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    Has anyone actually seen any footage of Brown goading the Rangers fans? 

    I've seen Halliday arriving on the scene, which is not next to the Rangers fans. I've seen a clip of him celebrating his MOTM, where he is facing the Celtic support. If anyone has seen clips of this potential 'criminal' behaviour, I would love to see it.

    I have seen a photo of Fotheringham assaulting Lustig from behind. I haven't heard the police looking introvert that one.

    It is interesting that all the clips shown of the Brown/Morelos incident start just after Morelos gives Brown a little nudge – but that would mean that Morelos was actually the source of the provocation that is so hurtful.

    I don't want to come across (as I probably have done) as a Scott Brown apologist. If he played for a different team, I am sure he would get right on my nerves. He is a physical player, who sometimes crosses the line, and was clearly looking to wind up the Rangers players. However, when Celtic lost at Ibrox in December, the team walked off the pitch at the end with no trouble, despite serious provocation from Morelos during the match. Brown completely ignored Arfield doing a 'Broonie' right next to him as he walked off

    This whole provocation farce is being used to cover up the serious indiscipline of the Rangers team – something that has been evident all season long.

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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Chants about Paedophiles and telling people they are in the wrong country have no place at a football match (clearly, nor do the sectarian chants from Celtic fans).

    The fact the media are willing to overlook these incidents and the regular anti-Catholic songs sung on a regular basis, while going to town on  an anti-Protestant chant means that at some point, someone has to call this out. If you are outraged by Celtic pointing this out, then you are helping to deflect and control the narrative.

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Although I think the two incidents are different – Mackay-Steven's momentum and follow through hits Boyata rather than Boyata hitting him – Mackay-Steven does not miss the ball. He has already won the header before the picture shown above.

    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    "The only place I disagree with most on here is i think if it were Scott brown or any other Celtic player who had done the same they would have got off as lightly."

    Boyata swore at Beaton against St Johnstone and got a straight red card. He would have been better off just kicking someone.

    *The truth is of course that Boyata totally deserved to be sent off for being a complete muppet but Beaton wasn't worried about sending off a Celtic player.

    I still find it amazing that so many people (including plenty of pundits) are still peddling the "yellow cards, red would have been harsh" line.

    He deliberately stood on another player, raking his studs down his side. When has that ever been a yellow card?

    He deliberately hit another player in the face with his elbow/forearm – I don't remember anyone saying that Simunovic was unlucky to see red when he did that to Morelos. Both were blatant red cards but the same linesman saw them completely differently. We don't know if Beaton claimed to have seen that one as it seems to have been swept under the carpet even further than the other three offences.

    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    Darren O'Dea banned for two matches retrospectively in incident seen by the referee…but who clearly made an incorrect decision.

    I'm pleased O'Dea was punished as it was blatant cheating…however, it is also completely inconsistent with the SFA's announced process for retrospective bans.

    Shinnie seems to have completely got away with his embarrassing cheating.

    Edit: sorry, I missed Nawlite’s post about O’Dea

    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    There's a 4th red card offence as well – forearm to the face of a Celtic player – reminiscent of the Simunovic red card (correct decision). Who is the linesman that fails to see or alert the referee? RED CARD RED CARD…the very same Lino but a completely different reaction and decision this time.