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    Just some clarification for Allyjambo; the connection between Level 5 and The Sunday Post is Jim Wilson. James Traynor and him are not only both faux Airdrie supporters but related through marriage. The Rangers now want Steven Gerrard off the pay-roll and big favours are being repaid.

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    Who Is Conning Whom?
    A thought with regards to EB;
    If I had a solicitor’s practice and wanted to evaluate any new associates … I would ask them to put forward a plausible argument; to counter a water tight, legal adjudication and then hand them the old club/new club brief.Tell them to post their comments on the SFM website, where they would find very well informed, articulate contributors, more than capable of rebutting every single part of their argument. The associates cannot win, but then, that’s not the point.