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    Thanks for the reference Jimbo. For correctness, that would be Diet Coke😊

    It was not ever so though. A wringer or three had been passed through😂😂

    Never read that book, though The Band’s album remains one of the half a dozen or so most important milestones in American music, and defined Americana as we now describe it.
    Must pick up the book.

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    Stevie G – The Real Deal?
    New blog (content of this comment from John Clark) now up

    Stevie G – The Real Deal?
    One effect of the UEFA news, whilst it may not yet be a tipping point, is that the wiggle room for the SFA is becoming ever more constrained.

    There has to be a recognition by now that fans are not forgetting the corruption at the heart of the RFC/TRFC saga any time soon.

    As we know the main reason for that is the truth that lies at the heart of our concerns.

    Easy to swat away a flight of fantasy, but not so easy to move on from proven wrongs.

    Stevie G – The Real Deal?

    I think most of us have made the correct observations. 😊
    Dr. Mo is clearly on an errand, and borderline trolling already, so I’ll wager his instructions did not include finesse or subtlety.

    A bit disingenuous to suggest there’s been no discussion on the Torbett case when in fact there clearly has been.

    Mods will keep an eye out for any continuing stupidity.

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    Dear Mr Bankier
    I think the allegations of a BBC pro-Rangers bias is based mainly on their failure to report the truth about Rangers, and the authorities. Less than on the situation surrounding Chris McLaughlin.

    Dear Mr Bankier
    Have to commend EJ & JC for their court coverage last week. Apart from their careful attention to detail, presentation of facts and explanatory narrative, they have emerged as THE authority and go-to guys for info and background on these matters. Quite the Twitter following too.
    Thanks guys 👏👏👏👏

    Dear Mr Bankier
    Twice yesterday my thoughts turned to John Thomson. First at Tynecastle then at Hampden. Shows how quickly things can decline into tragedy.

    Dear Mr Bankier
    So many questions have been asked of the Celtic board (and the boards of other major clubs) over the last six years. The Age of Transparency has not lived up to its promise.

    Both John C and Fans Without Scarves are to be commended for their efforts, which I fervently hope will not be in vain.

    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    New ad-blog up about Stevie G. Written by a staff writer at our ad company…..