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Anyone else unable to access the podcast via the RSS …

Comment on Podcast Episode 1 by weescotsman.

Anyone else unable to access the podcast via the RSS feed ? I don’t want to install Itunes if at all possible as I’m not an Apple fan……. 🙄

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Podcast Episode 1
Exiled Celt says:
February 22, 2014 at 8:28 pm
Corruption in Scottish Football – all teams given a fair chance……………and neutral referees………..
The Bears don’t seem to be overly pleased with Greg’s refereeing performance despite his colleague’s pleas, seems they think he denied them 2 stonewall penalties then to rub salt in the wounds, gave the opposition a penalty at Ibrox.

How dare he indeed……. 😉

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Echoing other posters wishes, may you all have a joyful Christmas (don’t over do the vino). Onwards and upwards for SFM and our fabulous posters. I’m an avid reader but not much of a poster but we’re all one big happy family with the interests of Scottish football at heart, no matter which team you support. Bon Voyage for 2016.

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