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    On the subject of perceived provocation please see attached link which I hope I have managed to post. How can any right minded individual believe that racism or sectarianism is an acceptable reaction to scoring a goal or winning a game or celebrating either or both. Is it the same mindset which leads to individual violence against innocent fans celebrating their team’s success. I do have to wonder.



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    Accountability via Transparency.

    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.

    This article on Etims, by Derek Crowther an ex Ref, is quite revealing.

    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.


    I hope I have managed successfully the inclusion of the attached link. If not then you can access via the fans without scarves website. I haven’t read it yet but I expect a good read.

    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    Steve Clarke’s comments are to be commended by all right thinking people. He put a number of issues under the microscope which I just hope other managers and clubs (including fans) back up strongly with concerted action. In the absence of support I would be concerned that Steve Clarke decides to walk away – why stay and take the personnel abuse while trying to succeed against institutionalised bias when he could easily ply his trade elsewhere – leaving our football a much poorer place. Fundamental change to our football governance and wider society is long overdue.

    Dear Mr Bankier
    John Clark 14 December 2018 @ 1204

    Frank Haffey, a real blast from the past.

    I recall in Primary School our learned schoolteacher trying very hard to impart a modicum of culture and education to a group of lads whose only interest was football. I recall vividly his question to the class “who stops 1 in 3” to which he received the response “ my dad says it’s Frank Haffey”. How were we to know he was referencing the Ancient Mariner. The thought still makes me smile after all this time. Thanks for that JC