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Comment on On Grounds for Judicial Review by jimbo.

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On Grounds for Judicial Review
Night night all.

On Grounds for Judicial Review
OOps my source seems to have got it wrong.
“Celtic last night completed a deadline deal for teenage PSG striker Odsonne Edouard, while also keeping their own first-team squad intact. ”

Welcome to Scottish football OE.Here is a song for you and everyone else:
(BP will love this)

On Grounds for Judicial Review
It’s just went through!!!!!!   Messi to Celtic.  02030405060809101112142220

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
“RIFC : 31 officers / 25 resignations
TRFC : 22 officers / 19 resignations”(Redlichtie)

Remarkable for a firm/club only 6 years old.

I don’t have the data to back up my feelings that this is unusual for a small to medium sized business.  But I did have a look at the Celtic FC website to see the ‘lifespan’ of their directors.

Ian Bankier 7 years
Thomas Allison 17 years
Sharon Brown 1.5 years
Dermot Desmond 23 years
Peter Lawwell 15 years
Christopher McKay 2 years
Brian Wilson 13 years.

Quite a difference!

If I was a potential investor potential director, senior operational manager, partner etc etc I would be asking questions.  Like were the people who left pushed/shoved?, did they run?,  did they walk away in quiet resignation?

The directors are a bit important.  Is the need for soft loans a determining factor or relevant experience for appointment?
Conceiving and determining short to long term strategy is crucial to a firm, get that wrong and your heading for doom.
What is the strategy of TRFC?  We can forget the sound bites and anything that comes from Dave King, as has been proven on countless occasions.

It would appear to be:
‘Back where we belong’
‘Our rightful place’
‘We are the Peepul’
‘Stop Celtic getting 10 in a row’

The plan?

Soft loans & Close Brothers.



This season for instance, 2nd place, at least one cup, group stages of the Europa League.  Next season?  The sky’s the limit.  We think in days not months.  Months not years.

Operationally it is just as bad. Think of their PR department.  Think of everything regarding their retail operation.  Management appointments.  Asset management.  Budgetary control.

The only thing positive you might say about them is they have developed a great working relationship with the media and the governing bodies.

So all is not lost.

ps, wonder when the next change in directorships tales place.  Going by past experience, can’t be long now!

To Comply or not to Comply ?
“In the short life of these two companies we have had an avalanche of appointments and resignations :
RIFC : 31 officers / 25 resignations TRFC : 22 officers / 19 resignations”

Those figures are astonishing.  No wonder there is so much turmoil.

How can there be a viable vision, a plan, a goal, without any or next to no continuity?

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Finnmccool,  I was wondering what you were talking about!  I’ve just heard our sprinklers went off unexpectedly in the 2nd half!   I missed it.

That’s what I get for mocking the Ibrox ones!  06

To Comply or not to Comply ?
New pitch at Celtic Park looking brilliant.  Unlike that carpet at Kilmarnock last night!

Had a wee chuckle looking at the sprinklers in action at CP, was hoping they would remember to turn them off before the 2nd half kicked off.  You wonder why?

Well on Thursday night at Ibrox the players were ready to go for 2nd half but the sprinklers kept going.  Players and match officials hanging around looking puzzled!  Eventually someone switched them off or sorted the problem out and they kicked off.  What a riddy.  Live on BT too!  They just can’t catch the breaks these days.  Mind you they got a soft penalty in injury time.

3-0 Celtic.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
” a good Tory would sell his soul to make a buck!”

That should have read his or her soul.  Can’t let eg. Thatcher be forgotten.

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