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    H, there must be a contract break clause after 1 year, surely?

    King wouldn't have given a rookie manager a strict 4 year contract?

    Especially when Gerrard's immediate value was to shift ST's – last year.

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    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    Bill1903 3rd April 2019 at 06:32


    Push or punch??


    Well, that's the clearest view so far of the incident.

    And regardless of whether it's a push or a punch, whether Kent was provoked or not…

    TRFC is missing a hugely significant point here.


    After Kent's contact with Brown's face, Brown could have copied Morelos' antics by rolling along the deck holding his face – as though taken out by a sniper.

    That would have guaranteed an ever bigger melee.

    Brown got up quickly and rightly protested about this punch.


    If TRFC has the audacity to appeal Kent's red card, it tells any neutral everything you need to know about that club's attitude to rules and civilised, acceptable behaviour – both on and off the pitch!

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    IMO, the Ryan Kent swing was the most shocking incident on Sunday.

    Morelos got a red for a sneaky, off the ball elbow.


    In stark contrast, Brown had actually been holding the ball just before Kent took a swing at him.

    Nothing sneaky or accidental.  Just a clear as day, clenched fist, left hook towards Brown's face.

    Intent seemed rather blatant.


    In any 'normal' televised game that punch would be the most talked about action.  It's just got minimised in all the other stuff going on in the game, and after the final whistle.


    Ryan Kent should have the book thrown at him – as any reasonable football supporter would expect.


    And the other point which has been lost in the noise: Brown had the ball in his hands. 

    …so how did the ref, 2 linesmen and the 4th official ALL miss the punch at the time ?


    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    The DR is definitely getting even worse.

    Today's efforts include 2 standouts;

    1) "Celtic skipper Scott Brown set to go under SFA microscope for Rangers celebrations"

    Good headline to pacify the bears and to deflect. 

    But an absolute nonsense, lazy, off the cuff article, which didn't even bother to include any 'unnamed source' quotes.

    It's credited to Michael Gannon, who presumably doesn't even bother to read the p!sh he is given by Traynor ?

    2) "Michael Stewart questions how Rangers can keep financing 'desperate' bid to stop Celtic."

    On the face of it, a critical piece about TRFC's finances based on truthful quotes from Stewart.  Interesting that nobody at the DR wants to put their name to it though, as it's credited to "Record Sport Online".

    But the best bit is this from the DR itself;

    "…Rangers posted losses of over £14million in November 2018 after investing heavily to bring Gerrard to the club and fund his subsequent squad rebuild…"

    Theses accounts were up to 30th June, 2018.

    Gerrard's first day as TRFC manager was 1st June, 2018.

    Materially, the £14M loss had bugger all to do with Gerrard.

    But the DR blames him anyway!

    However, the impact of Gerrard's recruitment and squad rebuilding will – absolutely – be reflected in the accounts to 30th June this year.

    Another poor / lazy effort from Traynor – to try and pin all TRFC's financial woes on Gerrard.

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    Bad Money?
    JC, absolutely!

    The BBC is not at all what it used to be, [or what we thought it was].

    The sooner a subscription model is introduced, the sooner we can all make a choice.


    The impression I get is that outside of the UK, the BBC is still held in high regard – including its news coverage, (generally).

    Perhaps the BBC is held in a higher regard by overseas consumers than by its UK consumers?


    I would certainly agree that the BBC is 'probably' the best of a bad bunch amongst the global, MSM news outlets.

    The perennial news ratings winner in the USA is Fox News, with its opinion driven coverage from typically thick-but-pretty presenters.

    …and I used to get strange looks from American colleagues for readily admitting that I watched RT and Al Jazeera output to get some balance!


    If the BBC can't accurately and honestly report on the Ibrox goings on, then any reasonable person would have to question the accuracy and honesty of BBC coverage of ALL other news items…

    to state the bleedin' obvious.


    Bad Money?
    Well, to be fair,

    "…if it smells like Rangers…"

    is probably an accurate comparison of RFC and TRFC.


    Both are putrid.


    I'll get my face mask…  broken heart


    Bad Money?
    Yes, our SMSM…

    and its malignant influence hanging over Scottish football continues.


    I see that Chris Jack, The ET 'Group Senior Sports Writer' is happily continuing to have 'articles published under his name'.

    Carry on as normal, nothing to see here.


    After the debacle of the wholly made up article – complete with fictitious QUOTES from a living person – you would think that anyone with a shred of honour / integrity would have immediately resigned from the publication, [mibbees to avoid being fired], and learn from the humiliating experience.

    Not so for a 'senior journalist' in Scotland.

    Just carry on as normal.


    The Internet Bampots know from long experience that the SMSM twists the truth, ignores the truth and blindly copies / pastes pitiful PR output as the norm.

    But, I think this Jack shocker is the first time I've seen such a clear and dishonest attempt to fill the column inches.


    Why would anyone buy an ET now?

    Bad Money?
    Ex Ludo,

    mibbees the TRFC academy conveyor belt is a bit like the stadium…


    in desperate need of long overdue maintenance?


    I'll get my hi vis jacket.  indecision


    Bad Money?
    Clickbait headline in the DR;


    "Rangers thumping Marseille while Celtic drew with Rennes has given Ibrox fans reason to believe – Hotline"




    Yes, because meaningless, kickabout friendlies – where the objective is not to get injured – is a reliable indicator for the season ahead.


    May as well avoid inconveniencing any of the other 41 senior clubs – and just handover the Treble to Ibrox now…