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On Grounds for Judicial Review
Paddy Malarkey August 28, 2017 at 20:01 
Commiserations to the Jambo twins on the appointment of your new manager .  4-6-0 or the more adventurous 5-5-0 ?
It’s not really a surprise to see CL appointed.  I spoke to a couple of people at the weekend who have connections to the club.  One wanted Steven Pressley to be appointed and the other said that CL was Ann Budge’s favoured option.

If my latter source was correct, then the delay in appointing him suggests that CL initially turned down the offer. The club then went through an interview process with some decent candidates, but ended up settling on CL, which begs the question of why go through the interview process in the first place.

CL clearly has the experience to do the job. He had some success last time round, but the football wasn’t great to watch (as Paddy hints at). Ann Budge had previously intimated that the club would be recruiting an experienced coach, so Jon Daly wasn’t going to be a serious candidate this time round.    

I don’t believe that Hearts football structure will be changed by CL’s appointment. I suspect that Jon Daly’s promotion to assistant first team coach will see him progress to the top role when CL sees fit to step aside after a season or two.

CL’s ultimate selection as first team coach does make his little empire more vulnerable, of course, but he was already beginning to take some flak for Cathro’s and the team’s failings, so there is an argument that says he might as well do the job himself, and take the flak or plaudits directly.

He will be a busy boy as he now holds the positions of Club Director, Director of Football and First Team Coach. I would now expect him to reduce his hours watching the Development and Academy teams play, but I expect he will still be at the Oriam to watch the Development side play this afternoon.

The bottom line will be results on the park. If these improve then it will be viewed as a success for both CL and Ann Budge.  If not then we could see a significant shake up on the footballing side.

I suspect that there is some tightening of the belts at Tynecastle with increased spending on the new stand (including rental of Murrayfield),  and some revenue streams not meeting expectations (e.g. player trading, ST sales, league position).  CL’s appointment will save the club a six figure sum, assuming he hasn’t negotiated a significant increase on his current remuneration as DOF. 
Foundation of Hearts money is currently going solely to fund the new stand. The £2m mark of the £3m proposed contribution was due to be passed this month, along with £6m mark for total contributions since the club came out of administration. Their next scheduled funding target, from May 2018, is to repay Ann Budge’s £2.4m loan, so the club will have to rely only on its own resources until the end of 2019, unless FOH priorities change.  

On Grounds for Judicial Review
The Celtic Blog (James Forrest) has reported that Celtic has formally requested a review of the EBT decision


On Grounds for Judicial Review
Here’s an update on David Whitehouse’s action against the Lord Advocate at the Court of Session on Tuesday.


Rangers administrator sues lord advocate over asset freeze

A director of Rangers administrators Duff and Phelps is suing the lord advocate over a move to freeze his assets.

David Whitehouse and Paul Clark were appointed to the former Rangers Football Club PLC in 2012 after owner Craig Whyte declared the business insolvent.

The Duff and Phelps pair faced a failed prosecution bid by the Crown Office in relation to the collapse of the Ibrox oldco, while Mr Whyte was found not guilty of fraudulently acquiring the club during a trial in June.

It has emerged Mr Whitehouse has launched an action against the top law officer in Scotland, which is believed to relate to a restraint order imposed on the Duff and Phelps managing director and his wife in 2015.

The ordinary action called at the Court of Session earlier this week.

Stuart Munro, Mr Whitehouse’s lawyer, told STV News: “This action concerns a restraint order granted in December 2015.
 “It would not be appropriate to say anything further at this stage.”

Mr Whitehouse and Mr Clark previously launched civil suits against the Crown Office, the lord advocate and the chief constable of Police Scotland after the cases against them were dropped in 2016.

Further developments in those cases are expected later this year.

The Crown Office said it could not comment on ongoing legal proceedings.

Mr Whyte was the only person to stand trial over the collapse of Rangers as charges against the other six accused were dropped.

Last October, Police Scotland and the Crown Office were found to have “abused state power” in a raid on a legal firm as part of the investigation into the Rangers insolvency.

The High Court of Justice awarded £500,000 to Holman Fenwick Willan LLP after privileged documents not covered by a search warrant were taken.

Mr Whitehouse and Mr Clark are being sued by BDO, which was appointed as liquidator of Rangers oldco, in relation to the administration process.

The Duff and Phelps employees “fundamentally disagree” with allegations made against them and vowed to contest the civil action.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
John Clark July 13, 2018 at 15:07
Yup it was nine years until 2022/23


To Comply or not to Comply ?
A potential blow to SPFL finances.

Laura Sports Law‏ @laurasportslaw
International sports marketing agency, MP & Silva, defaults on payments to multiple sport-rights holders. MP & Silva have broadcasting agreements with a number of sport bodies including the SPFL and the Premier League, amongst others.

From what I remember, the SPL (SPFL) tied themselves into a 10 year deal for a total of £20m in 2013. If they do go bust then there is the possibility of payments to all clubs being reduced this season. I’m unsure of the total distribution to clubs, but the £2m a season could mean anything up to a 10% reduction. I’d imagine that would be unwelcome news for those clubs that operate on a break even budget, particularly if they have spent money in the close season on the expectation of funds coming in.

I wonder if we will get a statement from Doncaster about what they are doing to mitigate this potential shortfall.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
John Clark July 12, 2018 at 23:26
I’ve noticed that there have been a few occasions when cases have come up in the rolls, previously unannounced, on the day they are heard (usually on a Thursday).

I don’t know what this RIFC v Green case is about.  It has a different case number and appears to only be against Green, rather than Green and others as in the earlier one.  It could be that it is a derivative of the earlier case, or the other parties have been removed for reasons unknown.

Their is another case in the CoS, next Thursday, with tenuous links to Rangers, when their official vaping supplier, Vaporized is back in court in their breach of copyright case with Vapouriz

To Comply or not to Comply ?
It seems that RIFC was in court again today, but as the pursuer this time.
Thursday 12th July
A97/18 Rangers International Football Club Plc AG Mr Charles Alexander Green – Anderson Strathern LLP

Dave King facing TOP action again next week.
Friday 20th July
By Order Between 9.30am and 10.00am
P341/17 Pet: The Panel on Takeovers and Mergers or orders sec 955 – Dentons – Lindsays

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Billydug July 12, 2018 at 07:43
EASYJAMBOJULY 11, 2018 at 23:01
SD own 6% of shares in JD?
I think that information (from Wiki?) is way out of date.  The last notifiable event to the stock exchange showed SD to have dropped below 3% in 2016.

Their latest list of shareholders doesn’t list SD at all and that goes as low as 0.86%.

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