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    Homunculus 18th November 2018 at 19:43

    Indeed, the sign isn't wrote very goodly. 


    Apparently this is a Tim wind-up with the state-aid nutter taking the bait.

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    Stevie G – The Real Deal?
    Willie Collum withdraws from Aberdeen v Hibs match – now there's a surprise.  Apparently, poor wee Wullie has sustained an injury – aye, right!

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    Dear Mr Bankier
    Ex Ludo 1st December 2018 at 11:29

    Reading some comments on Twitter this morning I was wondering how long Mr King has been sitting on the information he divulged in court yesterday. Surely he should have contacted the authorities as soon as he knew? Perhaps he has already done so and arrests are imminent.

    The ideal time for King to have spilled the beans was when, at great expense to the taxpayer, the bold D/I Robertson and his D/S flew out to interview King at his home in Johannesburg about the nefarious goings on at Ibrox re: Craig Whyte.  I'm sure that, over a nice glass of house red, Dave would have been relaxed enough to tell Inspector Knacker the whole sordid story.

    Fantastic Voyage ..
    I've just seen a tweet from Raman Bhardwaj @STV saying:

    Celtic keeper hits out at disciplinary process (3 man panel for potential retrospective punishment) "It's a strange system. You don't know who the [former] referees are and what their allegiances may be"

    I wonder if Craig Gordon's comment will attract an immediate disrepute charge from the Hampden Bunker?

    Fantastic Voyage ..
    Giovanni van Bronckhorst never had an EBT in the three years he was at Ibrox.  I'm sure that with him being the odd one out his fellow players would have known of his stance and the reason why he declined Sir David's kind offer.  The constant pleas of ignorance among these RFC beneficiaries doesn't wash with me.

    From the time the EBT list was first published, not one gentleman of the media has asked GvB the simple question "why did you not take out an EBT?".  There might have been an alternative answer to the obvious 'for more cash in my pocket', but, in my opinion, the SMSM has remained silent for fear of the player exposing the real reason for the scheme. 

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    John Clark July 9, 2018 at 09:55
    just about half of Gavin McCafferty’s piece in the ‘Scotsman’ this morning consists of very nearly the full text of the RIFC plc statement about the SPFL’s refusal of their request for an independent investigation into the MacLennan situation! ( Do journalists get paid per column inch of typescript, even if they are just quoting someone else’s propaganda??)
    Today’s ‘Evening Times’ has absolutely no quams about reproducing Jabba’s squirrel in full.  There is a lengthy piece entitled:
    “Chris Jack: Questions over Murdoch MacLennan are key for all clubs and not just Rangers”
    calling on all the other clubs to wake up and join Chairman King in his brave fight for justice on the 6th Floor at Hampden.  I will not give a link to this rag or reproduce the article, but suffice to say there seems to be a coordinated blitz on MacLennan in this morning’s press – a mere coincidence?

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    upthehoops June 12, 2018 at 15:43
    HOMUNCULUSJUNE 12, 2018 at 14:18
    Did Fergus McCann not do something similar at the flotation. Provide the fans with interest free loans to allow them to buy the shares in the club. I’m not sure how the mechanics worked, and it was probably him personally or a third party lender but I do recall something like that happening. The supporters / shareholders then repaid the loans.
    You are correct. When Celtic were floated as a PLC after McCann took over there was finance available to provide loans to fans to buy shares
    If my memory serves me correctly, Fergus McCann made an arrangement with the Cooperative Bank that it should provide loans for the Celtic fans at attractive rates to facilitate the purchase of their shares.  The bank did so on the basis that it was to become the Club’s bank.  However, unlike the King scenario above, Celtic plc had absolutely no part in the financing of these loans.  That was entirely the responsibility of the bank who applied the normal credit-worthy checks to the applicants.  Fergus also arranged with the Coop Bank to produce a Celtic version of its credit card.  The bank was more than happy to do so as it brought in much new business and, no doubt, the Club received a commission on the deal.