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    From the VC article:

    "Why Lawwell doesn’t want UEFA to take a look and give their verdict can lead to only one conclusion- Celtic have something to hide in this, there is something that they’d rather keep quiet about".

    That sense has been growing with me for some time, but what could it be?

    On the basis of no evidence whatsoever, is it possible that Celtic fronted up the SFA in late 2011 or early 2012, they held their hands up, and a deal was done behind the scenes, possibly with UEFA involved, which all parties want to remain undiscovered?


    Such are the efforts to hide what took place in March and April 2011 from scrutiny you find yourself in tinfoil on the head thinking, not to stop thoughts going out but to stop them taking hold for fear of where they might lead.

    You can take it as a matter of corporate responsibility a certainty Celtic were involved in the 5 Way Deal in 2012  and in time, if the tease on Video Celts has a basis, a fact.

    As regards 2011: had Malmo not turfed RFC out of Europe on 3 August requiring Sherriff Officers acting on the instructions of HMRC, whose negotiations allowed time for the qualifying game to pass , to turn up at Ibrox on 10 August, chances are a loan secured against guaranteed CL income would have stopped the alarm going off.

    When it did however Celtic were pressed to get answers from the SFA which they did early December 2011 and got assurances of no jiggery pokery. 

    The content of that letter was thrown into doubt in the summer of 2013 when Charlotte Fakeovers made e mails etc available.

    Although Res12 2013 was opposed by the Board on basis of SFA assurances that ignored the CF material provided to Celtic months  before the AGM, it scared Celtic enough, who had it before Res12 was a twinkle in a CQN eye but ignored it, to suggest an adjournment that took us down the SFA yellow brick judicial  road to run into the CAS cul de sac clause contained in the 5 Way 

    So there is nothing based on letters exchanged to suggest any deal in 2011, in fact any correspondence made or becoming public since shows Celtic very active on paper in pursuit of the truth.

    With tin foil hat on, imagine RFC had beaten Malmo and all that flowed from a flawed business plan would not have happened, saving all the grief since Feb 2012 when RFC entered administration. It sounds like nonsense to think so but it does suggest motivation for a deal in 2011 and avoidance of scrutiny of that period since.


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    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond

    The idea that Celtic were not involved was supported with what looked  like activity that gave the impression they were on the outside, including adjourning Res12  that allowed uncovering not possible had it been killed at 2013 AGM.

    There was also factor that 5 Way was not signed by individual clubs but SPL on behalf of member clubs also SFA and SFL.


    Plausible deniability has been the result but is no longer so according to the VC article referring to a date of an inbox item.

    That is the first bit of concrete evidence that will make denial impossible.

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Correction follows.

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    A follow up from the AGM  of interest possibly.



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    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    For an in depth expose of the "RFC were victims of HMRC" myth I recommend


    Lots of detail but informative and balanced as are the other articles by the same author on his web site.

    Parts One, Two and Three already up. Part Four on its way.

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    The Times article set loose this thought.

    "selling key players would have been one option open to the Ibrox management to meet the liability”

    The idea being that had the bill been smaller RFC could have settled the BTC making them more attractive to potential buyers.

    Well the core bill (£24m) was possibly manageable and had payment been made instead of player trading at £28.2m*  in August 2008 with the individual determinations of tax owed already on the desk at Ibrox from Feb to April 2008  then the blockage to sell would have been removed.

    Arguably it would have made Rangers a more attractive financial proposition with no debt and an affordable lower player wage bill to build a sustainable  future on.

    However the decision was taken by Sir David Murray  and Walter Smith  to try and trade their way out of trouble by guaranteeing access to the CL groups as title winners and the player trading money was spent instead  on players who won 3iar

    That dependency on CL money for survival started to end with the unforeseen bank crash in Oct 2008 when Lloyds took over from Halifax but finally  ended in Malmo and Maribor in 2011.

    * This angle with others  is covered by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain  at

    A thundering squirrel

    but it is just one part of a truthful narrative avoided by Scottish Main Stream Media because it exposes  the "victim" narrative for what it is – Fake News.

    The cause of Rangers downfall was SDM/WS who placed the insatiable appetite of their support ( who never gave a thought to where the money was coming from)  to be top dog in Scottish Football above the well being of not just Rangers FC, but as time is showing, of the well being  of the other Scottish football clubs.



    In Whose Interests
    It's all so obvious now looking back  so why is a sham being allowed to continue to stigmatise Scottish football?

    Whose interests is it really in to sustain  a myth at the expense of whatever future Scottish has?




    In Whose Interests
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    I hope when this is concluded the Res 12 guys get back every penny spent.



    It is a thought……

    In Whose Interests

    The Res12 Archive has been updated to cover Celtic’s response to the most recent Resolution to bring Res12 of 2013 AGM to a conclusion. If you are not a shareholder it explains what was proposed & why and what Celtic actually oppose. All at 25th October date.