Comment on Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond by gogs.

    John Clark 3rd December 2019 at 00:30


    Haha, nostalgia can appear at the strangest times.

    As for the Nick Train holding, I know as much, or probably a lot less, than anyone else here.
    Like I say, he's been around since 2011 with a not insignificant share. What influence would a London Investment Firm have on board room policy outwith the ones voted on at the AGM? Do they just sit in the background and do nothing or are they usually proactive?
    It's just a niggle as I never see them mentioned, but if anonymity without influence in that kind of set up is normal policy then I'll just put that niggle to rest!

    gogs Also Commented

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    All this talk of Lawwell and Desmond, no one ever mentions Nick Train?
    He's had a significant holding since the start, bought in in 2011 if I remember, increased earlier this year, and now is close to 20% holding through his Lindsell Train Equity Fund.
    Absolutely no sentiment to Scottish football and Celtic whatsoever, solely driven by share price.
    Would he see it as disadvantageous to his investment if another scandal became public and it came out Celtic were complicit? Best not to rock the boat.
    Just a thought.