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Following the recent suggestion that we should have a blog get-together/fund raiser, may people contacted us expressing a wish that we should choose a venue which allowed the maximum amount of people to attend.

With that in mind we propose hiring the Centenary Suite at MacDiarmid Park, Perth; on Thursday 22 October at around 7.45pm; for (speculatively) 50 people.

Jim Craig has confirmed he will be there, and I will invite Stuart Cosgrove and Jim Spence and perhaps St. Johnstone chairman Steve Brown.

The format will be an hour of discussion, anecdote, and Q&A followed by a few hours of chat and socialising/sparring.

I want to be transparent about the costs, because it is important not to lose any money 🙁

Room hire is £180 + VAT, and a soup/sandwich/tea/coffee/biscuits buffet is £8.50 +VAT per person.

Cost for 50 people would be £726 inc. VAT so we would have to sell tickets at £15 a head to break even. £25 a head would raise around £500 from the event less half a dozen comps and expenses for the guests.

We can also try to arrange a bus/minibus from Glasgow if required. If there is a demand we will try to get one as inexpensively as possible.

It is important that we find out potential numbers as quickly as possible so we can evaluate the viability of the event.

We would appreciate your views on whether or not you would attend, if you are from the Glasgow area and would make use of a bus, and if you would prefer the event to be food-free (which would obviously save on costs)

Please use the form below to let us know. This is NOT a commitment to attending. It is to give us an idea of demand.

We will gauge responses over the next few days to ascertain the likelihood of the event being successful.


SFM Roadshow: 22nd October 2015, MacDiarmid Park, Perth


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