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    Just seen on the BBC site that they going to show the Inverness v Hearts Scottish Cup semi on April 13.

    Nothing wrong with that per se and it could be a cracker of a tie.


    But it’s at Hampden which will mean vast empty swathes of seats which is daft because it could and should have been moved to a more suitable ground. 


    And the 12.15 kick off once again shows the SFA are just totally out of touch with the ordinary match-going fans. 


    This kind of nonsense happens way too often and is why we need a strong fans union who are consulted about what is right for us the real stakeholders.

    There should in fact be a simple policy in place agreed by fans for the fans.

    By that I don’t mean anything from Supporters Direct Scotland who pretend to represent us and send out some professionally produced emails but are in fact the SFA in house, token, tick- box effort. 


    We need a stronger fiercely independent and better resourced Scottish Football Supporters Association.

    Representatives who understand the real issues and don’t seem frightened to stand up for us all.

    Being independent of the SFA and the SPFL obviously makes a difference and is an essential starting point. 

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    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    Thanks Auldheid

    You might have also referred to the scheming villains at Spartans who played Culter in the Scottish cup with Keith Mcleod’s registration missing a signature on the second page.

    They were dealt with good and proper and sent away with a flea in their ear  

    Or some of the early 5 Way Agreement drafts which we’ve seen where from memory there were proposed deductions that somehow disappeared into the ether when Regan Doncaster et al decided to legitimise their new entity and doctor the allegedly purchased history.


    Regan wore out the word transparency in a particularly pompous scripted outpouring early in his shift and it’s still obviously recuperating far from the grasp of the SFA and the SPFL 


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    Bad Money?
    The Rangers Football Club story since the decline and fall of the Murray empire and everything that has happened since is not a football story.


    It is a business and cultural story.


    It is all about power and money and is an insight into a small country and how it deals with a rogue business, the inherent corruption that pervades and surrounds it, the complicit authorities and clubs and a  main stream media who simply want to fill their allocated pages with club produced ephemera to try to hold on to their fast declining audiences.


    And all this set against a political backdrop where the various people who could do something about it all have decided that it is a lose -lose process and it is easier and wiser to stay well away and avoid upsetting potential voters.


    Yesterday the English judge issued a long and detailed report into one particular piece of what is admittedly a complicated jigsaw but I'm sitting here and listening to BBC Radio Shortbread but you wouldn't know that anything had happened.


    Radio silence when  there is a real story on a plate about how a company, whose reach pervades the very heartland of our wee country, has been taken to court and lost with the damages likely to be millions.


    And this particular company has been losing millions since it was allowed to reconvene after a very messy and costly insolvency.


    Donalda Mackinnon, I don't know you and you keep a low profile but I think you should be asking your real journalists, good people like Douglas Fraser to start looking at the business ramifications of the judges decisions.

    You might even look deeper into how this particular business is run with its colourful short history and equally colourful ex-pat holding company chairman.

    At the same time you might ask your sports editors what the imminent loss of millions is likely to mean for the club in footballing terms.


    Maybe even put a mixed team on it and make it a football and business and cultural story.

    Given that there is previous and given that the previous collapse in 2011 – 2012 was a huge story your team should  maybe  be in fact all over it because it looks like all the elements for another slow motion train disaster are starting to line up.


    Donalda your historic and current BBC silence is deafening and inexcusable. 

    Bad Money?
    Complicity noun

    the fact or condition of being involved with others in an activity that is unlawful or morally wrong.


    Good Luck Auldheid and all the requisitioners.

    I especially hope the real heart of the club i.e. the fans with just a few shares step up and support the move.

    I don't believe that all the SPFL club chairmen were involved in the decisions to back the new club and maintain the Scottish football duopoly just over seven years ago.

    They were not all complicit to the same extent and some felt bullied into giving their support at short notice at the first meeting.

    But I do believe some were very complicit indeed.

    Certainly the ones that Regan, Doncaster and Petrie thought they needed to get their proposals through.

    If I was one of that threesome I'd certainly have wanted Lawwell to be on the inside early doors, involved and therefore supportive and reassuring to the other chairmen.

    His support and involvement in the plan would be much more valuable than the likes of Kenny Cameron of ICT or Roy MacGregor of Ross County or the other rabbits round the table, – those not in the inner sanctum.


    I've said it before. This was all about how certain chairmen and the appointed football administrators saw and see the business that is Scottish football.


    Commercially I'd actually say Lawwell and his boss probably called it right, a short term income hiatus for a medium and longer term gain and the maintenance of the divisive and unique Scottish football monopoly that in reality only helps two clubs.

    But that very commercialism on this one is in my opinion totally contradictory to the very essence of the Celtic club.


    Sadly I don't think there ever has been nor ever will be any appetite to support Res 12 from the powers that be at Celtic and while they may be "open" to seemingly help their bona fide stakeholders they will be doing everything they can to sideline this movement which can only ever be an embarrassment to those in control and also complicit then and now.




    Bad Money?
    Thanks John, good blog that should have a wider readership.


    The football authorities currently receive public funds from government, but in a “have your cake and eat it” scenario, they are accountable to no-one but themselves – and that’s how they want to keep it.



    We need to become political.

    Accountability via Transparency.
    easyJambo 17th May 2019 at 22:17


    There are a raft of shameful statements in Maxwell's response to Bonnyrigg

    “having checked internally, i can confirm that there is no appeal route available for clubs going through the application process. etc etc 


    Thanks for all this stuff EJ.


    The current SFA conclusions and attempts to "manage" the licensing process between the ex juniors coming into the pyramid has been badly handled from the start and is now quite embarrassing as well as being disgraceful.

    It is an insight into an organisation that is truly not fit for purpose.


    Mr Maxwell admitting that his organisations membership criteria actually changed along the way and in particular after the submissions were made (at great costs to the clubs) is quite bizarre and just plain wrong.

    At the last meeting we have been told Mr Petrie allegedly got upset when called out as a proprietor of mis truths.

    I'd say the floor of that particular meeting called it right.


    I note one particular para in the Bonnyrigg reply and wish them all the luck in the world should they choose to follow it because this all deserves more publicity and outfits like the SFA who benefit from public funding should be held to proper account.

    this is however not the end of the road for us, as despite the labyrinthine nature of the different articles and licensing documents, there is still one option open to us which we are seeking guidance on from parties outside of the club whether to pursue.  

    Go for it guys.

    Go for it for all the wee clubs and fans who get treated like second class citizens.

    Go for it knowing that Ian Maxwell would not have wanted Partick Thistle to be treated the way he is now treating these member clubs.

    Go for it knowing that Rod Petrie would not have wanted his childhood club Aberdeen, or his current club Hibs to be treated like this either.


    Ask why are they happy to do to others what they would not have accepted being done to their own clubs.



    Accountability via Transparency.
    easyJambo 9th May 2019 at 22:24

    I've given some thought about how the SFA can resolve the Bonnyrigg (and others) situation.

    The SFA could invoke one of their own precedents to get round the licensing problem, by issuing  a "conditional membership".  I haven't seen a documented process of how to obtain such a membership though, unless it is only written on the back of a few brown envelopes.

    Apparently it was used once, a few years ago, to get round their own rules to permit a new club to join the SFL.  :whistle

    I'm sure it could be adapted for use and documented in a 4-way agreement between the SFA, the Lowland League, East of Scotland League and the club(s).



    Brilliant EJ.


    Scottish Football needs less rule changes at the 11th hour and more 'conditional memberships, and more  Secret 4 Way Agreements to clean up what might otherwise be interpreted as a scam to get £2000 out of prospective Lowland League clubs who have their own grounds and don't want to share with Stirling Albion, Falkirk, Alloa, Gala or whoever.


    Oh and a chief executive who can spell write or there will be compliants about his competence.