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    Poor Traynor: he must be fizzing!

    His planned PR p!sh this week is now out of his control!


    First you have Gerrard seemingly wandering off-message, to shoot down the Kamara nonsense.

    It would appear that Gerrard has decided that it’s simply the best not to participate in the Level42 game playing.


    …and now you have Agent Whyte – of all people! – muscling in on Traynor's 'franchise' to publicise his forthcoming book in the run up to the LC Final.


    Traynor can't control Whyte's publishing company, and who knows… mibbees a couple of wee nuggets of embarrassing detail about RFC/TRFC could be released later this week to drum up even more interest in the book?

    …and Traynor can only look on… angry


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    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    J.J it's 'simply the best' confirmation of King being a shadow director: coming from Gerrard, no less.

    The long list of dodgy precedents / bending of the rules by the SFA is guaranteed to come back to bite them.

    It might take an outsider like the SMSM dubbed 'Mad Vlad' to enter Scottish football: someone who will just not take their nonsense – and just might rag doll the SFA through the courts?

    And I'd pay good money to see that…   

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Lugosi, that awful joke deserves a straight red!  broken heart


    The unfunniest joke I've heard today is that an Eton/Oxbridge type from a privileged background,

    who studied classics and dead languages before sliding straight into a political career,

    is somehow the PM – again – of a country which prioritises political correctness, social inclusion and diversity for the general population, in our daily lives.

    Yet our head of government is a member of the 1%.  

    Not terribly representative…  heart


    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    PM, yes I did notice that 'coincidence' with Klopp's extension.

    I genuinely think that the rookie Gerrard has done better than expected with The Rangers so far.

    He's never going to get the player budget at Ibrox to match his ambitions though.

    And, IMO, he's going to have to over achieve – like Alex Ferguson did at Aberdeen domestically and in Europe – to be considered a candidate for any of the EPL top jobs.

    Mibbees Gerrard has other ideas…  indecision

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    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Generally, there are tax advantages with a holding company structure – but your operations do have to make a profit sometime to derive the benefit, typically.


    And based on the Ibrox financial history since 2012…

    mibbees a more appropriate legal entity would be a 'Not For Profit'…?  enlightened

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Thanks eJ for your virtual AGM reporting.


    Yes, the 'folding the shares into the football company' sounds curious. 

    But, it could also create further confusion though re: the holding company / engine room subsidiary boll*x ! indecision


    And if the DR has this quote correct, it is even more curious;

    "…There is no longer a strategic need to incur losses…"

    If King meant to say the focus was on e.g. growth or squad stability rather than profit, that's one thing.

    Amazon is the best example of a company which for years wasn't fussed about making a profit as it accumulated mounting losses – because it's long term strategy of world domination indecision was sound and very profitable.

    RIFC/TRFC is not Amazon but just a crappy football club, racking up relatively big losses every year – and with no apparent strategy to break even – nevermind make a profit.


    And as for King leaving…

    we should really throw him a party for entertaining us all these last few years!

    Can only imagine he'd only leave – quietly – if he was bought out, to his full satisfaction.

    If not, King could be just as toxic whilst pulling strings from SA?  He could still be the majority shareholder.


    Oh well, CFC AGM tomorrow.

    Good luck to Auldheid et al.  Their relentless Res.12 efforts more than deserve a positive outcome.

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Didn't realise it's the RIFC AGM tomorrow.


    Financials aside though, the DR seems to be possibly preparing the ground with a couple of articles speculating on;

    – the likelihood that Gerrard is a target for English clubs


    – there are "widespread rumours" that King is going to step down.  Did anyone else hear about these rumours?


    And according to Level42 – I mean the DR – one of the key points at the AGM will be King's comments on the recent 'allegations' that HMRC blundered with tax bills.


    And would King, the GASL with 42 criminal convictions for tax fraud against the SA tax authorities…

    manage to keep a smile off his face… when commenting on the accuracy and honesty of the UK tax authorities?


    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Just had a mischievous thought.


    A couple of sites we know have speculated as to the reason for the recent £2.1M share issue: legal bills, VAT bill or perhaps something else.  But whatever is was for, it seems the cash was urgently needed.


    And we know that RIFC has a rather large funding gap to fill this season.

    And we also know that Res.12 is not welcomed by the CFC Board.


    So, that being said – and with dwindling financing options left available to RIFC…


    would/could a cash rich CFC become RIFC's 'lender of last resort'?



    It's probably against the rules, but when has that ever bothered Hampden?

    And it would have to be another 'secretive' agreement.


    Mibbees far fetched?

    Would RIFC even ask?

    Has RIFC asked before now?

    [Pure speculation on my part.]

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Now THIS is interesting.

    I have copied the DR article in full below.

    If I was a cynical Internet Bampot, broken heart  then on the face of it, this looks like RIFC/TRFC needs to wave a big flag to a very specific target audience – like creditors? – to reassure them that cashflow is not a problem.

    'We're not selling Morelos, we've got more cash coming in January – and better still, there will be additional, major investment coming too.'

    All good news, and nothing to worry about…honest guv'.


    Just a bit weird that Traynor chose a rank average, ex-player to share this information though.  Didn't realise Alex Rae had his finger on the RIFC pulse WRT financing. 🙂

    The bears should really start worrying NOW, IMO.


    "Alex Rae in Rangers investment claim as he predicts January cash boost at Ibrox

    The former Light Blues midfielder insists there will be an influx of money arriving at the club. 

    By. Chris Doyle 22:26, 22 NOV 2019


    Alex Rae claims there will be major investment coming into Rangers in January and the club will not be forced to sell the likes of Alfredo Morelos.

    The former Light Blues midfielder insists there is a cash injection on the horizon after the club announced they needed £10million before the end of the season.

    The figures released earlier this month stated Rangers had suffered an annual loss of £11.3m resulting in claims the club would resort to cashing in on Morelos in the New Year.

    Rangers boss Steven Gerrard and sporting director Ross Wilson insisted the Colombian striker will be going nowhere in the upcoming transfer window.

    And Rae believes that will be the case as Rangers will receive the required funds from elsewhere.

    He said on Clyde 1's Superscoreboard: "Now it is my understanding at the turn of the year there will be another share issue done, which will provide considerable money.

    And there will be major investment coming into Rangers."

    Host Gordon Duncan probed Rae, saying: "We have heard this stuff quite a lot though, haven't we?"

    Rae added: "I've heard it from a very high source in Ibrox so I would prefer to believe that instead of anybody from Twitter."