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    Re the incidents at the game on Sunday. 

    To use goading on the part of Scott Brown for what happened is pathetic in my view. I accept he is the type of player who gets under the skin of opponents, and other fans, but he is hardly alone in that. When he was a Hibs player he annoyed the hell out of me, but what set of fans genuinely doesn't want a bit of that in their team? I am really glad to have him at Celtic.  

    Brown's slight touch on Morelos is the type of wee dig we see from many players every week without so much as an afterthought. What we don't see is a forearm smash in response every week. Also, what Brown did with Kent when the Referee had not even tried to re-start the game was similar to what we often witness, but Kent's violent reaction most certainly was not. 

    Then at the end the inability by Andy Halliday to exercise any form of self respect or control was clearly the catalyst for what happened.

    Goading is part of the game, and the Rangers players were guilty of it on Sunday too when they scored. Also, ask any Celtic fan sitting near the away dug out on Sunday and ask if any goading took place from within it when Rangers equalised. In truth they were probably only giving back what they had been subjected to for much of the game. It has been notable to me in games against Hearts and Aberdeen in particular this year, that the Rangers players went out their way to goad the opposition fans when they scored, but notably none of the opposition players saw it as a reason to start a fight. 

    Morelos, Halliday and Kent acted like street corner thugs on Sunday and their actions don't speak well of them at all. In terms of the fall out I suspect that has more to do with the cold light of day realisation that Stevie G and his 55 Express has derailed and is lying at the side of the tracks, and I include many of the media in that, as well as the pathetic individual(s) who made a Police complaint about Scott Brown. If you dish it out you have to take it. It's one of the oldest sayings in the book, but it seems lost down Ibrox way. 

    If they really want someone to blame for where they are look no further than David Murray and the succession of crooks and shysters who have held the fort since. Had Murray not implemented his grand scheme of tax evasion it is highly unlikely they would be staring at an ever increasing possibility of Celtic getting ten in a row.  Perhaps driving away genuine businessmen like Bill Miller and Mike Ashley in the past was not the wisest move either. You reap what you sow!

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    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    Big Pink 28th March 2019 at 17:19


    You are probably right about things being looked at through a Celtic or Rangers prism. In terms of Referees if the SFA can't accept that anyone, no matter who they support, has the integrity required to be a Referee then foreign officials are the answer in my view. If we can't have a cross section of people as Grade 1's (which we don't have) then something needs to change. If the system allowed a fan of any club to reach the top it would be easier to have more faith in it. As it stands a fan of Rangers has far more chance therefore it deserves to be treated with downright suspicion. 

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    Re Bobby Madden getting the game on Sunday. As I've said before there are types within Scottish society you can trust and types you can't according to some within the Scottish establishment. Madden might be the most honest, fair guy in the world, but the SFA seemingly don't think other types can be honest and fair just because of what they are or what they do or don't belong to. It's an appalling situation for 2019. 

    In short a good Rangers man can be trusted to be honest and fair, especially as it was the ethos in life they were brought up with. A few non-Rangers men can also be trusted because they were brought up with the same ethos. No Celtic men can be trusted, because they don't have the same ethos in life – the proof is in the fact none of them are Grade 1 Referees, and most Grade 1 Referees are Rangers men. 

    How bizarre that in 2019 people are still considered in this way. 

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    I see many journalists today questioning whether Alex McLeish should remain as Scotland boss.  Personally I wish they would question the fact he is allowed any involvement in football at all, given his participation in, and his support of, the biggest case of tax evasion ever in the history of British football. Is it the case that being a 'Rangers man' absolves you of crimes against society in the eyes of the Scottish media? It seems that way to me, given the number of tax thieves they employ and indeed celebrate. 

    Scotland is at times a really f*cked up nation. As long as one particular demograhic holds such cultural power in preference to all others I can't see it changing. 

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    In Whose Interests
    I have to admit I love a good conspiracy theory, especially when at a loose end on a Sunday night, awaiting the delights a new working week brings. So it has not escaped my notice that some theories on Mark Allen's surprise departure from Ibrox are emerging on social media. Most of them relate to the transfer of Ryan Kent, and range from Allen being overruled as he knew Kent is injury prone and has a bad attitude, to Liverpool reporting Rangers as they have not paid the first tranche of the fee. I am happy to accept 99.9% of this could be rabble rousing, made up p*sh, but the suddenness and timing of Allen's departure I believe does allow us to think there may be more to it than meets the eye. Rangers official statement on Friday night was never going to be questioned by a compliant media, who also guaranteed Allen sugar coated coverage for his entire time in Scotland. So when it is announced on a Friday night that he has left a job where he was not subject to any critical analysis whatsoever you do have to wonder what the real reason was. 

    In Whose Interests
    easyJambo 12th September 2019 at 17:12

    I don't have a ready made solution to Scotland's ills but, based on the experience of other countries, we ware unlikely to progress as a small country without a common strategy across all clubs.


    Any 'common strategy' would need buy in from fans who buy season tickets,who in my view are entitled to buy one with a view to investing in what is best for their club, not the long term future of the international team with the possibility things could get even more mediocre for their club in the interim period. Also in my view there is zero chance of any common strategy without first a complete root and branch reform of every aspect of the SFA, which needs to be rid of the bias and nepotism which runs from top to bottom, as well as a Refereeing appointments system which ignores the laws on diversity and inclusion, with the same close knit fraternal influences moving into the Referee supervisor system.

    I have often opined on matters such as strict liability that Scotland as nation would be unable to apply such a system fairly across the board. This is because old prejudices and unhealthy media influence would in my view be factors in its application, just like they are in the current disciplinary processes. Any attempts to develop a common strategy for player development under the current shambles of the SFA would be subject to the same influences. 

    Maybe I just look at things too simply. Most people thought Stevie Clark was the right man for the job. He has not had a great start to say the least but much time was wasted under the nepotism inspired appointment of Alex McLeish, who was clearly well past his sell by date. Clark's power is in his organisation and the likely play off opponents for Scotland will not in my view be unbeatable, especially with Clark having had more time. Sometimes you just need the right Manager. Ask Kilmarnock fans. 


    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    bordersdon 10th September 2019 at 11:04

    It's evident that activity on here has reached a new low! Is this because:

    1. Folk see no hope of changing/improving the governance of Scottish football and of ever getting a recognition that a certain cheating club, who won many Scottish football honours whilst cheating, died and a new club was created?

    I think it is clear the authorities and the media will never allow such recognition to take place. I doubt very much whether the Judiciary would either. 'Rangers' is the establishment club, i.e 'their club'. 

    1. A sense that Res 12 has been kicked so far into the long grass that it is lost?

    Auldheid will maybe update, but it is far from dead. Celtic must still formally answer via their AGM, and moves are definitely afoot to make them do just that at this year's AGM. The SFA also have to close the case out too, although they know they can say 'move on' as the media line up to accuse Celtic fans of paranoia. 

    1. There is no expectation that the new club (see above) is in any way heading for administration/liquidation? Certainly in the past there has been nothing like an impending financial disaster to get the SFM keyboards rattling.

    They always seem to get money from somewhere. 

    Or a mixture of all three of the above?

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    Ryan Kent never played a game for Liverpool’s first team. He has 10 goals in 104 appearances for Barnsley, Bristol City, Coventry and Rangers, all while on loan. Last season he scored 6 goals and had 5 assists for Rangers. Is he really a £7m player who is going to be a game changer in terms of the title? Even allowing for my obvious bias I think it is a very pertinent question to ask. 

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    Cluster One 3rd September 2019 at 19:36

    I would hazard a guess at that price that is where the first kent payment is coming from.


    Not all all. According to Mark Allen on Talksport today Rangers are on a very sound financial footing. Hmmm.