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Albion Rovers should appeal this and supporters clubs should crowdfund …

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Albion Rovers should appeal this and supporters clubs should crowdfund their appeal and bring out the debate on registration. Albion were cheated when Moshni scored after bundling the Albion keeper into the net and now this, two cups ties they have been unfairly dealt with. I am in favour of integrity so where is it in this case, if we are to go on same rules for all.
The SFA are now showing their colours.Time to turn off and Boycott Scotland games fuck them.

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On Grounds for Judicial Review
Oh dear is this for real.

On Grounds for Judicial Review
John ClarkAugust 22, 2017 at 23:51
“Today what must be destroyed is not Carthage, but the deceit at the heart of Scottish Football.”
Quae hodie est, non potest destrui Carthaginem sed dolo ab Scottish Football ad Cor.
Hail Hail

On Grounds for Judicial Review
Billy BoyceAugust 21, 2017 at 20:32 
If there is no BBC ban in force at the Govan club then the BBC Scotland controller should be taken to task for deciding to exclude these two particular interviews.

 The so called ban is a lie to suit the beeb and the PR guru traynor over by.

Overwhelming evidence of a culture of corruption at Rangers 1998-2012 but Scotland’s football authorities and press are ignoring it.
“An ongoing issue between the Ibrox club and the BBC prevents me asking him questions”(Chris MacLaughlin)

Billy ask the BBC what the dispute is about,
Ask why they can cosy up in studios and talk away its bullshit,the agenda is driven to steer away from the public real questions they dare not ask,
English deflects back to tweets and uses the obsessed patter used by fans next it will be the hater bullshit.
“You seem to tweet and retweet about Rangers all the time. Do you actually support a club? I can’t tell”
it is in the BBC interest to steer clear of the story,they think fans button up the back, eevryone of them led with the 140 year history down the pan including the BBC jim traynor and all of them did a u turn, they realised the story, the truth, was of no interest to them financially they needed a myth they needed a job, so they can jog on Billy, the fix has been tippled to, no more back scratching piss, the truth, rangers were liquidated, they know it wont talk about it, and you cannot buy history and attach it to a new club.Ask Charles Greens QC.
The Myth of Continuity
Alan Dewar QC, representing Charles Green at the Inner House of the Court of Session, has stated that ” The Rangers football club does not exist, it is an idea in people’s minds, a myth of continuity. No-one knows what the Rangers football club is, but it has no legal personality.”
Mr Dewar adds that ” you can only be the chairman of an entity that has a legal personality. Sevco Scotland, and it alone, bought the assets and carried on the business. The concept of the Rangers Institution continuing exists only in the minds of die hard supporters.”

BBC loaded questions and deflections to hand picked yes men, tell the fans the truth and stop hiding and showing favour.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
Belguim would have made great opposition today.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
They have been in the press for assualting a priest, and hounding an SPFL guy and of course it is nothing to do with them and their backwardness, the priest happened to be open at the wrong time and the director guy should not have opened his mouth allegedly 30 years ago and stated he hated the old club now in liqidation. But none of this is sectarian related, after all the OO and Sevco is merely culture.
Craig smith‏ @BeithCraig
@Ejaria little bit of advise son don’t cross yourself when you enter the park to play for famous especially on the 12th it won’t endear yourself to us
2:10 pm – 12 Jul 2018

Ask yourself this Craig Smith WTF has the problem  Ejaria or you?

To Comply or not to Comply ?
For me the bigger question to be asked would be when the marching season comes around are we as citizens to tolerate and accept that priests cannot be seen to be on the streets during this time. What happened at  the weekend was not merely an assualt on a man of the cloth but was an assualt on democracy, the irony is the man who was assualted is also a man of culture and should be free to express it as will be claimed by the marchers if they were to have their rights removed from marching.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
slimjimJuly 6, 2018 at 22:40
BB 22.28 I posted on a couple of Rangers forums at the time calling this nonsense out for what it was.
Meanwhile Nikola Katic will no doubt be targeted by the colour police after wearing a pair of Orange boots in this evenings 6-0 victory over Bury in front of 41,025 supporters.

Think so why would that be mate? i dont recall old Rangers or any issue from anyone having a problem with other attire, i think you are deluding yourself and really only wanted to comment on the score tonight as no-one had mentioned it.

I think you have the wrong end of the stick it was your own leader at the time of the old club who felt orange tops was promoting an agenda he did not want the club involved in.

“RANGERS owner Charles Green has ruled out introducing an orange strip next season.
Previous owner Sir David Murray banned orange ­merchandise after the club were accused of profiting from ­sectarianism.
Critics claimed they shouldn’t use the colour of the Orange Order.
Green indicated a possible u-turn on the ban during a Q&A session with fans in Northern Ireland two weeks ago. When asked if the club would consider an orange kit, he said: “Yes, they have a number of designs and are coming near agreement with Adidas.”
But Ibrox officials ruled out such a move for at least a season. They said: “There are no plans for an orange kit next season.”
The club claimed their orange strip in 2002 was a tribute to their Dutch players.
In 2005, Murray axed non-traditional colours under an anti-sectarianism drive.”

So basically there was no orange in the old rangers, maybe sevco have adopted would need to ask the SFA to confirm if its in the colour scheme of strips and registered or is it just a money drive.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
July 6, 2018 at 13:39
For what it is worth my daughter in law asked me if i would buy it for my 3 year old grandson. Being as she is from Newcastle she only sees it for what it is, a football strip.
So what gallery was this muppet playing to?
And Caixinha is adopting a no-nonsense approach for his team this season as he looks to improve on their third-place finish, where they ended 39 points behind Celtic.
Caixinha told the Daily Record: “From today, no one will wear boots of that colour because it is the colour of Celtic.
“The slogan ‘We are the People’ will be stamped on the walls for both our players and opponents to feel the strength of Rangers.

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