Big PinkAugust 17, 2017 at 10:10 ‘… Doncaster has no interest – The Scottish Football Monitor

Big PinkAugust 17, 2017 at 10:10 ‘… Doncaster has no interest …

Comment on On Grounds for Judicial Review by John Clark.

Big PinkAugust 17, 2017 at 10:10
‘… Doncaster has no interest in providing answers. His overriding concern is to prevent a JR over Nimmo-Smith. That was the purpose of the meeting on Monday – to head off a JR at the pass.’
I know that Joe O’Rourke, on behalf of the Celtic Supporters’ Association, was in recent forceful correspondence with  Doncaster of the SPFL.

I assumed that he had gone further and had asked for a meeting.But (and I was accordingly surprised at the fact) the invitation to a meeting came from the SPFL.

You are undoubtedly correct, BP, in your view that Doncaster and the SPFL do not want the question of whether the LNS judicial panel had relevant facts and evidence concealed from it probed and examined by the Court of Session.

However, given that in essence what Joe and John were told was a variant of ‘a big boy did it and ran away’,the question I ask myself is, what’s stopping the SPFL board from openly calling out the ‘big boy SFA’?

Are they so afraid of the sheer volume of muck that would be dumped in the streets of Scottish Football if every rotten piece 

of the SDM cheating,

and the ‘revolving door’ between clubs and high office in the SFA
and the grubby 5-Way Agreement to accommodate TRFC Ltd,

and their own complicity-by-silence in the withholding of relevant info from their own feckin Judicial Panel

and the ludicrous  view that a player who is accepted on the basis of misinformation as being ‘eligible’ is  eligible until it is found out that he was actually ineligible.( Nimmo Smith must surely have thought ‘what a load of crap!’ but felt constrained to accept that that was what the SFA thought, and if the ‘prosecution’ wanted to undermine their partner authority, who was he to intervene?)

are they so afraid, I say, that they prefer to have their own integrity called seriously into doubt, to defend Regan and the SFA board?

One thing is clear: Scottish Football governance is in a right fankle.

A fankle caused by the sheer desperation that the James Traynor-style  headlines about ‘140 years of history ended by Liquidation’ created in their venal hearts.

I had a wee read there of the 6th draft of the 5-Way agreement.

And I think: what sort of minds seriously thought that it was anything but an absurd pretence?

The swearing to secrecy would tell anyone that there was dirty work at the crossroads.

I was on the point of putting a wee smiley thingy at the end of that sentence.

But, of course, there is nothing to smile about when serious allegations are  being made- and remain unanswered except by obfuscating ( good word, that, if it exists) references to the big boy who did it and ran away!

John Clark Also Commented

On Grounds for Judicial Review
I woke up this morning to the news that Gordon Strachan has told his players that tonight’s game is not a ‘must win’.
I know that if I was a player, I doubt if my morale would be boosted by such straw-clinging remarks by the manager : I think I would think ” what a fatuous, unrealistic comment that is” ( oops, pardon my language, I meant  “what an ar.ehole of  manager”.
If Scotland don’t win tonight the pressure on them to win v Malta will be absolutely humendous, any defeat leaving us once again the rejects of World football.
All four games are  ‘must wins’, and the boys on the pitch have to be told that.It’s
It’s not  time for holding-hands-comfort, but for true grit, biting the bullet, and fighting to the death.
If we have to die, let it be at the feet of  a more powerfully skilled enemy.

On Grounds for Judicial Review
jimboAugust 29, 2017 at 14:53
 ‘….SFA & SPFL back in their bunkers.’
And that is what we should be concentrating on, Jimbo.

Is there a split between the SFA and the SPFL in the matter of a ‘review’ of how Scottish football arrived at the ridiculous situation it is in, where the most outrageous sports cheating that ever took place was simply accepted, and endorsed in effect by the Sport’s authorities, and the Commission appointed to look into the cheating was sabotaged by the very ‘prosecution’?

Or is the SPFL’s readiness to support the call for a ‘review’ simply part of a joint strategy to shut the door on the past deceit, and ‘move on’?

Just what are they up to, the utterly discredited SFA and SPFL?

What a dog’s breakfast the whole shambles is!

All caused by a cheating knight of the realm, supported by a lying press,and ‘sports authorities’ who put money so far ahead of personal and official integrity as to create the myth that TRFC Ltd (founded and accepted into a professional Scottish football league  in 2012 is one and the same as the Rangers football Club that was founded when my grandfather was, what?, (?1851 from 1872) = 21 years old!

God give me strength!

On Grounds for Judicial Review
paddy malarkeyAugust 28, 2017 at 20:01
‘….Commiserations to the Jambo twins on the appointment of your new manager . .’
It’s not for me to say anything whatsoever about the internal affairs of Heart of Midlothian FC.
But I listened with interest to the BBC Radio Scotland ‘Sportsound’ discussion. I use the word ‘discussion’ very loosely
I use the word ‘discussion’ very loosely indeed,for it generated more heat than light as Michael Stewart and Tom English talked over each other in such manner as to leave me confused about the points they were trying to makeAnd
And Kenny MacIntyre is no Richard Gordon as a ‘facilitator’ of discussion- he gets personally argumentative to the point of extreme irritation.
The subject matter of discussion turned to talk about Caixinha and his comments about O’Halloran, and I lost interest ( except to note that the people clearly want Caixinha out). That’s their business, and it’s not for me to comment.
But I was drawn up short ( when I was folding up the ironing board for Mrs C) to hear Boyd ( I know not which Boyd) tell the listeners that TRFC Ltd fans would rather beat one other team four times a year than win the league and qualify for Europe!
Boyd was not, of course, saying that that was his personal view, but saying that that was his view of what the TRFC Ltd support thought.
I would hope that his view could not possibly be well grounded in fact.
The absurdity of such a view is apparent, and I would hope that the supporters of the ‘new club’ would have higher sporting  aspirations than those attributed to it by whatever ‘Boyd’ it was who was on radio.

Recent Comments by John Clark

To Comply or not to Comply ?
My post at 23.54 above refers.(pressed ‘submit’ too soon!)

To continue:
the turnover of directors is not at all surprising, given the fact that TRFC is something of a pariah in both the world of football and in the world of finance.

Guys on the make find that there is no way they are going to make any kind of money.

Those of them who ( and credit to them, I suppose) thought that by lending the odd  million they might get a football club into any kind of money-making and profitable state, have been lumbered by a chairman who is most definitely a financial pariah.

Some have baled out over the few years since 2012.

Those now left are left with an almighty mess, with a Chairman in deep doo-doo with the TOP and the Court of Session: and a football team that came pretty close to a Maribor experience at home, and may find a problem away in Macedonia.

It is an appalling situation.

But, of course, if by some chance, TRFC Ltd as a newish football club astound us all by triumphing in the Europa whatever, we all know that the triumph is theirs, and not of the RFC 2012 presently languishing in Liquidation!

And I will be the first to commend a newish club on its European success.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
jimboJuly 14, 2018 at 21:29
‘…..How can there be a viable vision, a plan, a goal, without any or next to no continuity?’
It is the lack of ‘continuity as Rangers Football Club of 1872 foundation’ that is at the very heart of the matter, jimbo.

That club died. 

All the nonsense about it having been “those who owned the club  who went bust  but the club was sold to a new owner” is  in terms both of actual commercial law and  ‘football law’ is exactly that-pure nonsense.

That football club I is as dead as Gretna and Third Lanark and every other football club in Scotland that shut up shop, closed its doors and ceased to be entitled to a place in Scottish professional football.

The founder of Sevco 5088 and/or the founder of SevcoScotland ( is there a deed of novation anywhere ?08)
realised that the SFA was like saft sh.te  in their hands-their big hands, and beautifully bullied and moulded them into puppets, and then pulled all the wee strings to make them dance to their  tune. 

And dance they did!

The SFA abandoned any notion of honest governance because big hands Charlie played a brilliant game. 

They ( and in truth, they had the rightful power to do so) accepted SevcoScotland as a NEW member of the SFA, once Longmuir had persuaded the SFL to accept them into the 3rd division.

But they then went on to dream up the fiction, the pure fiction, that a brand new club, newly admitted for the first time, was an ancient club that had simply changed hands!

Why did they so abandon any sense of reality?

What was going to happen if they had just stuck to the rules? New club- welcome. Clean sheet, though, and the very good sporting record of RFC of 1872 has ended. That ‘Rangers’ is no more. Start creating your own sporting record.

The whole thing simply baffles me!

Like the wonderful Trigger and his brush!

Or like the shabby attempts by the Army to pretend that ancient and glorious regiments still have an independent existence in the Royal Regiment of Scotland!

To Comply or not to Comply ?
jimboJuly 13, 2018 at 18:49
‘..Looking forward to Kilmarnock v St. Mirren tonight. Should be interesting.’
5 missed/saved penalties?
That certainly was interesting.
I enjoyed listening to the game, and I have missed the odd penalty kick myself ( but never by  putting the ball in row F!)08

To Comply or not to Comply ?
stifflersmomJuly 14, 2018 at 00:12
‘..but he had ‘highest  level of respect’
Almost equal to the level accorded to the other David who is still looking for his £20 million!
Honest to God!
That such men as they should between them have made Scottish football into such a  dirty wee corrupt ‘business’, and should have been allowed to do so by the ‘Governance’ body-which, incidentally is receiving public monies!
There are very serious questions to be asked.
And none of our SMSM people are asking them, of course.
They would not be jailed, or murdered, for asking, as decent real journalists are in various countries are or have been.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
stifflersmomJuly 13, 2018 at 22:33
‘…What’d I miss? Did they ‘follow follow’ through with this?’
Ha-ha,  stifflersmom:good one 08
No, the good knight’s plans went somewhat agley! 
Silly little things, it is said, like
the fall in value of steel,
and, in spite of that, being allowed by certain people in a certain Bank to borrow almost without limit,
and being (quite happily!) suckered by a porn star of a tax lawyer,
and happily telling little fibs both to the tax man and to the SFA and SPL about what he was paying his football players, 
and being made to look foolish by such infinitely inferior types as CW and CG,
caused the good knight to abandon Govan and, as a good Edinburgh boy, channel his altruistic efforts into helping the citizens of the Capital.
Wonderful plans for Gogarburn! Happily agreed to by Edinburgh City Council.
Sir David is doing all right.
Except, of course, that we all know what he did to Scottish Football. 
And we know that he will go to his grave ‘honoured’ only by those of the same cast of mind as he.

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