless shares. More loans this season to cover losses. De-listed from the stock exchange, unable to get proper banking facilities. Going concern warnings in the accounts every year.

    Yeah, doing fine financially, just like the previous club were, right up to the point of administration then liquidation. 

    You understand the accounts more than most people, are you seriously suggesting that Rangers are not a mess financially. What they have is people willing to put more and more money in. If that stops they are fecked.

    They don't have a business model they have an expensive hobby.

  47. tony 26th May 2020 at 20:54

    This years Ryan Kent. They couldn't afford him either, but the directors have put money in to cover the losses. 

  48. I wonder if the deferred wages were used as a downpayment for Hagi, many a disgruntled squad member if it is so. The SFA must be sure of their ground on this occasion or perhaps like a TrumpCummian attitude we little people should respect our betters.

  49. Homunculus 26th May 2020 at 22:2

    This years Ryan Kent. They couldn't afford him either, but the directors have put money in to cover the losses.


    But can they do this without transgressing ffp rules? Their has been no further share issue so no debt for equity swap.I thought ffp was in place to stop financial doping of this sort unless the licence has been waved through as a force majeur effect of CVid.

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