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Jimbo Some disabled folk categorise folk into two classes – disabled …

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Some disabled folk categorise folk into two classes – disabled and tab. Tab is an acronym for “temporarily able bodied” on the logic that something comes to us all over time.
The growing lack of empathy and civility in society is demonstrated by the increasing unpleasantness visited upon those who are disabled and this is worse for those whose disability is invisible “ye canny be blind ye look alright to me”. 
There was a discussion recently on one of the TRFC forums about improving facilities for disabled people it was very unempathetic
All you wage slaves back to work no time for the retired to attend to other matters

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On Grounds for Judicial Review
“Does not compute” is earlier than  Mr Spock, it was the  “Lost in Space” Robot, I believe. Cue loads of puns about Scottish Football. 
The whole “if you do not look at it it cannot exist” pantomime going on now undermines any value in the entire senior game it is sport but not as we thought we knew it. The oval ball calls.

On Grounds for Judicial Review
Johnjames might have some kind of difficulty with SFM. But that did not stop him from citing and pasting almost the the entirety of this blog…and doubtless to demand payment for doing that

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
Or as my old lawyer buddy used to say administration you send for a doctor, liquidation for an undertaker

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Perhaps the price for SD giving up their 7 year deal included this first refusal option
However not to have adhered to what was contracted to the extent that they have found the,selves in the high court betrays a real incompetence.
That it is seen as a live possibility that they have signed two incompatible contracts over something as critical as replica kit and other crap is telling also.
The self destruct gene is very strong with them

To Comply or not to Comply ?
The best reason for not banning Orange Walks is that they are a stark reminder of what a section of society believes and how it acts. That includes the members of the Lodges and the hangers on. Their wee flutes and ruritanan uniforms are demonstrations of all kinds of inadequacies social, educational and cultural. 
I admit that it is easy for me to say the above. Although I live in a town where there  is an Orange Walk, Catholics have been ceremonially piped out of town since time immemorial and there have been acts of vandalism on our Church building, the truth is that these are not major issues for the comfortable classes who would not otherwise deal with these things directly.
As I often say, relations between practicing religious people in Scotland have improved greatly over my lifetime.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
This new deal with SDI was signed by the entities after the boycott and publicity over the 7p in the pound and it was trumpeted that SDI were gone. It is almost as if someone had not been telling the complete truth.
Not just the irrelevant victim card is being played here but the “I’m only a daft laddie and did not know what I was signing” card.
Avoid the Guardian piece today on Mr McCoist it is a bit of a hagiography .

To Comply or not to Comply ?
It seems that the language used in tabloids is at a reading age of 8. In that light to use rip up rather than terminate by mutual consent might reflect that level. Similarly, jet in and other one syllable word use might simply be symptomatic of the language level.
A long time ago one of my Latin teachers ranted at the Daily Record using language for a reading age of 12.
The above talk of reading age might not accord with modern educational theory or praxis but so it goes

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