Sweet Little Lies


Tell me all your sweet, sweet little lies
All about the dark places you hide
Tell me all your problems, make them mine
Tell me all your sweet, sweet little lies

The stridency of Scottish journalist/pundits, particularly coming from those on the BBC Sportsound platform from where they cry out for an investigation into what took place behind the scenes before and after the SPFL put forward a resolution to SPFL clubs, subsequently accepted by the majority, that allowed SPFL to pay out needed prize money to sides below the Premier level is, to quote an old saying, “the talk of the steamie”.

Whilst those cries are ostensibly in support of a demand led by The Rangers FC for a need to change the governance at the SPFL, it is not clear if they mean the way the SPFL conduct business or the way individuals inside the SPFL go about the conduct of that business.

During on-air interviews, questions are being put to clubs about the degree of confidence they have in individuals rather than the processes, systems and structures. This suggests it is individuals who are being placed under scrutiny, and not the dysfunctional processes and structures themselves. A pity, since there is little doubt the governance is dysfunctional.

SFM has long been asking questions about the system and processes of governance and in fact tried to elicit the help of a number of journalists (in 2014) after information which had not been made available to the then SPFL lawyers Harper MacLeod during or after the LNS inquiry had surfaced.

Information that had it been made available would have changed the charges of Old Rangers’ mis-registration of players contracts, and to the more recent and unresolved matter of their failing to act in good faith to fellow club members (which the SFA Compliance Officer made in June 2018 in respect of non-compliance with UEFA FFP regulations relating to tax overdue in 2011).

Following the last Celtic AGM a detailed independent investigation by an accountant was provided to Celtic who passed it to the SFA where the matter has been overtaken by world events but not forgotten. That report can be read here.

It only adds to the mountain of evidence on https://www.res12.uk that suggests the need for reform of both governance bodies, their structures, systems and process.

Instead the media have given us a narrow head hunt to remove individuals for reasons that can only be guessed. This from individuals in the media whose motivations are as questionable now as they were in 2014, when they and their organisations ignored stronger evidence of greater wrong doing than has so far been presented by those currently advocating change.

The current media clamour for heads on a plate carries with it more than a whiff of hypocrisy.

During week commencing 22 September 2014, some volunteer SFM readers posted a bundle of documents that had surfaced to a number of journalists. SFM had previously sent these documents to Harper MacLeod, the then SPL lawyers. These were important documents pertinent to Lord Nimmo Smith’s inquiry into Rangers use of EBTs, documents which had not been made available to Harper MacLeod by Rangers Administrators Duff and Phelps despite being requested in March 2012 as part of the commissioning of LNS.

Earlier SFM blogs provide the details of communications with Harper MacLeod and can be read from the same link(s) provided to 12 Scottish media journalists in the draft below.

Some of the addresses may have received more than one copy but apart from one for whom only an e mail address was known, they should have received at least one hard copy of what Harper MacLeod/SPFL had been provided with which the latter passed to the SFA Compliance Officer in September 2014 according to their last reply to SFM. It is unlikely none were received by the organisations they were addressed to.

The draft to the journalist which the volunteers were at liberty to amend said:

I am a reader of The Scottish Football Monitor web site and attach for your information a set of documents that Duff and Phelps, acting as Rangers Administrators in April 2012, failed to provide to the then Scottish Premier League solicitors Harper MacLeod, who were charged with gathering evidence to investigate the matter of incorrect player registrations from July 1998 involving concealed side letters and employee benefit trusts by Rangers FC as defined in the eventual Lord Nimmo Smith Commission.

The failure to supply the requested information in the form of the attached documents as clearly instructed resulted in incorrect terms of reference being drawn up by Harper Macleod and a consequent serious error of judgement by Lords Nimmo Smith in his Decision as regards sporting advantage.

The information in the attached was provided to Harper MacLeod and the SPL Board in Feb 2014 and it was pointed out in subsequent correspondence that SFA President Campbell Ogilvie had failed to make a distinction in his testimony to Lord Nimmo Smith between the already confirmed as irregular Discount Option Scheme EBTs paid to Craig Moore, Tor Andre Flo and Ronald De Boer from 1999 to 2002/03 under Rangers Employee Benefit Trust (REBT) and the later loan EBTsfrom 2002/03 onwards under the Murray Group Management Remuneration Trust (MGMRT), having initiated the first DOS EBT to Craig Moore (as shown in the attached) and being a beneficiary of a MGMRT EBT as widely reported in national press in March 2012 at the time investigations commenced.
The complete narrative was set out in a series of blogs on The Scottish Football Monitor Web Site that are accessible from

(Edit: The links to the original SFM blogs were listed but some have been lost but original sources have been uploaded to Google Drive accessible from the above link)

However in spite of the correspondence sent to Harper MacLeod, there has been no response from them or the SPFL, save their answer to the original letter. (Edit: There was subsequent correspondence with Harper Macleod after the package and this letter was sent to the journalists which can be read from the above index to the original blogs.)

These points suggests that the SPFL, Harper MacLeod and Lord Nimmo Smith were misled by Duff and Phelps failure to supply the attached documents as instructed as well as Campbell Ogilvie’s failure to correct Lord Nimmo Smiths decision to treat all EBTs as “regular” when the DOS EBTs are not, as the attached evidence clearly demonstrates.

You are one of a number of journalists to whom this letter and attachments is addressed either electronically or hard copy. We are hoping that some journalists will prove themselves worthy of the challenge and investigate the story, even if only to refute it and stop suspicion of a cover up.

A copy of this letter and responses from addressees (or failures) will be published on The Scottish Football Monitor web site for the Scottish football supporting public to note. The e mail address for your reply is press@sfm.scot and we hope that you will investigate what appears to have been the corruption of the very process set up to establish the truth or you will explain why you cannot.
Yours in Sport

Note: The letter above was drafted and distributed with the documentation before a reply from Harper MacLeod was received, but as the reply did not address the issue of the nature of the irregular DOS EBTs, the request to journalists to investigate was even more valid.
The following were the journalists to whom documentation was posted/delivered.

Mr Richard Gordon
Mr Richard Wilson
Mr Tom English all at the BBC.

Mr Grant Russell
Mr Peter A Smith. At STV

Mr Andrew Rennie Daily Record Sports Editor

Mr Paul Hutcheon
Mr Graham Speirs
Mr Gerry Braiden at The Herald

Mr Mathew Lindsay Evening Times (belatedly)

Mr Gerry McCulloch Radio Clyde

Ms Jane Hamilton Freelance ex-Sun Sunday Mail (by e mail)

Only three individuals showed an interest but it is inconceivable to think that the media outlets they worked for were ignorant of the information provided or that the Scottish media sports departments are unaware of the narrative and its implications which were subsequently picked up by The Offshore Game but drew no refuting comments with the exception of Tom English.

He opined that the TOG report was ‘flawed’ although he did not specify how he came to that conclusion.

Darren Cooney of the Daily Record did take an interest in November 2015 when he met an SFM representative, who explained the case then sent him a summary to give to his editor but The Daily Record did not publish the story nor give any reason why they didn’t.

Grant Russell was with STV at the time and a meeting with him was arranged with a fellow SFM contributor but he failed to show up.
He subsequently did show an interest when The Court of Session ruled the Big Tax Case unlawful in July 2017, when he was provided with the a note of the consequences for the LNS Commission. However Grant moved jobs to join Motherwell in late October 2017.

Why bring all this his up now?
Because currently, the existence of texts and e-mails and unsubstantiated claims of skullduggery appear to have energised a media (and BBC Sports Department in particular) that had ‘no appetite’ to investigate actual evidence presented to them in 2014. There seems to be little doubt that an agenda is being followed, but as the preceeding paragraphs demonstrate, it casts doubt that their motivation is reform of the governance of Scottish football, and raises a suspicion that replacement of individuals (whose steerage of the good ship Scottish Football into the RFC iceberg was deemed adequate a decade ago) is what is important. A meaningless powerplay. No more no less.

One may jump to the conclusion that the foregoing is a defence of the individuals at the centre of this controversy, and that it defends the SPFL position in respect of the requisitioners review of governance. That would be the wrong conclusion. The point is that a wide-ranging review of the SFA/SPFL governance is way overdue.

The time window covered by any review should the very least cover the tenure of those accused of malfeasance and mis-governance. The media, and the requisitioners are cherry-picking their poor governance. That is poor governance in itself.


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  1. I gave up listening to BBC Sportsound yesterday. Not everyone will agree, but I think many will, that the Sportsound crew are a gullible bunch!

    Once again they have allowed Ann Budge the opportunity to attempt to publicly embarrass/shame Scottish football administrators by her comments about her philanthropic acquaintances. 

    Just like Scott Gardiner she gives information to the Sportsound team that leads to them having another opportunity to blast Neil Doncaster and the cynic in me asks how come these statements always seem to come when things are not going Hearts way? 

    If she felt that ND was ignoring her why not directly share with other clubs after all they are the SPFL? Apparently it was on Hearts websites earlier in the week but that’s not the best way to share the information. 

    The Sportsound conspiracy theorists of course then had the Aberdeen manager saying he had heard about the Budge offer adding to their condemnation of ND.

    They must have been so disappointed with the Dundee United interview with a carefully worded response making it clear that they knew nothing about this possible source of funding.

    Have the Sportsound crew not learned that Ann Budge interviews more often than not have a hidden agenda and give an inaccurate representation of events? Every time they are taken in hook, line and sinker! 

    ND did make a statement in light of what was said but if it was read out on Sportsound I was no longer listening so have no idea how they treated it. 

    My sympathy for Hearts position comes and goes. I have to say Ann Budge approach tends to make it go! 




  2. Sorry EJ but I forgot to mention what I was actually cynical about. Given the pure mentalness of Scottish fitba it may be that whispers are reaching Celtic Park, that some clubs might prefer to stay mothballed until bums on seats are possible…..Hence Celtic's rush to get fixtures confirmed. (as you say to get up to speed)

        Such was the palaver of shutting the game down, I wouldn't be surprised to see a similar palaver as to re-starting and under what conditions. It just seemed to me that Celtic have retaliated first.  

  3. Another possible reason for Celtic’s keenness to see the fixture list for the new season could be to do with ticket pricing: Celtic’s season ticket (ST) renewal prices have been published (with renewal deadline date having already been nudged back a couple of times, to 30 June).  However, my guess is that a big number of ST-holders (not just at Celtic) may be delaying their decision to renew until they have a clearer idea of what they’re being asked to pay for.

  4. How can there possibly be a fixture list whilst there is still discussion of restructuring, which would presumably mean the top division changing size.


  5.     I was just reading that Celtic have ordered two all singing all dancing test machines from South Korea, offering a result within 20 minutes. Also that the SFA have ordered two and Ross County one. At £35K a pop they're not cheap. 

  6. Corrupt official 31st May 2020 at 16:06

    Dunderheid 31st May 2020 at 16:28

    Homunculus 31st May 2020 at 16:48


    In the normal round of announcements, the League fixtures don’t come out until the middle of June at the earliest. Last year it was 21 June.


    It is not unreasonable to suggest that Celtic has other motives than simply to get the league underway.

    I stick to my view that readiness for European games is their number one priority at the moment. In a normal season, training would probably resume in a week or so’s time, with a series of low key friendlies to get rid of the rustiness, then start their CL qualifying campaign in early July (the original schedule would have seen Celtic’s first qualifying game on 7/8 July).

    I can’t see any scope for friendlies before the planned 1 August start date, so it will be straight into competitive action in both the League and the CL qualifying (if there is any).

    UEFA had penciled in the month of August to complete last season’s tournaments. I guess that a qualifying tournament could run in parallel with that, but you could only play two rounds, rather than the normal four if you stuck to midweek fixtures.


  7. adam812 31st May 2020 at 15:54

    I gave up listening to BBC Sportsound yesterday. Not everyone will agree, but I think many will, that the Sportsound crew are a gullible bunch!


    For a publicly funded national broadcaster they simply don't present both sides of a debate, which is just plain wrong. Ironic they went on so much about reform in Scottish football governance. A huge clear out at the BBC would not go amiss either.  I find it particularly baffling why they place so much store on what Stephen Thompson thinks. Clearly his status as an ex-Rangers player and the holder of an illegal EBT overrides everything else. 

  8. Higgy’s Shoes 31st May 2020 at 15:45
    i suspect some sort of jiggery-pokery would come into play.
    A 5 way agreement could play a part

  9. Money from anonymous benefactors cannot be acceptable.Transparency requires that the sources of cash are known and are seen to be reputable. Hearts have had one such donation already and now are at it again. Is there a limit to what may be donated anonymously? £1M?, £10M, £50M? More dodgy unaccountability in Scottish Football.

  10. macfurgly 31st May 2020 at 22:12

    '…Money from anonymous benefactors cannot be acceptable.'


    Would I be altogether off the mark, macfurgly, to understand your statement as indicating that it could not be acceptable that monies should be offered anonymously to an already suspect sports governance body , because there might possibly be the impression that undue influence may be being brought to bear on that suspect governance body in order to bring about an outcome desired by the anonymous benefactors?

    I make it clear that I am in no way impugning the motives of Mrs Budge or of those to whom she makes reference.

    Rather, based on the experience of 5-Way Agreement and the LNS/Bryson nonsense ( not to mention the questionable RIFC plc Prospectus!) , I believe that the SPFL would not be above a shabby thing, and, in effect, understand 'benefactions ' as imposing some kind of demand for a 'quid pro quo'

    If there are folk prepared out of the goodness of their hearts and a genuine desire to save Scottish Football (corrupt as it is) , then let us know who they are, so that we can assess them and their motives, and applaud them -or wonder.

  11. At the behest of my daughter , I read through TRFC's season ticket terms and conditions , ( then compared them with Thistle's ) and can find nothing that exempts them from having to offer refunds for unplayed home games . Same as me wanting nothing back from Thistle , I don't think she's after a refund ( I paid for the fecker so she's on to plums ! ), but doesn't want caught out if there are no games this year, can't accept that they are allowed just to keep the money . Could any TRFC fans looking in point me to the appropriate clause ?  Cheers .




  12. paddy malarkey 31st May 2020 at 23:54

    '. I paid for the fecker so she's on to plums ! '


    The 'fecker' being the season ticket , not your daughter! ( I hope). 

    Ah, you're a hard man, pm, if you don't give your daughter the refund of what you paid!!broken heart

    I enjoyed your post.

  13. macfurgly 31st May 2020 at 22:12

    Money from anonymous benefactors cannot be acceptable.Transparency requires that the sources of cash are known and are seen to be reputable. Hearts have had one such donation already and now are at it again. Is there a limit to what may be donated anonymously? £1M?, £10M, £50M? More dodgy unaccountability in Scottish Football.


    The mystery benefactor has been connected with Hearts for the last five years and was instrumental in the arrangement that saw Hearts adopt the "Save the Children" shirt sponsorship, as well as helping fund the stadium redevelopment.

    In those five years his identity remained largely unknown (at his request) to everyone outside the inner circle of the Hearts board.

    Now step forward less than 48 hours. He offers support to struggling SPFL clubs and his name is revealed and plastered over the Daily Record.

    Now who has the most integrity, the benefactor, Hearts, the SPFL or the Daily Record?   

  14. easyJambo 1st June 2020 at 09:07

    '…He offers support to struggling SPFL clubs and his name is revealed and plastered over the Daily Record.

    Now who has the most integrity, the benefactor, Hearts, the SPFL or the Daily Record? '


    Prime suspect has to be the SPFL, in my book.

    The DR is incapable of doing any original fact-finding and research, reliant as it is on regurgitating what is fed to it.

    James Anderson would not have provided the details.

    Hearts had kept schtum for years. 

    I think Anne Budge had to tell the SPFL, in confidence, and someone in that outfit fed the story to the DR.

    If the DR had known about the details when Budge first mentioned the fact that people were prepared to help, they sure as hell would have published them then.

    And the SPFL has a track record of lack of integrity.


  15. The SPFL resolution to end the season and distribute monies to the lower league clubs was passed on 10 April 2020.

    The Premiership was called on 18 May 2020.

    At the time many a chairman stepped up and said the resolution was great because 1) It got the last tranche of prize money into the club’s bank accounts and 2) It gave everyone certainty so as to plan for next season.

    We are now at 1 June 2020 and still we haven’t got a clue what is happening with regard to Scottish Football.

    The SPFL chairman has recently been talking about the Bet Fred Cup starting in July while at the same time lower league clubs are talking about mothballing. Therefore, you can’t have both scenarios.

    The Premiership is trying to get started ASAP but there is no obvious pathway for how the Championship and Leagues One and Two are to start up.

    In that circumstance if you thought that promotion and relegation were difficult to decide in 2019/20 what about 2020/21.

    For example if the talked about 18 game Championship goes ahead from January 2021 and, say , Hearts win, will they be worthy of promotion? Will the bottom team in the Premiership, say Dundee United, feel hard done when they will have toiled over a full season only to be replaced by a team playing a limited number of games. Asterisks anyone?

    Presumably there will be no relegation from the Championship to a mothballed League One where no-one will gain promotion. Teams in the lower two divisions could therefore be ‘trapped’ there for a season and maybe even more.

    What came across from Ann Budge’s interview broadcast on Saturday was an apparent frustration at a lack of progress for the footballing authorities.

    Yes there is a degree of self interest in relation to Hearts position but she now seems to be  not only putting forward plans for reconstruction but now also trying to find out exactly what other teams are intending to do.

    Perhaps her tardiness in dealing with Mr Levein has made her realise action needs to be taken and quickly to make progress if football in the lower leagues is going to survive let alone be played anytime soon.

    Where has her co-chair on this group, Hamilton and SPFL Board member Les Gray,  gone – missing in action.

    What have the lower league teams contributed to the debate from all these self-proclaimed experienced business men – nothing but criticism. (See Clyde and Cowdenbeath) As far as I can see not one positive uttering or any alternative proposals for finding a way forward.

    As discussed above they don’t even seem to have considered the future implications of mothballing on other teams in the SPFL or the pyramid system in general.

    Where are these guys in terms of finding  innovative solutions.

    Budge, through her contacts, appears to be trying to bringing potential new cash into the game in attempt to see Scottish Football through this crisis.

    Where is the similar drive to seek out help and use wealthy contacts for the whole of the Scottish game from the big players at Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs etc.

    Where is the similar drive from the lower league chairmen?

    As the old saying goes, if you want something done give it to a busy person. At least Budge comes across as being passionate about trying to move matters forward – not only for Hearts but for others.

    As always the Scottish Football Authorities have reverted to type and set up a Joint Response group with six sub-groups. Plenty of chatting but no action. Like many initiatives before,  anything coming out of these groups will stifled by the self-interest of member clubs, the can will be kicked down the road and/or a weighty document will be produced that will end up siting on a shelf.

    The game needs real leadership now but I don’t see anyone in a position of authority really trying to get a grip on things.

    Budge, at least, appears to be trying to find a way forward but, for a variety of reasons, seems to be getting little or no support from the wider game and now her contact, who may have been able to help from a financial point of view, has been ‘outed’ and could be more inclined to walk away so as to leave the petty minded to get on with it.

  16. I too think Celtic are desperate to get the footie underway because of the Euro quailifiers , Ive no problem with that. However I am very uneasy about the way Rangers have said before that they dont want to play games behind closed doors . I get that to a certain extent too as playing these games will incur costs , costs that they probably cant meet.  With all the fraud , cheating and down right lies that that club has been guilty of over the years I dont think it would be too far fetched for them to "claim" that a right few of their players have tested positive for covid and no games can be played ………..no footie , possibly not any form of meaningful games  for Celtic to prepare for a shot at the champs leaugue……… the Rangers fans would erect a statue for DP if that came about. … Ok maybe I am being paranoid but I have been guilty of not being paranoid enough in the past

  17. I’m as confused as anyone about self-isolation & the duration thereof when arriving in the UK from a foreign country.

    I understand that a large number of non-Scottish footballers returned to their ‘home’ countries to sit out the pandemic & the consequent footballing hiatus.

    If these players come back to Scotland to commence training on the eleventh of this month how is that possible if they are required to isolate themselves at a specific address for fourteen days?

  18. To echo the cynicism echoed by some other posters, we are supposed to believe that a previously unidentified "off the radar" billionaire is now willing to donate money to the teams in the lower leagues without expecting anything in return. 

    It's obviously got nothing to do with him having a connection with Hearts and Hearts, purely by chance mind you, wanting to gain the support of teams in their attempts to reconstruct all of the professional leagues so that they avoid regulation. Of course, there is no chance these two items could be in any way related. 

    Scottish football does itself no favours sometimes…or should that be all of the time?!



  19. ElCapitano2013 1st June 2020 at 14:04

    As discussed above, all other teams, individually or as a group, are more than welcome to source other streams of income to help resolve elements of the ongoing crisis.

    (Michael Stewart has been banging on about trying to raise the issue of additional broadcasting rights and income for weeks now)

    As Budge said in her interview, yes it is about Hearts being relegated in unusual circumstances but it is also about peoples jobs, not only at Tynecastle but at other clubs. For some it may actually be about survival.

    I’m more than happy for this chap to simply keep on directing his millions towards Tynecastle if his offer is so abhorrent to others.

    Reading between the lines, while there will be hardship playing in the Championship, if it ever gets started, the message is that Hearts appear to be in a reasonable financial position with people, including this philanthropist and the FoH all potentially putting money into the club over and above season tickets and merchandising sales. Whatever this next season brings the club will make the required financial decisions and, IMHO, still come out the other side.

    I’m guessing that some may not be so lucky the longer this crisis goes on.

    While I hope that all teams can survive, if any do fall then I hope they remember who at least tried to offer assistance and who drew up their drawbridges.

  20. easyJambo 1st June 2020 at 09:07

    Now who has the most integrity, the benefactor, Hearts, the SPFL or the Daily Record?   

    I take it from that his name and the nature of his donations was known to the SPFL, who were satisfied as to his aims and integrity. I trust the same was the case with the previous other anonymous donors to Hearts. 


    That being the case, they are not truly anonymous. Anonymity would mean donations from unknown persons, possibly in the £M’s from, possibly and allegedly, Hong Kong or South Africa which may cause UEFA or others to consider the possibility of money laundering or other corruption. The source of funds into football needs complete transparency.

  21. Cluster One 1st June 2020 at 13:40

    I see what you are saying, however an alternate take on that could be that it relates to expenses other than the ticket itself. For example if someone had paid for travelling, a hotel or whatever else.

    In the even of such ambiguity surely it should be read to favour the party which did not draw up the contract.

    Having said that, there is unlikely to be any legal action, so I doubt it will go anywhere. 

  22. wottpi 1st June 2020 at 14:32


    When you say "people putting money into the club", is this actual donations, as opposed to loans, buying shares etc.

  23. Cluster One 1st June 2020 at 13:40

    Thanks for that , but I'd read that and don't think it covers the current situation . The matches haven't been postponed or cancelled , they have been"called" within the competition rules and the points shared between the competing teams . And it's not incurred expenses that you would be looking to recover , but recompense for undelivered product you are being deprived of . 

  24. macfurgly 1st June 2020 at 15:12

    I take it from that his name and the nature of his donations was known to the SPFL, who were satisfied as to his aims and integrity. I trust the same was the case with the previous other anonymous donors to Hearts. 


    I think that you will find that the Hearts donor(s) on each occasion have been one and the same.

    I don’t think that it is within the remit of the SPFL to satisfy themselves that the source(s) of clubs’ income is kosher.  However, Hearts do have a legal responsibility in terms of money laundering regulations to ensure that any funds they receive are legitimately sourced and given. That means conducting due diligence on the donor(s).

    Where the football authorities may have an interest is in relation to UEFA FFP. As Auldheid has previously pointed out that is very much a self certification exercise with the SFA doing next to no diligence on the returns. 

    Unlike other clubs, each tranche of cash received by Hearts was a donation. There were no loans involved, no shares issued, nada.  Any Hearts trading “losses” that may have been covered by the cash sums received were just a fraction of that allowed by UEFA (€39m over three years). 

    No rules were broken, bent or anything else untoward. If  you disagree with clubs being allowed to accept generous donations, then you better have a word with the Boards of the Foundation of Hearts, the Well Society, AberDNA, etc.  

  25. easyJambo 1st June 2020 at 16:50

    Thanks, that is what I was asking, so it was donations.

    I believe I read that all he wanted for that was not to have to wear a tie. Which I have to say is quite cool.

    However if it was allowed it just shows Hearts don't have the same high standards as Rangers, at least sartorially. 

  26. I assume that the proposed donation will be to the SPFL who will then 'divvy up' the cash but on what basis?.Football clubs in the top flight are owned and operated by rich men in their own right(with notable exceptions such as Motherwell) and it would be unseemly if said owners sat back to take advantage of this gentlemans largesse.
    As no shares or equity is involved does the recipient have to pay tax on the gift ?

  27. The frustration is starting to show on here. To expect any organisation to plan for the future under the present circumstances is expecting too much. The EPL can take the gamble without financial mayhem worrying them too much but in Scotland we don't have that luxury. 

    So Hearts and Celtic aren't getting the clarity they seem to expect, so what? They, and there fans, are ignoring the threat to the future viability of the other clubs and the health of the players that they expect to bend to their requests just so they can deal with their own predicament.

    Is it really acceptable to risk a number of clubs' existence just so that one club can get its defined number of games or so another club can get match practice to better its chances in Europe and extend its financial superiority over the rest?

    Calm down and let's just be thankful that we are healthy enough to worry about the future.


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