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    Re clubs response to the BBC survey.

    Strict Liability – Consultation Responses

    Celtic's response to James Dorman's consultation process on strict liability can be found here. I can't see a response from Hearts although they may have classed themselves as anonymous. enlightened

    I don't see why any club should feel they have to respond to a survey just because it is the EBC.


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    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    Bogs Dollox

    Perhaps I didn't make myself clear.

    This should help:

    Ironic humour: How to lose people and alienate cats


    Of course, when you have to explain it, it's not a joke anymore.

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    Bogs Dollox

    In this case, I would agree with you if you were right. enlightened

    I really don't care what Brown did or did not do. 

    I really don't care if it was Brown, Green or Black. The FACT is that a player was physically attacked on 3 separate occasions. At his work!

    We have all discussed strict liability in the last few weeks and the danger of a player being injured by a ned running onto the park. In this instance the neds were actually playing on the park.

    That is the story that is being swept under the carpet. That is the point you are missing.

    It's the same old 'he brought it on himself' nonsense I've heard before. How dare Brown put his face into my elbow when I'm swinging it.

    You eloquently explained the reasons for the indiscipline of the sevco players. That is the problem that the SFA created when they failed to censure Gerrard over his referee comments and rescinded Morelos's red card. It was a slap in the face to every other SPFL manager and player.

    Anyway. Post or don't post. It's up to you. I won't goad you into it in case I get a smack in the face broken heart


    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    Bogs Dollox

    The problem is the indiscipline of sevco players.

    Brown has absolutely nothing to do with it. No ifs ands or buts.

    Brown was elbowed in the face by Morelos.

    Brown was physically assaulted by Kent. Try swinging a left hook at one of your work colleagues. You will end up sacked and jailed.

    Brown was then further assaulted by Halliday who was sent off for his troubles.

    Trying to spread blame by saying that Brown was not professional is at best a deflection and at worst an excuse for violent actions of sevco players.

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    Bad Money?
    Hi to John Clark. Regarding your post this morning on the ethereal, metaphysical thingy.

    I have found this site: http://unicornrangers.org/

    I am sure this organisation could help the legal profession communicate with the dead thingy.

    Accountability via Transparency.

    Go to the URL heading where it says:


    Change it to:


    You can see previous posts.

    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?

    I read someone's analogy that rock bands could not be held responsible for the behaviour of the audience at a concert. That is undeniably true. The venue is not owned by them and they have no control over the audience that is allowed in.

    This is not comparable to a football ground where the stadium is owned by the 'club' and the same audience turns up week after week.

    Football has governing bodies which should have the power to censure and punish 'clubs' for unacceptable behaviour by their 'audience'.

    The most powerful punishment, IMHO, would be to ban home fans from a match if behavioural rules have been deemed to be broken.

    Whether this is the singing of offensive songs, or aiming missiles at players (either home or away).  Imagine one supporter throws a flare or smoke bomb or throws a bottle at a player on the pitch and their club is banned from having any home fans attend their next home game.

    Maybe the yellow card red card system could be applied to the 'audience'?

    I'm not even sure I know what strict liability would entail either to clubs or individuals in the wider legal sense. Could Sinclair or Morelos or Lennon etc. sue the club whose ground they were assaulted at?

    It is not the government's job to enforce good behaviour at football matches. It is the SFA and the club's responsibility.

    It is not above the wit of man to digitally record images and sound in a football ground. In fact, it is relatively simple and does not cost a fortune. Hib's excuses for instance, are, I believe disingenuous at best. The bottle thrown at Sinclair was evidence of a crime and should have been handled as such by Scotland's finest.

    I have little hope that the SFA has the appetite to do anything. It is an amateur organisation run by dilettantes with no commercial acumen or experience. Football is big business. The McRaes of this world are woefully inept and do not have the skills to deal with this.


    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?

    I was not disagreeing with you. The figures released are junk.

    They are not audited so are probably not produced according to UK GAAP.

    Who knows what has been included/excluded from them.

    There's not a lot of income for football teams at this time of the year. Less so if you maxed out your season tickets last year. 

    With costs running at £5 million or so a month, I suspect that they are having a difficult job of paying the bills. How sad.

    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    Homunculus Re EBITDA

    This can actually be a good indicator of the financial state of a company.

    Since depreciation and amortisation are not cash payments and we know that they won't be paying any tax 🙂 it can show the cash generated from revenue. The statement that they might hit break even on EBITDA (probably won't) shows a company living from hand to mouth.

    The figures they have published are amateurish at best and tell us nothing.

    Have the legal fees been accrued for?

    What about the future payments for players bought by Gerrard?

    Outstanding other debts and when they have to be paid?

    I would really like to know the Accounts Payable days. Is it a 3 figure number 🙂

    How much cash is available now for the next 6 months operation?

    The cost of De Foe and Davis will also be a big chunk of cash whatever number you believe in the press.

    However, it will be season book renewal time again soon and those wads of cash will keep them going till Xmas.