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    “After all, Metro Bank is trying to do the exact opposite of what many other banks are doing. 

    It is growing its network of branches while others are shrinking theirs. It is opening in the most expensive locations in the towns and cities it operates in. Its branches are open Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.”

    This quote is taken from a BBC article on Metrobank. It seems to me at least that this is a fairly unconventional business model that is risky in the extreme. The sort of institution which is likely to attract businessmen who are not risk averse. 

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    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All

    This BBC tweet references a “police chief “ suggesting a senior officer has made a statement when in fact the substantive comments by the “chief” are actually made by a representative from the Scottish Police Federation who represents the rank and file. Whilst he has every right to comment it’s a poor show from the BBC to headline the comments in that way. There’s also a curious comment in the article stating that the clubs store banners belonging to fans who then hide behind these banners if they have committed any misdemeanours. Presumably someone has observed this type of fan behaviour but  no action has been taken in respect of this as far as I know. Can anyone confirm if clubs do actually store banners? It suggests some sort of collusion and a tacit acceptance of unwelcome messages being displayed on the banners.

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    JC@23.52 yesterday 

    The punch doesn’t have to land for it to be an assault. Scott Brown, being a well trained athlete with excellent reflexes would instinctively react to a fist heading towards his face and minimise the impact of such an attack. From what I’ve read on Twitter this morning it appears Police Scotland are consulting with the Procurator Fiscal regarding his (Brown’s) behaviour during the match. Given what the video footage shows of the Ryan Kent incident Scott Brown could himself make a complaint to the Police. It will be interesting to see how the compliance officer deals with this matter later today.

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All

    In Scots law the intent (attempt) to cause someone harm is enough to constitute assault. So even if a punch is thrown but misses the target it’s still assault. #pedantry. 


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    Bad Money?

    There’s quite a bit of cash involved in this deal.

    Bad Money?
    I read this morning on one of the more entertaining Celtic facing websites that Rangers* may have fielded an ineligible player (Alan McGregor) in their EL qualifier yesterday evening. The honest mistake apparently is that although Mr McGregor is listed on the squad list he wasn’t a development player for his present club. I’m not concerned because I’m fully confident that the SFA will have the matter in hand. 

    Bad Money?

    That boxing promoter lad would be Mr Barry Hearn. He spoke at the SFA’s inaugural convention a few years back. Was there another one? 

    I don’t think his advice was what the SFA wanted to hear though. From a Tom English article 

    “If there was any doubt about it then he disabused folk right from the get-go. "I'm not an expert on Scottish football," he told the assembled cast of chairmen, chief executives and committee men and women of all kinds. "Listening to your [financial] figures, doesn't seem like you are either."”

    Bad Money?
    Companies House is a familiar source of information for many on here. The quote below is taken from an article in today’s Guardian newspaper (online). It casts doubt on the checking systems of Companies House.

    “In theory, the introduction of the PSC rule should have prevented the use of a British shell company to anonymously commit financial crime. Don’t worry though, because it didn’t. Here is the secret: no one checks the accuracy of the information you provide when you register with Companies House. You can say pretty much anything and Companies House will accept it.”


    Bad Money?

    Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. There’s a wee reference to Charles Green at top right on the page threatening to take players to court who refuse to sign up to his “ phoenix club” How did that work out for him?